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  1. I played a few more hours and still haven't felt 'gripped' either so I feel ya. I feel entertained, but that's about it. I still am hoping once the game fully opens up that I'll get more excited, right now I am itching to play Baldur's Gate 3 which I wasn't expecting. I'm not saying this to discourage anyone from buying it, its fun! Its just not the next-tier game I was hoping for. And it wasn't just Internet Hype, I'm a big fan of all the Bethesda games so I had a fair amount of self-hype as well. In a way, the fast travel is both a blessing and a curse. Even though games like Skyrim and Fallout 4 did have fast travel, you also could just run from Town A to Town B if you wanted to (and sometimes had to), killing monsters and causing havoc along the way. So far in Starfield I've only jogged to a location one time, every other time it was fast travel to ship -> open map -> fast travel to new planet -> land -> fast travel to... etc. Unless I'm doing an in-town fetch quest I'm just fast traveling from place to place, no space ship flying around killing stuff or planet running around shooting rats. I think being able to fast travel to places you've never been to is my main hang-up and the area I wish they copied NMS, I thought I'd be "exploring space" in Starfield but I'm really not, I'm just fast traveling from planet to planet.
  2. Honestly the only reason I could see them doing it was if Fox really really wanted them to, and even then more as a Brock-level attraction (with a pre-determined storyline agreed upon start to finish) then long term contract. There is really no other upside, and also no guarantee he'd be happy there either. I think there is a way it could work but they would be absolutely insane to sign him to a multi-year contract.
  3. Yea, same, I really like Punk as a performer but clearly it wasn't working. Honestly they should have never brought him back. He has been known to hold a grudge and it just never seemed like he "got over" the issues from last year. Regardless if anyone thinks the Page/Mox/Brawl Out issues were his fault or not, the issues were never resolved and there were so many reports of issues just in the last three months since he returned. There were really no negative backstage stories about Punk at all from his debut up until his injury, he seemed to be having fun, but the minute something went wrong it just snowballed and it never got better.
  4. WBD cared enough to give them the TV contract in the first place.... I don't think any *one* person is key to WBD's happiness (maybe Jericho) but acting like The Elite don't matter when they were one of the original selling points is actually insane to me. Their faction is literally in the name of the promotion. Danielson, Cole, and MJF had nothing to do with why AEW are on WBD are on TV now. Yes, the promotion has grown enough now and signed enough other talent that no individual is more important than the whole (even Phil Brooks) but acting like WBD doesn't care if they are on their shows is purely fans own opinions of the group, nothing based on reality.
  5. I just don't agree with you, that's all. I mentioned Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan earlier, Phil Brooks is neither of those people. AEW got the initial TV deal without Phil Brooks, and Phil Brooks has only appeared on TV for a small percentage of the existence of AEW. His TV drawing power I feel is exaggerated, he is someone you want on your shows for sure but WBD by all accounts have been satisfied with the ratings even when Phil Brooks isn't on TV. AEW sold 50K tickets at Wembley before Phil Brooks returned to AEW. He's not as safe as The Elite, or Roman Reigns, or John Cena. Now would TK greatly prefer to have Phil Brooks active on TV and not being a pain in the ass, absolutely, but everyone has their breaking point which is clear by the fact Phil Brooks isn't announced yet for tomorrow's PPV which they really would like him to be on. There is a small list throughout wrestling history of wrestlers that a promotion literally can't afford not to use, Phil Brooks is not and never has been on that list.
  6. The game is starting slowly for me. Part of that is my fault, as in the first city I got distracted by fetch quests. I don't like fetch quests but I also don't like having undone missions in my log so off I went to do them. I am thinking now I am going to focus on the main quest as I need XP to unlock some 'basic' skills. One thing they didn't really explain well was the menu and how to travel faster (like using the "set course" option) and how to be able to switch weapons on the fly without going into the menu. I figured out both things, but they definitely didn't hold our hand through the menu options and how to do things in it. I am missing the "free flying" feeling that we got in No Man's Sky, with the way fast travel works I don't get as much of a "flying through space" feeling I got with NMS from Starfield. Those aren't major quibbles, I'm enjoying the game. I did a fun optional side mission that opened up another side mission and distracted me for a solid hour+ (plus I finally got to shoot things). There is a lot to this game, it hasn't hooked me in the sense I am having super long marathon gaming sessions but I feel like it is starting to open up now and I'm excited to see where it goes.
  7. I'm definitely in the "wait and see" camp on Sukeban as I've just seen too many promotions, good ideas, and good intentions not work out. It seems to have potential, they have the talent, but what will matter is the execution and if it fills a niche to make enough money to make it worth continuing to fly out that much talent. Its probably not going to be my "thing" as far as what I look for in my wrestling but I'm still excited to see Joshi wrestling presented in a different way to US fans, and as a fan of Aoi, Maya, and Ram I'm going to naturally hope it succeeds.
  8. I don't always agree with TheVileOne but he's right when he's right - it doesn't matter if Punk is a top merch seller or if his appearances give a small bump in ratings, if he isn't happy you have to let him go. An unhappy person with some power (which he has been given with how Collision is run) is a recipe for disaster. Meltzer mentioned weeks before the Jack Perry incident that backstage at Collision was like a ticking time bomb and it was only a matter of time, and whether you like the guy or not he was right. Being a top merch seller is a bad reason to keep someone that is not only unhappy but not shy about his unhappiness. Maybe they thought giving him his own show would make him happy but it clearly hasn't. At some point you have to look at the big picture and determine if having a cancer in the locker room is worth it. Sometimes it is (Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, etc) but most of the time it isn't. Even if you look at is as "Jack Perry is a dickhead" which ok, I don't disagree. The fact is still that Punk reacted to someone making a quip during a show (something he frequently does, what about his "Bucks" line on the first Collision??) by physically reacting, then yelling at the owner of the promotion and threatening to quit. All right before his own match, just because someone made a one sentence comment he didn't like. This isn't someone that wants to be where he is, its someone unhappy and on edge.
