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  1. You could push each other and see if that helps.
  2. Is it hot, sticky sweet from his head to his feet?
  3. I've worn them for about 15 years because I don't like hats and since I got balder and balder over time it just seems to work out well to not burn my head or feel cold. Also, Chessman works for AAA. He just wrestled a few days ago.
  4. Drive north a bit and you can buy some at gas stations.
  5. The peak of his career in front of no one and probably watched by very few~! Drew about as well as some K-Dojo house shows.
  6. People have been calling about it in other states and stuff too. I can't believe anyone is that fucking stupid, but here we are.
  7. I'd rather he was rotting in prison until he died in a puddle of his own filth, but since it already happened, fuck him.
  8. That image really is me in case anyone was curious. I have about 15 more bandanas I could tie on!
  9. They spent some money last year on defense at least. Didn't do much this year. They picked up ONE UDFA WR. Some guy from Michigan State.
  10. I knew he used to have that mustache for a reason. Perverts gonna pervert.
  11. Should quadruple the Takayama DLC price and force people to buy it through sheer will.
  12. Cheese curds are amazing. You're an inhuman monster, one of the many angled ones.
  13. I have like 5 bandanas and a durag on there, I'm comin' for ya.
  14. I'll send you some Cheese Curds if you like. We have all kinds of variations.
  15. Half? I think you're severely underestimating "The NC" as they like to call it. Here, in Wisconsin, we're usually drunk by 6 am. You know, if I drank alcohol, but the rest of us are!
  16. Give me the power, I shall enforce them, with pacifism-based VIOLENCE. My followers chuck me at things of their own free will.
  17. I'm ready for every contingency. Now, if you need me, I'll be passed out on the floor.
  18. I've been using a colander for years. What year is it again?
  19. I've been hearing rumblings from my sources, my gut, that the Giants are going to trade out of the first round for a pair of 7th rounders and a giant vat of "magic water" they found in Tom Brady an anonymous team's player's hotel room.
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