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  1. 17 minutes ago, piranesi said:

    "How things actually work?"   Dude that is the wrong fucking thing to say right now. How things actually work is that rich old men can rape anyone's daughter whenever they want and very rarely does anyone even mention it. That's "How things work." Enjoy that, man. Cause you win. You're right. that's how things work.

    It's never wrong to tell the fucking truth. I'm genuinely sorry you prefer to live in a fantasy world, instead trying to make this one better.

    Also, how about you just stop at "anyone"? A woman is a person deserving of respect, whatever her relation to a particular man might be.


    Is that going to happen? Of course not. Because that's not how things work* (*Machine part # 56784839)

    It's not going to happen because we live in a country governed by FUCKING LAWS. Do you want to live in anarchy, where anyone can do anything they want, to anyone, at any time? Because in a world like, there are A LOT more Vince McMahons, with a LOT more power than they already have.

  2. 5 minutes ago, piranesi said:

     For journalists. Cover the story. And if the WWE is your beat. You have a choice to make too when this all over. Podcasters, whoever. Am I going to damn you for making the choice? No, I can't. I have no authority to enforce any of what I'm saying. I'm nobody. Nothing bad will happen to anyone who makes the wrong choice. There's no harm or force to my words to these people at all.
        But will I judge them? Of course I will.

    So what happens, "when this is all over," if similar allegations crop up about another high-ranking individual in WWE? Should the Wall Street Journal not cover that? Not covering it only protects the abusers.


    And if everyone there, each individually, makes the right decision, and if eneryone at Netflix and ESPN and whoever else has a financial stake in this operation makes the right choice, there's no company to cover by Sunday.

    WWE is not its own entity anymore. Even if everyone whose check bore the logo a year ago walks out tomorrow, you can't dissolve an incorporated business overnight. Oh that's right, this is no time to talk about facts and how things actually work, right?

  3. 7 hours ago, Matt D said:


    @piranesi is not judging anyone here but is, without question, serving as a baseline for one to judge him or herself. That's making people uncomfortable. It's making me a little uncomfortable. That's ok.

    He's judging particular journalists and, by extension (and his own admission), the very act of journalism. Which is especially fucked up when, if it weren't for the Wall Street Journal's persistence on this story, we might not know about any of it. To Stefanie's point, most "legit" news outlets think wrestling is silly and not worth covering, even when there's something real there. The WSJ journalists probably had major pushback from their editors for pursuing any of this. Let's be thankful they and people like them continue to do their jobs, and not get mad at them for doing them or being compensated for doing so.

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  4. We need an eyeroll react.

    Look, Vince is awful and always has been. You probably should have already known he was THIS awful, because yeah, most of us already assumed. But don't go dragging every human being on Earth (especially the ones who have been publicly aggrieving Vince for years!!) down too because of that monumental sack of shit, and your inability to see who he is. Get some perspective. The value of humanity on a whole is not determined by the terrible actions of one elevated hillbilly.

    EDIT: And before you go saying "It wasn't just one person!!~#!" please look into the influence of charismatic cult leaders.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, piranesi said:

    Guys it was a great post. He'll probably get hired at CNN because he's the first one to scoop the smart business strategy here. I celebrate the guy. he's on his way...all the way to...Sinclair Media!!!

    The name of the podcast is Wrestlenomics. What did you think they talk about, cake recipes?

    Thurston and Pollock are the leading voices saying tough questions should be asked at wrestling press scrums, which you claim to want. So I feel like your anger is probably better directed at other targets.

  6. 32 minutes ago, Curt McGirt said:

    I guess the whole "nondisclosure" thing doesn't matter since everything is, well, disclosed. 

    I also hope that this finally is the expiration date of McMahon's ninth life and with the introduction of the details, including Lesnar, this finally goes wide in the news cycle.

    The suit alleges that Vince didn't complete the agreed-upon payments, and argues therefore the NDA should be voided.

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  7. 8 minutes ago, Raziel said:

    What the fuck does goofing about Tony having a meltdown when if he doesn't get his Meltzer Clout have to do with Doom posting?  Christ alive that's some reaching.

    Reaching? Aren't you the guy who called me a racist because I wondered if Jade Cargill shouldn't burn her bridge with AEW?

    Get the fuck out of here.

  8. 1 hour ago, TheVileOne said:


    Not when people say "imagine a wrestling CEO acting this way." We don't have to imagine it. It happened, for decades.

    That's not excusing Tony's rants. Of COURSE he probably shouldn't be doing this (although he did get Jinder to promote the match, so a win there). But for people to get the fainting couch because a wrestling executive glibly needled some fans, in a world where Vince McMahon threatened insurrection before it was cool, is either being willfully obtuse or weirdly ignorant of very recent history.

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  9. 2 hours ago, Greggulator said:

    I also did a pro wrestling themed comedy show with Bryce. I co-hosted it with Colt Cabana.

    You know you have to immediately disclose that if you ever meet Punk, right?

    I've seen Dreamer and Eddie Kingston at the gym. Whatever joke you're imagining right now -- is accurate.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Technico Support said:

    Damn, I wonder how journalism classes are today.  Probably whole seminars dedicated to writing headlines that get the most hits.  

    Nah. I took journalism classes a few years ago, and the professors bemoaned the same trends everyone does.

    There's bad jouranalism out there (there always has been), but there's also still plenty of good, too. 

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  11. Thurston went into Dynamite ratings a little more on Sunday. Total TV use during Dynamite's timeslot is down 8%, and Dynamite is down 9%. TV use in the demo at that time is down 14%, while Dynamite's demo is down 15%. So they're only slightly behind general cable-watching attrition. Ranking against competing programming is still high.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Octopus said:

    Here’s Hausman tweets from before. Derp

      Hide contents




    What an asshole. Fake outrage that someone suggested there might be an "agenda" at play, only for him to admit it himself days later. Get fucked.

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  13. 53 minutes ago, Octopus said:

    Nick Hausman somewhat walking his statements back as not having heard anything and just dislikes him about 2:55 in. 
    I’d say listen to this before jumping one way or the other. He says he didn’t say anything specific and was just stating his feelings. This isn’t to negate anything other people did or did not comment on or heart emoji. 

    All kind of fucked up. 

    If this dude stirred all this shit up because of "just asking questions," he should be blackballed. Period.

    If you think that's a "Wreddit-level take," you may want to inform yourself a little more on media ethics. 

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