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  1. Steveson is working Dante Chen on the Florida circuit.
  2. Compliments from randos are nice. SHOCK COMPLETELY UNPLANNED PR: Semi-Sumo Deadlift 185kg. Woohoo! (Also REP PRs 130x6, & 16- x 3 in the ramp-up.) Tbh I think I could have pulled 5kg more. What's hilarious is that not only did I hit 2 rep PRs first, hadn't done this lift seriously in *ages*, and I had done bunch of sets on the prone leg curl and the leg extension. But I also did a lot of deep slow bodysquats between the leg curls, and I've been doing those deep Platz squats and as a result my hips are more mobile and I am extremely fast off the floor. And I think the high-handle trap bar work carried over to the later parts of the lift. So yeah, have felt like I've been spinning my wheels a bit this year but I feel like things are starting to happen. Hope it continues. I want to see if I can pull the 200kg semi-sumo, though I did hit a 160kg conventional after the PR to walk the weight on the rack and I want to get that up to 185kg as well. Woohoo!
  3. Whilst as a Brit my Buffalo Stance may not exactly be authoritative, I like my sauce (like my 'chips') vinegary but I can't imagine wanting the same sauce if it was cauliflower & not fatty chicken meat underneath. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  4. I'm not trying to run some anti-vegan game here, but I just don't really see how cauliflower wings can really be good. Okay that's not true, I can see how some top-level Heston I'm Hard Pierre Berzatto-type might be able to deliver the goods but going to some random joint and expecting them to throw down....yeah I dunno.
  5. Yeah, so in the last few days I've actually rattled off 1 lifetime rep PR and 1 rep PR since injury. The actual PR was leg press - 220kg for 12 pretty damn deep reps. I think I did 170kg for 20 reps 8ish weeks ago on the same machine, but put in a calc 220 for 12 is better. I've had more weight on a leg press, I found an old facebook post where I did 250kg almost 5 years ago - but I doubt my depth was any goodor that I did more than 6 reps. I only do leg press once every 3-4 weeks because of a particular gym I've been going to..well every 3-4 weeks....so I imagine I could peak it up for a bit more but I doubt I'll do that. PR for the year was bench press 90kg for 8. This is particularly good as I hadn't benched for a week and a half, and I don't normally do well in such circumstances. However a couple of things in my favour were that 1) I actually set up in a power rack as the two bench press stations were busy, an 2) I was wearing a compression shirt, not an actual bench shirt just some rando UA piece - but maybe it helped a bit. The set also took a lot out of me quite frankly. I technically got another PR because I did backoff sets at 15 degrees - a very rare angle for barbell work but 30 degrees still doesn't feel great to me. Anyway, sets of 60kg for 10 isn't that impressive given what I was fly-pressing at 15 degrees a couple of months ago, but as I say murdered by the topset so what can you do? Right now I have a soft target of matching my 100kg for 10 reps PR by the end of the year. I've still got almost 4 months...it feels doable. But let's see.
  6. Agree with this. I was a long-time WWE brand split defender because I understood Smackdown becomes a nothing show if you don't have it and it's the same here. I feel bad for a lot of ppl in all this. I'd feel bad for CM Punk, but the truth is one suspects he will remain fairly self-contented through all of this, the vibe I get is that AJ is 'Rie or Die' and the same can probably be said for his closest friends. I sort of hope he does find a way to wrestle again though - not sure I'd watch but nonetheless What @Godfrey said was also true, I think on Stanford U's MBA's Paths To Power course they talk about how you need to be able to make key relationships work no matter what. Punk had to make the relationship with The Elite work, and he did. Now the reverse is also arguably true, and The Elite definitely don't come out of this pearly white indeed maybe it turns out they did the Dark Arts more than a bit in all this - but that's also part of the game. Maybe Hangman started it, but what he said ended up sounding prophetic. Nonetheless, I can't help thinking that what Punk was trying to do might end up somewhat happening anyway and infact may be politically more viable with him gone.
