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  1. It sucked to every extent that making a Jack Nicholson-less sequel to the Shining was always going to. Could have made a passable sequel to Trainspotting though.
  2. I was really pumped for the Smackdown time change. Means it aired Saturday morning live here in Australia. Watched the first ep and maybe ten minutes the week after and found better things to watch instead (...OK I watched Powerpuff Girls with my 2 yo). Then realised that I freaked out how much I paid for League Pass I barely watched last year, and how I couldn't justify the cost of Gamepass but in terms of the Network, I've watched Summerslam, the first UK takeover, a Table for 3 and a series of yokozuna squashes when I couldn't sleep at 4am a few weeks ago. Just doesn't make sense. I'm not WWEs target audience (who actually tunes in most aside) and I'm OK with that. If my daughter gets into it, I'll watch too I hope. In the interim, this show does it for me.
  3. I've got a ticket to go see a market research screening of Dr Sleep tonight. Not sure what to expect.
  4. My comments regarding cancelling the WWE Network after six years, on the basis of how good last week's episode of AEW Dynamite appears to have drawn some mirth from you all and I have subsequently been branded an anti-WWE sort. Well, I'm here to tell you that's certainly not the case, I have until November 2 before my subscription ends, and I look forward to engaging with you all during the recap thread of WWE Crown Jewel. We're all watching that one yeah?
  5. Bayley needs to demand to speak to The Manager more
  6. I love the awkwardness of how the old white guys in commentary relate to Orange Cassidy. Its nothing deliberate by any stretch but God it adds so much to the character appeal compared to being told EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW AT UNNECESSARY LEVELS OF DETAIL REALLY LOUDLY. By the same token, Jim Ross can fuck right off when he does it for the rest of the roster.
  7. Credit also needs to be given to Jericho for making that suspension of disbelief happen. The gradual dynamic change from 4 on 1 to the lazy Rhodes boys getting it to 4 on 3 take your chances to selling the hell out of a 63 year old man walking out as the fourth guy and pleading for them to not come up there was just great storytelling.
  8. That was the episode that made me cancel my WWE Network subscription after 6 years and buy an AEW pass. The first half of that sentence - long overdue based on unjustifiable brand loyalty. The second half wanting to financially contribute to a product that hasn't done me wrong 4 weeks in. That babyfaces standing tall moment and ensuing brawl was fucking magnificent. Absolutely loving the "we're going to put an all out batshit spotfest for the first 15 minutes every week, no exceptions, don't be late" format.
  9. They've really booked themselves into a corner there if someone ends up getting seriously legit fucked up, ala Sid. Fucking femur bone explodes, protruding out the skin, blood and shit everywhere, some guy is about to go into shock, but, hey, we're not stopping this.
  10. Well that's one way of describing The Shield...
  11. I think Orton sucks within the confines of his current environment, and that an AEW run would be analogous to that of Lugers after jumping back to WCW. I'd also be more into him than Swagger.
  12. Has anyone suffered more from the No blood edict of the past decade than Orton? Not that he's a blood and gore guy by any respect, but that Methodical (TM) style needs a visceral payoff once in a while. Instead you sit through twenty minutes of stomps and chinlocks for a surprise out of nowhere finish every time.
  13. Let Brazzers buy the company. They couldn't do worse.
  14. Tried watching some eps from 2003 last night. Every second or third skit was massively homophobic or transphobic. Watching Fallon call an entire state a bunch of queers on Weekend Update seems so far removed from how super woke it is now
  15. I kinda wanna see an NXT Japan promotion be done where every person on the roster comes out to the generic Orient Express music waving the Japanese flag, and every match finish is green mist/salt to the eyes, its either going to last a few weeks, or be so ironically bad it becomes inanely popular.
  16. Speaking of UK promotions. I'll be over there at Xmas. Is SEPW as bad as it looks?
  17. Same reason why only the top guys can do movies and outside appearances, despite third parties specifically requesting them. You spend months establishing Rollins and Reigns as the top guys, only to potentially get unraveled by some exec from Fox who read Reddit before the show and decided to pick Velveteen Dream at pick 1 or something. ......Ideally though, I'd prefer it turn into a Saudi prince situation where some clueless to wrestling executive type ends up trying to pick Ric Flair, Chris Jericho or Randy Savage.
  18. I really enjoyed the show - best time I've had watching stuff in a long time. First exposure to Darby Allin, and I'm a believer. Great call whoever mentioned the Jericho/HHH finish for next week. Hot opener, and then kinda lost its way a little bit. They're doing the right thing about trying to get eyes on their new talent but the execution isn't quite there. I've heard good things about the Best Friends, but that segment was just odd. JR bugged me also. The "pronouns" stuff, the Leon White namedrop. He should be above that shit. Not massively sold on The Inner Circle, it really seems like an oddly thrown together group of guys that, despite Jericho's best efforts at justifying their existence as a unit, still didn't really buy it. SCU would have been a better choice than LAX for mine. Nonetheless, it's been a fun two weeks. I assume they're trying to make Britt Baker as unlikable as possible prior to her turning, if not, yeesh. The women's division is probably the weak spot of the shows so far - feels forced and low rent, down to the throwaway title belt in use.
  19. I just hope they fire back to the constant AEW shoot references by asking whatever happened to the third member of the Shield, and deadpanning a line about dragging a wagon around somewhere.
  20. I kinda just want to see him put on makeup and a dress, and stand in the background nonchalantly nodding throughout promos.
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