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  1. There has to be guys on the indies leaps & bounds better than Young, Page, Ciampa, Tavern & others.
  2. Was Wyatt doing commentary from his rocking chair?
  3. Ah, came in here expecting some backstage GOSSIP!~~ not a Ryback lovefest.
  4. This was started yesterday? WTF... Ryback is exactly where he should be. Didn't deserve the title or to end punks reign.
  5. Well to be fair, to have a pile of dead chickens kill by a superkick plague is suspicious.
  6. It was an amazing match. You didn't think so? It wasn't even the best match on that show IMO.
  7. Everything about Bo is generic as fuck. I get what they're going for, but god is it boring IMO. Thought Kruger was like 6'8 for some reason. To see Cesaro dwarfing him was weird. What is Sami's gimmick?
  8. Poor Naito. I have a feeling that Goto-Shibata #87 would have gotten more votes.
  9. Wait, after seeing this pic for years I always thought that was a dude....
  10. Mickie James grabbed & Licked the puss sweat off of Trish at what looks like a Wrestlemania? Fuck was I?
  11. Who are the chick and white dude with Kingston?
  12. God Emma is so wifeable. Dat accent. Dat cuteness.
  13. Holy shit... What stage cancer did Bobby have? Removal of the jaw is common with the treatment? Jesus... And seeing an aged bewildered Orndorff is almost as shocking.
  14. The Young Bucks won the jr tag titles? Weird, but good for them.
  15. The Voltic. I grinded survival & sold cars like a man possessed & really have nothing to buy with the stimulus package. Until we can buy a second garage.
  16. Ok. One question, one statement. Statement. I'm totally gonna try this with a chick I'm banging. I wonder if he ever actually called this spot, or if he just lifted dudes up in the air like he was gonna suplex them, then surprised them by spiking them into the mat. Because I can't imagine that anyone with an ounce of self-preservation instincts would agree to that willingly. Haven't seen that match. Someone tell me poor Hase was pinned after that screwdriver. Because it looks like Scott is going to tag Rick in.
  17. Forsee a "I didn't know my wrestler husband was gay" headline in the future.
  18. Wait... That isn't Flair when he got inducted into the hall of fame?
  19. Vicky 2 numbas right? Good shit. Me & Rukered went to war with 3 asshats before that. I blew up dude's white adders. He then came with a chrome one that I promptly blew up too. Was owning this one dude until he start gun butting me. In GTA 1 gun butt is more powerfull then shotguns. Noted.
  20. Sandking or Balla. Bulletproof tires on everything is a must too. It's my first mod with armor.
  21. Jackal- got it for missions, but now I hate random missions & won't take a car due to dicks. Selling. Sandking XL. Beastly. Once(if) I unlock will be my main ride. Carbonizzaires - my favorite sports car. Entity XF - meh, wanted a Super Elegy - love that lil mofo. Buffalo Sport - fully modded. Have yet to get killed in it. Felon - selling it after It spawns a four door to replace the Jackal. Space Docker - garbage. Rat Loader - fun ugly bitch. Like I like all my FBs Cognoscenti Cabrio - my first purchase. Pretty good ride too, but gets no love. Have those bikes on the wall too, just cause.
  22. That looks like a regular ass buffalo. Decent all base covered garage, but that mammoth needs to go.
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