  7. Jack Perry needs a singles title. And Cabana as his butler or something.
  8. I'm just wondering, do you think they could start Jungle Boy's entrance with a breaking glass sound and not get sued?
  9. Tbh that is the problem with swimming right there. It makes you super hungry like nothing else. Back in the day, my local leisure centre had a Wimpy lol. The best thing probably is to bring food to eat afterwards if you can. Protein shake can work, though a sandwich is certainly not a bad idea. The second best thing is to have prepped food ready at home to stick in the microwave (or eat cold).
  10. Given the relative silliness of the All-In main, could they just not run Cabana vs MJF?
  11. Rampage, so unless I'm mistaken taped on Wednesdays.
  12. Tbh I actually think it's hilarious at this point. And tbh, Jack was a guy who tapped out in the pre-show but now he's got his heat back. Thank you Phil!
  13. There are definitely flights out of the UK this evening. It might take some creativity, but they can almost certainly get everyone they need out. Jack and Phil they can obviously leave behind.
  14. I am also reminded of Nash talking about Shawn's disappearances - "he's like a teacher, he only does 9 months a year!"
  15. So end of another mini-cycle as I fly tomorrow - I will be in the gym Sunday with my gf, but won't be back at my main gym for 10 days. This doesn't provide a lot of time to 'make things happen' and the first two workouts really didn't go great, and tbh it put me off proper squatting. I did a 120kg deep squat with a nice pause, but everything >90kg felt heavy and I couldn't face backoff work and indeed retreated to the the hack squat as my main quad movement. And tbh, whilst I will definitely do a heavy SSB squat in the next minicycle I may put more focus on the hack squat and see if it carries over. Anyway, I got on with things best I could and fast-fwd until today I had two goals. 92.5kg for 3 on bench, and 200kg on high-handle trap bar from a 15kg plate. I decided to superset this work so that it wouldn't take all day. Now tbh the bench was great once I got warmed up, and I got my target reps plus 3 backoff sets of 10 at 80kg which I was very happy with. So basically I will try for 92.5kg for 3 in 3 weeks though I may leave the backoff sets at 80kg and maybe just chase sets of 11. Additional: weak area at this point is in middle, which probably means front delt and tbh I have done no overhead-style pressing in weeks so that needs to change, though that was the plan anyway. Trap-bar....well a qualified success as I did lift 200kg for the first time ever, but I decided after 195kg to do the 200kg without a deficit...which also allowed a wider stance. In retrospect, I probably should have left this one for another time as if I was going to switch stance etc I should have done this a couple of attempts previously......this is actually a tried-&-tested Boogs/Bugenhagen technique. Basically I wanted the 200kg and that's it. Definitely a proper grinder....hard off the floor, hard above the knee. Tbh I suspect I would have got it up with the deficit but I made the right call not finding out. I hadn't done trap bar in 3 weeks and I am sure if I wanted to go higher frequency on it I could probably add a bit more. But it's time-consuming setting up the plates so I think we're done with this lift for a while. I may actually mess with the low-handles next. As a bonus, on Friday, I actually set up the sled with a weight belt and managed to do something like the pulls the kneesovertoes dude recommends. They were definitely something. Was planning to do them today as well, but tbh I couldn't face it lol. But I will be coming back to them for sure.
  16. My brother is at All-In. His words: But to be fair, he probably didn't mean you. Edit: 'Four Naan?!' sgn is ********
  17. Yeah, 'return to form' albums obviously don't work as effectively if you don't have much of a prior relationship with the band. 'Life is just a lulla-la-by' lol....Everything Will Flow from Headmusic.....which was their 'patchy, grasp often exceeding reach with a new producer and their lead singer on crack' album. The occasional ridiculous pronunciation was definitely part of the gimmick tough (see 'Marid-ju-ana' from 'She' on 'Coming Up'). I thought 'Everything Will Flow' was a bit empty, but not in a good way, though there are some good tracks on that album. I think I liked 'Black Ice' a lot more than you did. It's fair to say that you have to earn your ballads, and 'What Am I Without You?' is *a lot*. But I do think the way they build it back up after the second chorus is very well-played. Obviously it's a song about the relationship between the band and the fans.....but it could very easily be a song about wrasslin'. In many ways, the album as a whole is about age and maturity, growing up and maybe not growing old, but trying not to try too hard to not grow old either. So whilst yeah you have the slightly punky spikiness that is actually a bit of a departure for the band, you also have the 'sheen of consummate professionalism' lol that I think does at times give things a big boost. I am looking forward to what they do next.
