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  1. Makes you feel like TNN won the Raw rights again. Sorry, I will not be accepting Ls at this time.
  2. Excalibur before the main: Shove your Ls up your ass; that was a great fucking show.
  3. No, he just did it for weeks on HIS OWN FUCKING PROGRAM. If Twitter had existed in the '90s, Vince probably would have threatened to assassinate a district attorney on Day 2.
  4. I believe Observer said Fenix is banged up but not INJURED-injured. They did the angle at the PPV to keep him fresh(er) for tonight.
  5. Just take the L on this one, brah. You've earned it.
  6. Some posters seek out gimmicks, others have gimmicks thrust upon them. Blame that SmUgly guy.
  7. I wouldn't touch Reddit with YOUR dick. Or however that goes.
  8. Not metioning Nigel has angered Saraya. She wants you to have this. It's actually "fast twitch." Please pick from the same bag as BP.
  9. Love it. Take the L, villains. Take AAAAAAAAAALL the Ls. P.S. First non-mod who says something about locking the thread early in the month takes the biggest L of all. Sorry, Saraya makes the rules; I just enforce them.
  10. Exactly my point. @Dolfan in NYC thought I was crazy for saying Edge wouldn't bury WWE! Now he's forcing his L on ME! Take the L, DVDVR. That SmUgly guy insists.
  11. For everyone who thought I was nuts to say Edge wouldn't bury WWE on his way into AEW: Do like @SirSmUgly says and "take the L"!
  12. *insert passive aggresive "X many days until this thread gets closed" comment*
  13. I thought my comments were pretty innocuous. Even offered some explanations for why she might have misspoken, or why I might be more sensitive to tone. But intenet gonna internet, I guess.
  14. Where the fuck is Marq Quen? He can't possibly still be injured, is he?
  15. From whom? I didn't say that and it is not how I feel.
  16. I already acknowledged my bias, so I don't know what you think you're proving here. If Edge shows up in AEW, there's no way on Earth he buries WWE while he's there. Zero percent chance.
  17. Right, that's not really "working," then. It's just kissing ass. Which is fine, but again, there's probably a way to do it without publicly burying your old employer whom you claim to still respect.
  18. To what end? There's no AEW invasion angle coming.
  19. More context on the Jade stuff. Looks like the above quote was taken from this video. I don't know, maybe she's just not media savvy and doesn't realize how some of these comments could be taken. She calls AEW a phenomenal company, but not before burying their "leadership," then says she'll get better training at the PC and basically "fuck a Bryan Danielson." Mixed feelings and thoughts here. Maybe it's just weird to see the shoe on the other foot after all the "fuck WWE" promos, but those always feel kind of in jest, right? Like, that's what you're SUPPOSED to say?
  20. On Renee's podcast once, Moxley talked about how he used to do bunch of coke and then go to the public library to read.
  21. What the fuck is this about? I know I'm an AEW mark, but imagine being a female AEW wrestler and reading this. Unless they were assholes to her, I don't see a reason for shitting on the whole division and, really, the whole company. Yeah, yeah, putting over her current employer, but this is tactless and mean-spirited. Maybe there's some drama we don't know about, but from the outside, it sure seemed like AEW bent over backwards for her.
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