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  1. Am I the only person that never remembers he has powers? I swear I've used them maybe twice in the last 20 hours of gameplay. I even have one I kinda like and would be useful, my brain just never thinks about it. Its like I am in FPS mode and can only focus on shooting people, not using magic. It also feels a little forced into the game, at least at the point I am at in the main story. I'm not mad about it, it just feels like something tacked on that my character didn't need to be a badass.
  2. Congrats to Acuna for 40/40, also locked up that NL MVP (I don't think it was seriously in doubt but he put a nail in the coffin over the last two weeks).
  3. I get what you are saying, but I think if AEW seems someone at a certain level (or potential to be at that level) come free they have to sign them. I think with the right opening storyline that Ali is "upper mid-card" ready, with 2.5 TV shows they should be able to find a spot for him. Plus they may soon be losing wrestlers, I am sure some contacts come due the end of this year/early next year so it helps to already have the next wrestler ready to step in. But that's why I said only Ali. I don't see a spot for them to sign three, four wrestlers all at once. Would be a bit much.
  4. The only wrestler I'd immediately go get if I was AEW is Mustafa Ali. I think he could be a mistake like Swerve, in that he is a talented wrestler that WWE had no interest in using correctly. All the others I'd probably let simmer, while Benjamin and Dolph could give some value I don't know if it would move the needle and I can't say definitely that they'd make AEW more fun to watch. But definitely Ali. Riddle has the in-ring ability but he just has too many red flags in his personal life, I don't think they'd take the risk.
  5. I don't think the NFL should go full NCAA with the ejection rules but I'm glad he got ejected for that one.
  6. I want to make a joke about someone picking the Giants but I have to wait first to see if the 49ers actually win.
  7. Man-sized INT by Milano although Jacobs probably could have tried harder.
  8. I think it was only once near the goal line he tried to jump over someone and I really don't have an issue with that, I don't want him completely neutered. But the "throw it deep into double coverage for no reason" shit had to stop, they aren't throwing deep at all today probably by design. Only deep-ish pass was on a free play. Just really safe throws under 20 yards, giving what the defense gives him.
  9. Josh Allen is 18/21 for two TDs and no INTS in the first half. Maybe he really got the message this time to tone down on the Hero Ball and get in the flow of the game. We'll find out as the season progresses.
  10. While I wouldn't say I was a genius for betting on Colorado State (the line was 23.5) as obviously I didn't know Travis Hunter would get hurt, but I felt like any game now Colorado was going to crash down to Earth. I think they are a good team, much better than last year obviously, but I'm not all-in on them being this unbeatable juggernaut so I'm not surprised its been close.
  11. I have no dog in the fight and rarely am a "blame the refs" type but the refs are really not doing Tennessee any favors. Feels like every questionable call goes against them.
  12. So this Alabama/South Florida game reminds me of when I worked as a camera operator for the University of Richmond in 2005. They seem to only have a two camera setup and neither camera is overly useful. Not sure if the lightening knocked out cameras or South Florida doesn't have the budget for more than two cameras.
  13. I feel like some of the most fun missions I've done have been in the factions, particularly Vanguard, and the game really 'turned around' for me when I put the main mission aside and started doing the factions. While its a common Bethesda "problem" in their games, the faction quests so far is where the fun is. I only do the main mission quest from time to time to keep the story going.
  14. Few things about the NFL annoy me more than the fact they are a multi multi billion dollar business and they still can't/won't implement fields that will cut down on injuries. Its a dangerous enough sport as it is, players shouldn't have to worry about their feet getting stuck in shitty turf and getting seriously injured on top of everything else that can happen to them. I know they are *trying* to use new technology to make it better but there to me is no excuse that they haven't figured it out yet.
  15. "This has an asterisk with no Jones and no Kelce" fuck off Tirico, every team has injuries, it doesn't mean a win has an asterisk.
  16. Giants fans sitting at home watching this game with giant erections. I was wondering who the Chiefs fans/media would blame if they lose (Bieniemy being gone? Kelce being hurt? Jones holding out?) but the answer is clearly going to be Toney.
  17. I took away a bench spot this year! You must have really thought it was too much last year. Also you should check the scoring settings before the draft, not after. Its public information! I worry about you guys.
  18. I am not usually a "mod" or "cheats" kind of guy but the one exception I make is for Bethesda games (if available) wearing a "no weight capacity" ring or whatever so I don't have to keep making trips back and forth after collecting things. Since video games are designed to be fun that's one thing I wish Bethesda would have adjusted at some point. They encourage you to pick up stuff, either for resources or selling, but the weight capacity is so minimal. I've already filled up the ship's capacity and mine so either I have to waste skill points to raise it or stop saving resources. Its already not realistic (how is my dude carrying eight guns) so I wish their made up number for weight capacity was about 100 kg higher.
  19. I finally watched Payback. Honestly for a B Level PLE I thought it was overall an enjoyable experience. The cage match will likely be a legitimate MOTYC for women's matches and the street fight was really good. That may have been the best singles match of Trish's career, no joke. Cena was at his cartoon worst, I didn't need any of that, but between those two matches and the main event it was worth watching. The only disappointment to me was the LA Knight/Miz match. In the old days, a match like that would have turned Vince sour on Knight. The match just wasn't very good and the crowd lost interest until towards the end, it just wasn't interesting. I'm not saying that should doom Knight to the midcard forever, but I could see in Vince's eyes him thinking if he was still in full power that if you can't have a good match with a vet like Miz then you aren't ready. When in reality I think they just did them no favors by having them do a 15+ minute WWE style match.
  20. Its funny that Punk news had infiltrated like four different threads, now he finally gets his own thread and we've been talking about Edge for the last two pages.
  21. I have to chuckle every time my "companion" is completely useless. During a firefight he is MIA, soon as its over I turn around and he comes jogging up like nothing happened. A very Bethesda experience. I'd kill for the mass effect ability to command him to run to a certain spot, even if he didn't kill anyone at least he'd be a bullet sponge.
  22. I did find a storyline that caught my interest - joining the Vanguard. I'm not 100% sure what it means long term but I liked the orientation process and the first mission was fun. Course the first mission opened up two more missions, meanwhile the main quest is like "hey don't forget about us" so I am not sure where I'm off to next. Definitely feel like I could play the game 50 hours and never touch the main mission again.
  23. I hope they keep the brand split a little bit, even if its not official. I like BCC and Jericho, but it was nice having a show where they didn't dominate 25% of the TV time. Let them stay primarily on Dynamite doing their thing and give some of the other stars a chance to shine on the other. If both shows just end up being the "same" in regards to wrestlers and style, I'll probably just end up not watching Collision anymore as Dynamite is enough Dynamite for me. I stopped watching Rampage a long time ago as it just felt like a lesser Dynamite extension. But we'll see how things go in the next month.
  24. Dammit Ice Ribbon, I just updated the roster page and now I have to do it again. They keep me busy anyway.
  25. With no insider information, based on comments in the past from Jericho and Mox (either publicly or leaked), my assumption is that the vast majority of the roster ranges from indifferent to happy on Punk being gone. And even FTR, if the "neutral" witness account is the accurate one, should understand even if they aren't happy about it. I'm still not buying the show but they managed to scrap together a pretty good looking card on short notice. Joe/Taylor still feels out of place and I think the ROH title match feels like a pretty low level defense, but Danielson/Starks is a big boost. I'd probably buy it if it was $30, just hard to justify $50 back to back weeks. But I think it'll be a good show.
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