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  1. I've still been doing my thing. It's been a bit different, because my girlfriend has decided she needs a break from the gym and whilst we are still talking about that (given then she has pretty much admitted she isn't going to do exercise any other way) - but also I've also had a lot of stress in my life, which has often reduced my sleep quality and the knock-on effect is that my ability to recover from training is somewhat compromised. I've also still got an aggrevated/strained/inflamed/idk left lower left trap. I probably need to visit a physio or something. Whilst this is the case basically I can't do standing curls, RDLs, or Barbell Rows unless they're off the floor. Shrugs seem to be out too, and tbh even cable tricep pushdowns can be a problem (overhead is ok, and so are the bands). None of this is a disaster (though RDLs are quite useful), but even with laterals I need to be careful. I think there is also some imbalance between my left front delt and my right front delt. I promised bench rep work this cycle. I've been doing a Boring But Strong template from 531 Forever for Bench only, albeit with a very conservative training max. What this basically means is doing your 531 work (or 5sPRO, a variation, in my case) and then doing 10 sets of 5 at 70% of your training max. Because bar speed remains a heavy focus, this can be more taxing then it might sound - also because you're not taking that long between sets because you don't want to be there all day. Tbh the first week was super hard, last week was much easier, but this week coming (Saturday) might be tricky as the 5sPRO work will peak. Second week I also tweaked slightly, by throwing in some bodyweight reverse-hypers as a superset - extending the rest time a little bit without wasting time. I decided last week to do a heavy single on a squat variation - because I wanted to get through it fairly quickly, I actually put my wraps on for the second time every and did a SSB box squat with 1s pause - at 130kg my upper erectors were definitely the weak point but tbh that's not a bad lift on a fairly tough variation, especially given I really didn't pause between attempts except to unwrap-add weight to bar-rewrap. I definitely need to work on my good mornings that have definitely regressed, but it's not my absolute priority right now if I'm honest. Today was just a quick 'lightish' day mostly for upper body. I was going to do speed work, but my bench wasn't available so I decided to do neutral chins and some light but slow and deep assisted dips. Then the bench became available so I actually did do some speed work, just to grease the groove on the bench. Then I supersetted lateral raises and hanging leg raises, before doing some band work for triceps and biceps as well as leg extensions (bench accessory!) and a quick hang to take it home. I was supposed to do some cardio, but stress of the day + coffee meant by heart was racing and I felt like it would do more harm than good haiya. Friday will probably be speed pulls, and then Saturday will as I say be 3of3 for the BBS cycle. If things go well, life may actually get in the way of my training a bit in the rest of the month so any PR attempts might have to wait - we'll have to see where life takes me.
  2. Tbh I'd be happy for him to wrestle jobbers on Dynamite as well, but ultimately they have to decide if they are going to take Rampage seriously or not.
  3. The Acclaimed should be treated like Super-Cena and run through those super-indy marks for the business like a knife through butter, or like the Smoking Gunns going over the Heavenly Bodies to think of what Gorilla said on commentary once.
  4. Regal made a point of not saying on the Gentleman Villain podcast. I don't think he's going to be keen on breaking a handshake agreement not to be on TV. If Regal was staying for a few more weeks, I really think they should have held off on the turn. Regal influencing MJF, even if it was in a more WCW restoldy type way...I think could have given his work an extra dimension. I maintain that this whole MJF title run is the biggest mistake since....the CM Punk Title Run lol....but if they're going to do it, they should actually have him work jobbers on Rampage. The truth is that the ROH Pure Title matches barely even involve the Pure Rules, and it's a junior title in disguise. In the end, AEW actually just needs to have that junior belt.
  5. Tbh I think the guaranteed way to ensure Coach books a sustained Jeff Jarrett run is to complain about him on DVDVR a lot.
  6. Due to the Dark Order's relationship with Page (still ultimately the top babyface in the company, given Mox is basically a tweener), I think the fact that it was on the B show makes it important to highlight on the A show. I mean, I get that Rampage is basically Main Event with its own de facto roster...but that's not a good thing.
  7. It would be a compliment, if MJF wasn't the World Champion with a long title-run threatened.
  8. The MJF promo was a big miss, but I am sort of willing to out this down to yet another change of plans - I will say this though, that suit and that belt....these are Miz moves. I was ready for junking the guy 6 months ago because I thought he was played out....we'll see but I hope the good Khan is willing to course correct here. People are like....'there are loads of good babyfaces for MJF to run through'...lol wut?.....I'm pretty sure HHH did that in 2002-3 and yeah that's basically the worst thing they could do. I also don't think the Elite is a good use of Omega. I understand why he might prefer to wrestle in six-man-tags right now, but ultimately he's the generational talent and I think having him essentially as a Third Buck is not a good idea. I'll be glad when Death Triangle split up too because they're also less than the sum of their parts. We'll see what happens. I still say that they should never have taken the belt off Page. Not sure you can get back to where things were though. That said, I don't think they even showed the Preston Vance heel turn - I believe it got mentioned in passing, but that was a great bit of business, and it should have been followed up properly on Dynamite.....I mean I liked the bit they did where Taz explained how Hook beat Moriarty, but it's kind of weird that this becomes the one thing you mention from Rampage.
  9. Yes, if you like, but you were the one making the claim here today and that's not what Punk explicitly claimed in his Instagram. You made a claim you are in no position to substantiate.
