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  1. If you haven't seen the video from UFC Fight Pass of Punk doing commentary last night, the Scrum was brought up in a comical way. Funny Punk mentioned it on TV before AEW did.
  2. I'm trying to come up with an ending to this show that would make people want to tune in Wed and see what's next. Surely the answer is Big Cass or Ethan Page
  3. Brandon is an oddball. He was one of the guy's Cornette had an issue with because Raver was selling t-shirts mocking Jim.
  4. AEW loves to end pay per views with an angle or surprise. Would anyone be shocked if MJF or Moxley wins and Punk comes out to confront them?
  5. I believe this is the first time I've heard this interview and I absolutely love it. I remember the Bam Bam- Windham match but did we ever get a series of Flair-Bigelow matches?
  6. Memphis? I might have to check these out. I don't remember his Memphis run.
  7. I love how GCW added their entire backlog to Fite+ and will air live shows there as well. $50 a yr or $5 a month is a no brainer. What irks me though is the fact that AIW announced they would be doing the same and still haven't uploaded their backlog where as GCW already has. IWTV was big for me as I loved the old AIW content. Seeing my local promotion whenever I wanted always appealed to me. Oh well, take my $50 Fite
  8. I will say this until I am blue in the face. Bam Bam should have won the first Royal Rumble. He would have been a credible winner and it would have done him wonders coming off of the big Survivor Series performance.
  9. I swear they better have an option for Punk to just go off on a rant against "create a wrestler Scott" provided Cabana is not in the game (he really shoud be)
  10. It could help with sales. Dad is out Christmas shopping and he sees CM Punk on a video game cover, wonders when he got back to wrestling, wonders what AEW is, maybe buys the game or checks out the product. Decent marketing idea if nothing else.
  11. We don't agree on much but I do agree with you here. Zany Emma would be over big. People remember gimmicks and she probably could move some merch as well. I enjoyed her match with Paige in the NXT Finals too.
  12. Imagine having a steel cage and lugging it to the arena only to have a 5 minute match. WCW being WCW.
  13. It's probably late for them to change the video game cover and/or remove Punk from the video game. It probably pisses Omega off to no end that Punk is front and center on the cover of the first video game. The Elite have to be booked as mega faces when they return right? MJF seemingly turning face also, leaving Big Cass as the main monster heel? Who'd have guessed?
  14. As a kid I really wanted to see this ppv live. I was really young and knew Simmons didn't have a snowballs chance in hell in winning but I wanted to see Pillman-Morton, and the Chamber of Horrors match. How did this show hold up for you?
  15. WWE recently put out an ad they are looking for a content specialist. Seemingly was something to do with the Network. Could we finally bet getting more classic content than the 10 shows per month? I really, really hope so.
  16. a grown man crying to a mod over a theory? Really? Craig, you must be a blast at party's.
  17. Shawn waited over a decade for Hogan to pay him back for making this save. Hogan never did so in return Shawn saw fit to bump like a pinball during their Summerslam match as payback.
  18. the ones who think I'm someone else are the ones who are stupid. But yeah this is a wrestling forum, for wrestling fans. So now, people in Cleveland can't go to huge shows in Pittsburgh?! Let me tell you a small fact. Larry Sweeney became involved in pro wrestling because of IWC Super Indy. He was in the crowd and it made him want to be a wrestler. Most Cleveland and Pittsburgh indy fans know of AIW and IWC. I made the drive to IWC often back then as I'm sure many others did. Look at the card for Super Indy 3 and tell me you wouldn't consider it one of the best? Sabin-Shelley, AJ-Daniels, Punk-Dutt, Punk-Sabin., Balls-New Jack. But keep wasting your time John, I find it funny.
  19. you do realize over 1000 people were at that show right? @gorman can verify should he want to. You people grasping at straws. I know it's Halloween season but so paranoid.
  20. They wrestled in IWC in a tournament (Super Indy 3) Semi Finals, and then again I believe the following month at Caged Fury. If I'm not mistaken our very own @Gorman called the matches. I also believe they worked Cleveland All Pro against each other as I remember seeing them 1 on 1 in Ohio too. If you do seek out their Super Indy 3 match I highly, highly encourage you the watch the whole show. Sonjay-Punk is also fun as is the AJ-Daniels match and Southern Comfort vs MDogg 20 and Josh Prohibition. It's probably the best live show I've ever attended.
  21. I'm in the same boat as you. Punk had the great matches with Joe, Daniels, Chris Hero, Eddy, Rey, and some great stuff with Colt all before he was signed to WWE. His stuff with Cena is great also. I saw a couple really good Punk-Sabin matches from 2004 that are worth watching as well. People can hate the guy as a person but he has had some really good matches. The only feud where I felt his matches didn't deliver was the big Raven feud in ROH. The promo's made the feud (and perhaps Punk as well) but the matches didn't do it for me. The 90 min match with Hero is epic, the 55 min TLC with Hero was just as fun. It's a struggle to think of anything 4-5 star that Miz has done.
  22. I don't know if I'm more shocked by your response or the fact that you were the sperm that survived. Go troll someone else.
  23. It all makes sense. Big Show was a descendant of God which is how Vince got ahold of him to book him for that giant tag match. I knew they kept Show around for a reason
  24. Funny because in 1990 JYD seemingly played the exact same role in WCW when he helped keep Arn/Barry away from Sting during the Sting-Flair summer feud
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