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  1. Umm.. really? Totally seems like a chick that would let you do anything you wanted. Great Body. Cute face.
  2. That doesn't mean they had the same amount of viewers so it isn't sad at all. That is part of what makes people still caring about ratings so ridiculous. The other being the Monday night wars have been over for 13 years. Most places you go that archive wrestling ratings don't even bother with including the share. So the numbers are completely useless. You need the share and estimated number of households with televisions to put the numbers into context. A 2.0 rating today could mean 3.5 million viewers. 15 years ago a 2.0 could have meant 3.0 millions viewers. Even now a 2.0 can mean a differe
  3. The mathematical part that says they can't afford to pay people what YOU think they should be making. TNA is an alternative because they offer a reduced, flexible schedule. IE part time. To no ones surprise, with that comes less money. The only thing they're unreasonable about is not allowing talents to work indies. They should be allowed to work anything that doesn't have national TV or pay per view. They shouldn't be allowed to use names that TNA comes up with though.
  4. Well yeah, that's what pretty much TNA always has been. The people that get hysterical over how much their enployees get paid dont get that.
  5. Raw is now drawing ratings on par with, and below, what WCW Nitro from 2000 was doing. Nitro, which was at its lowest point ever and was also competing with Raw AND Monday Night Football at the time. How sad is that.
  6. Eh, people would play along. Besides, he doesn't really talk anyway. Lana speaks it and grew up in the Soviet Union. I'm not here to talk about TNA and I'm not sure why you are? Also not sure what they have to do with Raw's plummeting ratings.
  7. Oh, good. They could talk about how Bischoff raided Adam Bomb.
  8. No, they were due to a crappy show. Lowest rated since the end of 2012. Was MNF not around the last two years?
  9. Bobby Lashley is awesome. As are EC3 and Spud. A little excerpt from a TNA Knockout Taryn Tarrell about how the company treats them like shit--
  10. "New shit" like Rusev? Just because he's got a hot chick, who is somewhat witty, talking for him, doesn't make anything about him new or innovative. He's page 3 of the classic VKM playbook. It actually does. I'm of Russian descent, was born there and still speak the language. I think it carries the same significance but most reasonable people wouldn't get mad about something like that happening in an environment like WWE. If they were to ever do a show in Russia, however, the atmosphere and reaction for Rusev would be off the charts. I didn't look through the rest of this thread, but
  11. I agree, espeially the Watts one. The JR'isms don't really bother me. They're kind of amusing.
  12. Probably the wrong thread to put this in, but I don't get why everyone hates on JR for giving HIS opinion on HIS podcast. He always prefaces that stuff by saying its his personal taste. He's not a douche about it,
  13. What show were you watching?The same one you were.
  14. That's a match that would probably be horrendous. Austin needs to work with someone younger and Sting needs someone that can bump their ass off for him. Plus if they're going to bring back Austin and Sting, they should match them up with people they've never faced before.
  15. He did during the segment with Riley n Miz. I'm sure he'll do what he wants.
  16. Yeah, Rusev isn't anymore of a future star than Vlad Kozlov was. You know he's just going to be fed to Cena in the end and forgotten about.
  17. I agree on the 3-man booth. Really enjoyed Keneley. The announcers don't have to be cool, per se, but when their dorkiness takes away from angles, its a problem. Tenay's biggest problem is that he can't put anything over in any kind of believable manner.
  18. Loving what I'm seeing from Gasol tonight. So refreshing after 4 years of Boozer. And Hinrich still sucks. Idk why they keep bringing him back.
  19. You wouldn't a creepy old guy screaming puppies if you were going for cool. Wouldn't want a fat guy in a cowboy hat, with a thick Southern accent, that tells stories of killing puppies either. They made it work though. Cool announcers isn't very high on the list of TNA's problems.If Tenay had half as much ability as Ross to sell an angle or show some genuine emotion, I'd forgive his lack of coolness. He does not.And I so love this idea of TNA "starving their talent." So dramatic. If they don't like what they're being paid they should look elsewhere for employment, like any other adult.
  20. 9.99, that's it? Has it always been so cheap?
  21. He's also very believable and brings a ton of raw emotion to the announce table. In all seriousness, if you're going for cool, Tenay is not someone you want.
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