  10. That is in no way demonstrated by a picture of an old dog with missing teeth several months after 'Brawl Out'.
  11. We're one step closer to a Real Americans reunion, which works for me. Claudio will like the hat!
  12. https://twitter.com/douglaschu_/status/1592950633858224128
  13. I looked a bit further into it....and tbh it's pretty weak sauce. The boogaloo comment was ignorant, clearly - but people have ran away with for their own not particularly purposes (she also posted in support of #blacklivesmatter). And look, I get that the whole 'viking' subculture is some wacky foolishness that probably can't be completely divorced from Richard Wagner and all kinds of problematic nonsense. And yeah, they probably have some 'funky' acqauintances - I read that Erik/Raymond used to hang out with skinheads in Ohio and yeah 8-Ball says pretty f'n likely. No doubt the demographic she was (is?) courting with her social media contains some terrible people. She likes guns a bit much, she probably voted for Trump, she didn't like wearing her mask cuz muhfreedom - but that's a lot of people, and at least two of these issues are mostly dead talking points now. We're up our tits in circumstantial, but the Boogaloo reference is no head-shot. My best guess, there have been people who have talked to her - Ruby Soho was living on her farm at least fairly recently, probably why she knows a bunch of AEW people. And that's the way you try to handle this shit, or the way that will actually work anyway. I'm not against a bit of cancellation when someone actually does some dirt (Hulk Hogan framistan lol), but this ain't that, she doesn't owe David Bixenspan or anyone else a public confession of sins, and some people are just going to have to learn to live with the fact that some people are going to have different values than you - you have to either 'allow it' as we say in Londontown or else do the work of actually listening and persuading to those you can actually reach. Mostly she seems to be into having her family and having her farm, let her fucking grill her antelope or whatever.
  14. The Numberwang guy definitely has a legit beef.
  15. fwiw there's a good chance that Sarah Logan is at least friendly with Sonny Kiss: (breastfeeding pic, no idea if it will preview so spoilering) Maybe you know something I don't, but personally I'd suggest it's probably counter-productive to assume someone is 'gender critical' or anti-trans or whatever.
  16. At the risk of a settle down admonishment, Morgan's presentation is a little more...sexual..than Max's. The barefoot look is clearly....a choice... a chocie that will get her some attention from a certain type of person.
  17. Tbh I actually did some trap bar deadlifts a couple of weeks ago while not 100% and that was a mistake, and it came from pushing my gf. It was exacerbated by using crappy loose weights which meant the trap bar kept rolling around. Realisitically if you're unwell it will likely reduce the amount of stimulus you are able to recover from. Broadly I would say, if you're feeling less than 95% (i.e. beyond just a little lethargic) 1) No deadlifts unless 100%, except maybe speed pulls. 2) Minimise lower-back work generally, so probably no heavy squats or even heavy standing presses. 3) Tbh probably nothing under 6-8 reps (unless speed work). Do a top single if you must, but no heavy triples. 4) Utilise calisthenics movements with low-loading wherever possible i.e. inverted rows, step-ups, push-ups (I'd maybe avoid dips tbh). 5) Cable/machine movements probably also should be emphasised, especially for accessories 6) Keep the workout to about a hour. 7) Hydrate best you can, electrolytes are your friend. A little caffeine is probably good, but don't do too much. 8.) Log what you do by all means, but don't compare it to anything.
  18. There's some truth in that which is why I really don't like skipping workouts. I'll dial the workout intensity down if necessary, but it will take a lot to make me not go. Whilst some of his ideas are suspect, particularly politically, I quite like Scott 'Dilbert' Adams' strategy here - he'll at least put his gym kit on and go to his gym area. If at that point, he decides it's not happening then he'll walk. I think I've heard others say similar things - at least go and do your warmup - if at the end of your warmup, you really don't feel like you should be training then you go home. In all honesty, I can't remember the last time I skipped the gym that wasn't covid-related or planned.
  19. Not long after that, I became unwell and although I never actually missed a session, I had a week of crappy workouts. Cough is only just passing tbh. I hit another 110kg training max on the bench today, though I did actually drink a small can of energy drink - but I did less warm-up sets. I'm thinking I might try and hit 112.5 next week, and then go to 115 if it feels ok. We'll see though. My gf decided she wanted to try to be able to do pushups - no knees on the ground. Tbh this is an ambitious goal for her, but I'm happy to try to facilitate that so we're actually doing a lot of Smith Machine incline push-ups atm - I'm having to go super-slow on them to milk them, but the stretch is interesting and I think I'm getting something from it. In exchange, we have to do inverted rows - which she hates lol! - I'm having to hold her feet to make her feel secure. We, somewhat bizarrely, have a 2nd Smith Machine in the bar with a cambered bar which is good as we can do one session on one then the second on the other. That being said, I think I will drop it to a later exercise for the next mesocycle - and I think I will do rep work on the bench during that cycle (still been speed work and training maxes only). The powerlifting gym I visited a couple of times closed, which is annoying as I don't really have access to a deadlift platform right now - I mean I think there's another place I can go, but it's a private gym and I'd have to arrange it with people. I'll probably work up to a new squat max at some point, but I think that will probably be in the new year. I'm going to set a target of 122.5kg for a not too grindy bench single before Xmas - let's see if I make it.
  20. I think Theory would be better off on NXT, where he could probably have a good run on top given they will presumably move Breakker after Mania.
  21. I get that Nick Aldis is somewhat good at playing a certain kind of role...e.g. doing what he was doing in NWA with the belt. And that he does certain little things well. And that he can talk. But he still feels quite limited as a worker in 2022. I could see him working as a player-coach in NXT, but I can't really see him on the main roster - maybe he could be a manager/mentor for Pretty Deadly or something.
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