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  1. I thought they never stopped doing that. I have a higher threshold of what glitches I will ignore (hell I played Cyberpunk at launch), so I really hope it isn't broken for the early access people and they use us as glorified beta testers.
  2. Matt showed up and Brent got in touch so all the spots are spoken for in the DVDVR Pay League. Ready for another exciting season!
  3. I feel like Tony just wanted Punk to behave long enough for them to get a new TV deal but Punk is hellbent on being Punk. If anything it seems he feels even more empowered since he is getting to say who and who can't show up at Collision, even though he's just a wrestler. I'm sure TK is frustrated as hell about this overshadowing the event but he gets no pity from me, he knew the deal he was making. Its funny, I was reading a recap of Meltzer that said just two weeks ago that issues were a powder keg at Collision and it was only a matter of time until something happened. This isn't a *huge* deal by normal standards but just shows a pattern of behavior. The solution is to get Punk out of there but with shows in Chicago coming up and them trying to get a new TV deal, it just isn't that simple.
  4. I know its unrealistic to expect the gaming world to cater to my personal needs but coming out the same week as Starfield guarantees I won't be getting to Sea of Stars (or anything else) for at least three to four weeks. But I'm still excited to play it, its totally "my shit" from looking at early reviews.
  5. My brother and I were debating during All In if there would be a AEW World Championship match on All Out, I feel confident after the conclusion of that show that I'm correct and there will not be. I would guess that Punk/Starks would main event but they just didn't leave themselves a lot of time to set up a card here since they had to wait until All Out happened for the top of the card.
  6. He took it off for storyline reasons at a certain moment in the match to make fans think he was going to do the Ultimate Betrayal of his best friend, only to swerve us by not doing it and losing due to his friend-based decision.
  7. It can probably just go into the catch-all AEW thread. I thought this was a really solid show with really no match under-delivering. The women's match wasn't great but I thought it was worked as well as it could have been. Elite/Bullet Club, FTR/Young Bucks, and the Stadium Stampede were all really fun. I still don't know where MJF/Cole is going but I'm still intrigued and glad they didn't go with the obvious turn tonight.
  8. This is an unfair thing of me to say but its a recent comparison that illustrates my point. I remember when Tim Tebow was with Jets, and Sanchez was struggling but they refused to even consider starting Tebow at QB. Then he was with New England they didn't even keep him past the final cuts. And what was figured at the time was that he looked so bad in practice that there was no way they could justify putting him into a game (I believe they Jets even started McElroy over Tebow, a nobody). And that is what I figure happened with Lance. The coaches saw a lot more of him than we did, and even though he didn't get many "live" reps he got a ton of reps in practice that the coaches could watch on tape and see his growth. I think the 49ers *wanted* it to work with the guy they drafted so high, so the fact he couldn't beat out Darnold and they decided to trade him for nothing shows me that what they saw was just really bad and they wanted to get something for him while they could. That's not to say Shananan isn't a problem, he probably is, but this may have been more on the GM as he acted in a sheer desperate way to give up that much for someone that lets face it had very minimal QB experience and the experience he had was mostly against lower caliber opponents.
  9. I got the premium upgrade as I'm the end of my patience rope waiting for this game and I am off next Friday so I can sit and play it non-stop for four days. That was worth the $30 to me I also decided to start it on the Xbox S but if there is any stuttering/glitchy stuff going on I'll then switch to the gaming PC. But if I'm going to be playing a video game 6 to 8 hours a day I'd rather be as comfortable as possible and the living room definitely wins that battle. I've avoided absolutely all spoilers/leaks as I tend to do and won't read any reviews (I didn't even watch the final trailer) so I'm going in not fully knowing everything to expect but still very much looking forward to it.
  10. I am plowing ahead into Act 2. There are a few mission results that are.... not working out how I intended and a few others I have no idea what to do next. I've only re-loaded a prior save a couple of times, but that is due to my own stupidity, not to re-do die rolls. Otherwise I am mostly rolling with the punches. I am really curious about how to find this one person I am looking for but don't want to look it up, I am hoping I stumble across a clue as it has me pretty stumped.
  11. Oh sorry for the confusion, my bad. I played Lords of the Fallen, it was... ok, some fun moments. I meant Lords of the Fallen in my list, which also looks ok but I just don't think I have room in my backlog for it at the moment. But I'll keep an eye on it in case it gets good reviews.
  12. Elsalvajeloco is on my bad list still since I have the memory of an elephant but I'd be willing to give him another chance if Matt is not coming back.
