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  1. And they didn't arrest him or even file a report.
  2. Why would this get Riddle fired? Or even reprimanded?
  3. Strong vs. Darby was fucking INCREDIBLE. Roderick Strong rules the motherfucking world?
  4. Bear Country are just Heavy Machinery clones now? That sucks.
  5. You gotta one-up him. "Pfft, you believe Punk got fired?"
  6. I've decided. Yes, AEW rules the motherfucking world.
  7. I like how a lot of guys could conceivably win this Eliminator tournament. Roderick, Joe, maybe even Darby.
  8. If you're arguing that his new catch phrase should be "I am very excitable," we agree.
  9. Kenny Omega isn't even in my top 20 (30? 50?) favorite wrestlers. I'm not the only one who thought your hatred of his "dancing" was code for other things.
  10. Even if we're willing to accept that you didn't know it's a slur, the fact remains that you don't think wrestlers who can be perceived as effeminate can be legit fighters or ass-kickers, which is factually incorrect (Johnny B. Badd, Adrian Street, Adrian Adonis, etc.) and dangerously close to homophobia, in and of itself. That's what you were communicating by trying to discredit Omega by calling him "twinkletoes."
  11. I just realized, where was THIS leading up to tonight? I consider it a lost opportunity.
  12. To be fair on the buyrate conversation, 100,000, in a vacuum, is pretty bad. Tony says their PPVs usually do around 140,000. If the total between All In and All Out is somewhere around 300,000 then they barely come out ahead of usual, which I guess is good. Especially since both shows were already profitable just from the gates.
  13. You know ... I think AEW fans are gonna get over it.
  14. Meltzer sez (so take this as whatever) that when he said Punk "lunged" at Tony, that was putting it mildly. I wonder if we ever hear just how physical it got.
  15. Historically? Across all companies and regions? Yes.
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