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  1. Oh, and didn't Muta reveal he's starting his own company? I don't follow puro as close as I used to, but that could be a big deal.
  2. We've missed a lot. The Wyatt Family debuted. Liev Schrieber was rumored to play Chris Benoit, then that was debunked. WWE said they've found no wrong doing with Bill Demott. ROH has stripped Jay Briscoe of the World Title and is bringing back some old names for the tournament, like Brian Kendrick, London, Karl Anderson.... WWE has officially opened their new training center. Maria Kanellis has got a huge rage boner for the Bella's. Other stuff I'm probably forgetting.
  3. It's like we all had a near-death experience and we've decided to lead better lives now.
  4. Since I just worked an overnight shift where I had to talk myself down from punching my boss, this board's return is great news that I needed on a bad day. As far as stealing names goes, it would have led to some awesome hijinks if FSW and I thought to do it to each other to the same time and switched names.
  5. Quick, let's get a Mass Effect thread going with 150 pages!!!
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