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  1. I remember mine too, a red one made of wool.
  2. Congrats pal, I look forward to your column embracing soccer
  3. It takes time but people change. Calgary used to be the most ridiculous backward idiot town. It still is, but we have an Islamic mayor.
  4. So did Junichi Inamoto and no one cares about Asia.
  5. It's a joke. Basically because you Europeans (yeah, Canada but come on you are European) like to puff your chests out and knock anything that isn't UEFA. Hi. I don't know anyone that really cares about concacaf. Its not a superiority thing, more your leagues are self contained and your players don't really transfer well abroad for the most part. There's interest in south America obviously, but not really in DaMarcus Beasley and Jozy Altidore
  6. I'll miss Antacular. He was a solid dude. Just got caught up in the weirdness.
  7. Hahaha Bradshaw is actually smart so her tearing him down for being dumb is WHY DO I CARE
  8. You fascinate me. You're like a complete parody of a troll, in that you troll people for things they don't care about instead of things they do.
  9. What would it take for you to abandon this bizarre crusade of white knightery? A Twitter shoutout from Herb?
  10. I just root for good teams. This year I think Germany are my guys. I hate the Dutch though.
  11. You're right Costa Rica playing well will make the standard of coaching in the United States way better. It'll make more WC Spots available (in theory) which would be good for the US. And.. Haterz gonna hate.. and FSW gonna haterz everything You aren't taking spots from Europe or South America. And the US will always qualify.
  12. The trick as I recall from when I did like international football was to hate everyone from everywhere.
  13. You're right Costa Rica playing well will make the standard of coaching in the United States way better.
  14. I know you stated you think there should be more European teams (or at least implied that) but I am just curious - what would your breakdown of spots be? Would you be taking away from CONCACAF or Africia or Asia? Or is it basically just Euro qualification plus Brazil and Argentina? I'm happy with what we have. My point was what Dewar said
  15. I wish I could post the photo of Alan researching birds on the internet from the movie but Rippa smells blood.
  16. Guys there's no incentive for Bryan to know what he's talking about. Not as long as men like rovert will stand at his side, the white knight of the internet wrestling community.
  17. Also this CONCACAF thing makes me embarrassed for you.
  18. Amazing seeing all you guys so surprised at England being in trouble. They have a fucking owl managing them!
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