  13. I send so many emails and its in the league notes, just sign in to yahoo smh also update your email in yahoo if its not right as sometimes that is the easiest way to reach out to/fuss at people. More importantly, I haven't heard from "Big Z" aka Matt (I think) and he hasn't logged into DVDVR since last October, so I don't know if he is still around or not. So I may need a replacement, I'm going to give him another week but if anyone currently not in the league may be interested let me know just so I have a backup. $25 is the amount to play, just to keep people honest
  14. Crimson Desert will probably end up like Lords of the Fallen, Forspoken, Immortals of Aveum, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, and Biomutant to me - games that looked ok pre-launch, then looked kinda cliché and go on my "to play" list once they are under $30 but then I'll forget about them and never play them. I love open world ARPGs/FPSs but so many come out I just can't play them all.
  15. As a big fan of Fox I didn't love that development as I am afraid he'll be shuffled back to Rampage/ROH/whatever he was doing before. But I will say that Swerve is incredible at... everything and at some point they need to attach a rocket to him and see what he can do. I think of all the WWE -> AEW wrestlers, Swerve has been the biggest improvement. Course he isn't on the Mox/Jericho/Danielson level but I just mean in regards to showing the potential he had and how he has shown his capabilities. So I hope he remains a focus and gets a bigger push at some point.
  16. That really sucks, I feel like baseball fans just saw something very very special that will go down as a three year peak like we may never see again. Both as a fan it sucks, and also feeling for Ohtani as he was just a few months away from probably getting the biggest contract in MLB History. He'll still get paid since he is such a good hitter but I feel like this is the end of a really historic run and it makes me sad.
  17. I just cancelled mine, so someone else can have it. Am just going to go with the premium upgrade instead.
  18. This offseason is going to be really interesting, watching Ohtani and the contract he gets. My gut is that he'll break records with his contract as it only takes one team, but there have to be teams that could use him that kinda hesitate due to his issues with arm fatigue and being concerned he won't be able to start come October. Course, he would get a monster contract just based on his hitting, nevermind the pitching, so even if a team thinks they get him for two/three years doing both then he transitions to DH, maybe he is still worth the $450 mil contract even though he's 29. Going to be fun to watch either way.
  19. Just too far away, I use my computer (as it is setup) for work with a three monitor setup so it would require me on a daily basis unplugging it, lugging the 40 pound box upstairs, plugging it in, unplugging it, putting it back etc. for however long it takes me to beat the game. I did consider it tho.
  20. So here is my big debate and I've been thinking about it all summer. I have GamePass Ultimate. In my living room I have a beautiful 4K 120Hz 65 inch TV with a very comfortable couch.... and an XBox Series S. In the basement I have a powerful desktop gaming PC that can play the game on "recommend" settings with an Alienware 240Hz 24.5 Inch Full HD Gaming Monitor and a fairly comfortable computer chair (but not as comfortable as my couch). My general preference is to play games on my giant TV in my comfy living room. But I recognize the game will look better on my 24 inch gaming monitor. So I am just trying to decide which sacrifice to make. I may wait until there are some early reviews as if they "Cyberpunk" it (meaning it struggles on the lesser systems) then I'll have no choice but to play it on PC.
  21. You guys have better memories than me, but isn't the Stadium Stampede normally in an empty arena/cinematic? Or at least semi-cinematic? Is it that again, or during the live show? And if its during the live show, is there any difference between Stadium Stampede and Anarchy in the Arena/any other no rules match?
  22. They probably could put it in permanent developmental hell but it has to get to the point where they just need to rip off the bandaid and move on to something else.
  23. I'm having fun with the game, even though I've made a few... non-ideal choices I just rolled with it (no pun intended) and kept going. I'm trying to look up online as little as possible but one wall I am hitting is I am not getting a lot of weapon or armor upgrades. Maybe I'm missing something but I always buy the latest stuff from any shop owners I find and of course open lots of chests, but I don't even have enough rings (that do something) to give all my members and even if they are rare/uncommon my weapons still tend to do 2 to 7 damage (not counting the Barbarian). Which doesn't seem ideal since I am now level 5. Maybe I'm just used to non-D&D inspired games but I still struggle in battles I feel I shouldn't as with a bad roll I only do 4 or 5 damage. So I either need to do better at finding upgrades or do better at "plotting" my attack plans so I do more damage by using spells/potions/etc.
  24. I'm not a *huge* fan of QTEs as a primary game mechanic which was one of their biggest complaints, so selfishly I am hoping they just dial it back some (if possible). But knowing me I'll give it a try regardless.
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