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  1. The end of quest 5 can kiss the entirety of my ass.
  2. I am doing the legendary campaign and I am also probably slower than you guys. I am at quest 4 when I get home. I managed to beat my first tormentor without dying by playing the world's longest game of hide and seek. At first I thought he was immune to special and heavy ammo but I was shooting at the wrong place. Witherhord is god tier. Strand feels like it's in the way. Also not going to mention how many times I ran to escape mission 3 instead of driving.
  3. I just got passed the part where you try strand for the first time last night. What do you guys think of the story and game play since you're farther along than I am?
  4. They got me like that on Playstation when Witch Queen dropped. Had to reinstall the whole game on launch day. I hope it works for you Rippa.
  5. I have tried to minimize how much news about Lightfall so I'd have some surprises. But I broke down and listened to Houndish's update. H: Heavy grenade launchers are getting a buff... Me: Sweet that'll give me a reason to break out Para- H: All except Parasite. Me: Fuck.
  6. I took a break from Destiny for the past few weeks so I wouldn't be burnout on the game. I am happy launch day is in a couple of days but I am going to dodge spoilers all day until I get home. Basically don't go to reddit, Twitter, or YT and I should be fine. Or I could just be magically sick that day.
  7. Gotta give a lot of love to KO for selling that ass beating. When KO got thrown into the stairs twice, that's the first move that's made me cringe in a long time. KO more than earned his paycheck. The Bloodline story: *chef's kiss*
  8. I actually did miss the Exo the first time. You can still get the catalyst after you finish but the quest doesn't complete. Solar titan is much easier to solo compared to void which I did last week. The hologram messages this season have been fire.
  9. I'm proud of myself for soloing seraph shield catalyst. I can tell I am starting to get better but still some things to work on.
  10. I got the SS Carbine AR that has dynamic sway reduction and moving target from the first and the machine gun with triple tap and target lock.
  11. Got to the third boss of the new dungeon and servers kick us out fml
  12. So I had no idea how good the catalyst for Witherhoard would be, but it giving auto loading holster is cracked. Shoot it, then switch to another gun, then switch back to Witherhoard when it runs out. So much more damage! Now I just need an auto loading energy weapon and it'll be dps for days. FOR DAYS! MUHAHAHAHA!
  13. This week's TWAB is going to be amazing.
  14. I have been using Iron Banner to work on getting my Witherhoard catalyst. Only 8 more kills to go. And I managed to get the one for Jade Rabbit to drop as well. So productive week. Doing well on seasonal challenges. I think I have 6 pvp ones and do a grandmaster. Got a 4 day weekend coming up so I'm gonna go hard in the paint on those.
  15. At some point I just have to turn the TV off so the Panthers can't hurt me anymore.
  16. I am approaching 1 year into Destiny and I would say if you just had the base game to wait until Beyond Light and Witch Queen go on sale. Beyond Light to get the stasis class and Witch Queen to get some of the newer guns. Lightfall in February has a few pre-order bonuses but they're only okay. I can also attest that the new player experience is trash and confusing but if you can get past it it's really fun. If you're on playstation I'd be willing to help out.
  17. Jesus I think the game really wants me to have the sniper rifle. I currently have 11 of them. Gotta look up the God roll soon.
  18. Apparently since I didn't do it last year that's why I had no problem completing the quest.
  19. If Eramis hurts a hair on the precious baby Eido....
  20. I have wanted Rhule fired but at this point, just let him drive the tank straight to a high pick. Get a QB, Send OC McAdoo, Baker, and Darnold into the sun and start over.
  21. I don't usually raid in Destiny because anxiety gets the best of me but I decided to give King's Fall a shot and we finished it a lot easier than I thought. I didn't get Malice but I did get some nice armor. The chelchis that I got has firefly so I spent a good amount of time making enemies explode. Definitely will have to try it again next week. Fuck the jumping puzzles though.
  22. Holy shit is Brian Burns fast
  23. Is Cyberpunk in the state that CDPR promised before the game came out yet?
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