  9. Wouldn't really be fair to change the draft time four days before the draft, if people logged in a month ago when the league was created and asked then, it would have given me time to give everyone enough heads up about the change. Just food for thought for next year
  10. I always have the draft the same day (the Tuesday before the first game) and late-ish but not so late it runs into Phil's bedtime. I just like to be consistent, plus we learned in the early years its impossible to find a time that all 12 people think is perfect. One year the draft was when I was working myself but I still kept it there as it didn't seem fair to change the draft time just for my own benefit (I probably still won that year anyway). On the plus side, the auto-draft is sooo much better now then it was in the old days. In my job's ESPN league, the one team that autodrafted has one of the best teams in the league. So while I know we all prefer to be at the draft, its not the "kiss of death" it used to be to miss it. But I hope everyone can be there!
  11. I was thinking of it in the sense of FSU that already wants to leave (or has made overtures about leaving), if they acted like assholes but the ACC wants to keep them happy if they'd try to find some middle ground. Not saying that would happen, just wondering if FSU is 'difficult' about it if they'd just make adjustments to make them happy or force the issue.
  12. I wonder in these situations how difficult the schools that didn't vote "yes" will be with scheduling. Like if FSU is scheduled to play in California what happens if they say 'fuck you, not going to California." Will they just try to work around that (ie have the unhappy schools be "home" as much as possible) or will they cooperate even though they voted no.
  13. It took me about ten minutes to even get in once the early access went live and the Microsoft Store crashed. The sales numbers will be hurt by the fact it is on GamePass but people were really really excited to play this game.
  14. T.J. Hockenson got paid, and I mean PAID. Base value: $66M over 4 new years Full guarantee: $29M at signing (including ~$9M left on rookie deal) Total guarantee: $42.5M Max: $68.5M with incentives
  15. To answer your Act I question: I will say I am getting through the game faster than I was expecting as my playtime is about ~45 hours. And I think I am being pretty thorough but a Baldur's Gate expert would probably telling me I'm missing a lot of shit. I also don't spend a lot of time on inventory management which probably speeds things up.
  16. So is Hogan but I don't think he'll be wrestling anytime soon either. Sting is a unicorn, a beautiful unicorn.
  17. I'm 60% confident that Starks/Punk will be the main event. If anyone but Punk comes out to save Steamboat/take his spot in the match the crowd is going to shit on it so for them to even make that announcement it has to be Punk. I think. I know Steamboat recently worked a six man tag but he's still a 70 year old with past health issues so I can't imagine a scenario he works a match. Unless it somehow turns into a six man tag strap match.
  18. This looks more like a ROH PPV than a AEW PPV, but at AEW PPV price. My chore over the next four days is convincing my brother that its ok if we skip this one.
  19. Cover your ears, Paul, for what I am about to say. They really should have pulled the trigger and had Penta win the championship. I really like OC but I think his title run has run its course. Winning matches by getting killed and sneaking out a win is fine, but when it happens week after week the same way it becomes too much. There is no way he should be kicking out of what Penta was throwing at him, and at some point it crosses over from funny/entertaining to head shaking. Anyway, the show was *fine* but didn't feel like the knockout they needed as they have another PPV to push in a few days.
  20. I reached Act 3. About the decision at the very very end of Act 2 (so don't read this until you get the "you finished Act 2" award as Act 2 didn't end when I thought it did initially), which I read nothing about before diving into it: Course, Starfield comes out tomorrow. I am hoping sometimes my brain will want a break from it and I will finish Baldur's Gate slowly over the next month. I like it, but its not super gripping me so I tend to only play a few hours a day.
  21. I'm hoping to play it so much this weekend that I can read this thread still. Anything I post will be spoiler-free, just general thoughts of the game without mentioning storylines, but I am certainly not going to spoil anything during early access. Since I have been avoiding reading anything about the game itself I'd never want to ruin it for someone else doing the same.
  22. The hurricane moved so fast, looks like they will be able to play it as scheduled since its already well into Georgia and almost back out to the ocean. Seems like Tallahassee avoided the worst of it.
  23. What is funny about the conflicting stories getting out there is there were plenty of witnesses. Its not like it leaking that Punk messaged Page after his pegging comment to apologize, which very few people could know about. This happened in gorilla! But still wrestlers are carny and just telling Sapp and Meltzer and Keller whatever so they run with it.
  24. I think the famous one with Skyrim on the PlayStation was as you played further and further, the memory or something built up and by the time you were 75% of the game it was basically 15 FPS and trying to open doors would crash the game. But they eventually fixed that of course.
  25. Phil swoops in with the plug, I respect it. While I think everyone's heart is in the right place, not all issues can be fixed by everyone getting in the same room and talking it out. First of all, the room would have to be so big they'd need to rent the banquet hall at a Best Western. Punk has issues with Jack Perry, Elite, Omega, Daniels, Dolph's brother, maybe Miro now, definitely Cabana. Do you think Punk wants to sit and talk it out with Cabana? Or are we only making people talk that Punk wants to talk to? And if you get them all together, does that magically mean they will be able to sort it out? Does Punk seem like the type that will admit to what he did wrong or does he just want an apology? It sounds good on paper but people mad at each other that try to talk it out can sometimes lead to chairs being thrown, we don't know how they are feeling and if they all collectively are interested in even talking.
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