  18. get into the building on Saturday night ever again.
  19. End of a mesocycle, and thank god tbh. SSB Squat Day I did 115kg x 3, and IIRC 95kg x 5 and then 3 x 8 at 85kg. I was pretty determined not to kill myself that day and tbh I still didn't feel fully recovered from the trap bar. Friday was more of a fluff day, but I got 3 x 10 on JM Press at 42.5kg and I followed that with some nice overhead rope extensions so my triceps continue to get fatter and juicier. Sunday was Trap Bar again, and I built up to 185kg on the 2.5 inch deficit high handle variation, which is my second-highest pull and truthfully I could have got a little more but the value in going up more than 10kg from the week before is questionable. However, doing Trap Bar shrugs with 135kg for 5 x 12 was possibly a mistake - I was coughing and sneezing afterwards, which I take as a sign the nervous system was pretty taxed. Throw in some speed box squats at 26cm, some Bulgarian Bag Bulgarian Front Split Squats and some prone hamstring curls....well let's say today has been tough. (btw I will say that my Trap-Bar Deadlift technique is very conventional deadlifty, I am not leg pressing the weight. Not saying anyone else is or isn't. Just saying like!) My bench today was fine, but I decided I was in no condition for heroics so I just did 80kg for a top set of 10, then the same at 75kg and 70kg before using less favoured grip widths for 3 more sets of 10 at 60kg. Tbh my grip and forearms weren't up for much more than sets of 10, though my lats could take some pulldowns, so I did 6 (!) sets of 12, I did some band tricep pushdowns in between sets..... and that was more than enough for today. Looking fwd to a nice deload until Sunday when I'll do a workout with the gf. I'm on the fence about continuing with the heavy* trap-bar work but we'll see. * Obv not heavy for some, but tbf someone did come over and attaboy me for the 185kg lift so it looks impressive enough to gym normies lol.
  20. That was her best look, and the weird visual presentation has always been part of the problem. Not all of it, but definitely part of it.
  21. Slight pivot, but while elsewhere on this board ppl are complaining about how AEW book/feature women.....there really ought to be a Dark Side of the Ring about the failure of Rousey in WWE, and let's face it, she had a good look in NXT but Baszler is the Queen of Spades of a busted flush; she's not rehabilitatable at this stage IMHO....Shafir might yet turn out to be the best of them.
  22. I'm wary of getting too much into this, but how the AEW men's roster is beyond f'n huge and the women's roster is a tiny subset of that in terms of numbers, and frankly in terms of quality. I mean, yeah I take people's point about Purazzo but the fact that Mia Yim is being touted as some big missed opportunity tells me a lot. I mean, the best wrestlers on the women's roster are generally considered to be Storm & Hayter right? How many of the men's roster are realistically better? I mean are people really claiming that they are better than Mox, Claudio, OC, Pac, Omega, Allin or Jay White? And I mean think some of the people I didn't put on that list. This is what Khan has decided to put together, what he decided he needs. And even if he had the pick of every woman in the world, he just wouldn't be able to put together a comparable roster to that of the men's. But even looking past that, Hayter getting over a bit doesn't make her the new Paige, or Sasha, or Charlotte, or Asuka, or Becky, or Bayley, or Rhea, or even Belair. No offence to her, I think she's great and then some - but I think people have to be real about what a TV star really is.
  23. I look forward to 'Jungle' going through all the top ECW guys already in AEW: Paul Wight Mark Henry Matt Sydal Matt Hardy Jake Hager Shawn Spears CM Punk
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