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  1. Close facsimile will probably play. I don't think even WWE are pig-headed enough to try anything foolish on this one.
  2. I don't think so - he, of course, has appeared in AEW but he was worried about Natalya being punished apparently if he did too much. Can't see him not appearing again when the tournament happens though. Ultimately The Owen Hart Foundation is going to level up in a big way and that's just great.
  3. It might have been choice of gear, but Toni Storm looked like she had slimmed down quite a bit. Might have been a bulk and cut, and I am wary of saying the wrong thing here but I suspect there may be those who think her thiccness was part of her personal brand. As is, I am not sure presenting her as some kind of '80s rock chick' like she's the female Dolph Ziggler is the way to go. Do I really give a shit her Mother forced her to listen to mostly terrible music? I mean Tone would at least license her some Def Leopard or Megadeath or something...
  4. So completed my 531 cycle on the SSB Box Squat with 110kg x 8 for my 1+ set, then a joker set of 115kg x 5. That will be the last rep work I do on the box squat, other than speed squats, for some time. We can PR on this lift, likely 10-15kg, and will do so soon. Definitely aware that my upper erectors and lower traps are weak. Need to thicken up. I may rotate in some Zerchers as an accessory squat, SSB GMs will help, and maybe some Y raises could be thrown in, but realistically I will have to work the Pendlays in more and get the weight up. Accessory Lifts were: Wide stance GMs: 70, 75, 80kg x 10 - there's some knee bend here, so these are definitely a squat accessory Pendlay Rows: 60kg x 12, 15, 15 supersetted with Seated Hamstring Curl: 42.5kg x 15, 15, 16 EZ Bar Bicep Curl: 30, 32.5, 35kg x 16 supersetted with Seated Calf: 30kg x 16, 16, 16 I dropped the weight on the Pendlay Rows. I was doing 70kg before because I was deadlifting before and had the bumpers on, but the truth is I need to go back to 60kg and accumulate volume on these, and progressively overload. Ultimately though, I need to be getting these to 80kg for sets of 10 - my row shouldn't be so far off my bench and right now it's miles off the pace. So it turns out that the problem 2 days ago with the EZ Bar Bicep Curl was probably that my anterior delts were smoked - they are key movers on a full ROM curl. Without that issue I could get 5 more kg for 4 more reps and I probably could have got more reps tbh. I plan to try 40kg for 10-12 on Monday, and will climb again if too easy. I am still getting good burn from these though, clearly there are gains on the table here. Gym News (!): Judging by stuff left hanging around, it seems like the gym owner is putting in a power rack and a deadlift platform!! That's going to be big. I'm salivating at the prospect of doing some dead pin bench and actually being able to play my edge on squat maxes. I think there will also be a flat plate-loaded machine bench press. This kind of thing tends to be hit or miss for the individual, but will be cool to try mos def. Update on workout: That was rough on my recovery - I woke up feeling like absolute shit. I now understand why advanced lifters put a RPE cap of 7 on their squat rep work lol. I was looking at my symmetrical strength scores and it seems like maybe my Pendlay Row isn't *so* bad, but I'll still be working in quite a lot of volume - even if at the expense of bench work.
  5. We'll see what the spot really is, but WWE has been reasonably high on Carmella for a while and Morgan is an on-off project ever since NXT (when she wasn't really any good but still got featured). It's not that surprising that they get rotated in here.
  6. I used to do Arnold Presses all the time. Not done them in years. Definitely some people think they're bad, at least the way most people do them (which was pretty much how I did them). Funnily enough, I couldn't get on *my* bench today so decided to pivot and put a focus on shoulders and deload ever so slightly: Seated (with back rest)Overhead Press - ramp up to training max (first time ever on this variation), 80kg final single. Will get more next time. Incline Bench Press - 5 day of a 531 + joker set + FSL: 60kgx5, 70kgx5, 80kgx8, 85kgx8, 60kgx13 EZ Bar Curl - 3 x 10-12 30kg (this was humbling, first time I'd gone in this rep range for biceps in a while and it showed. Need to push this up) Cable Crossover High to Low - 3x20 70kg, 75kg, 75kg 3x20 each superset Facepulls 40kg, V-Bar pushdowns 40kg, 45kg 50kg 2x20-25 Overload partial lateral raises 10kg, Cable Bicep Curl 25kg This felt like an useful day, shoulders and biceps definitely feeling it but I haven't got that overwhelmed feeling I sometimes get with heavy bench and rowing. I deliberately gave the back some rest ahead of a planned heavy squat day on Saturday, so basically the heavyish curl got to replace a row.
  7. The Kerwin name was a rib on one of their backstage guys at least. I always thought Bam Neely was particularly dreadful.
  8. Yeah, but that's breeze - you can absolutely buy dress shoes up to Size 18 on Amazon.
  9. And I was, been struggling to recover from it lol. Having to swap Pendlays out and put machine rows in, and DB RDLs for RDLs and the GMs. I guess more traction work is required.
  10. He's Preston Vance, but I'm not sure what that's got to do with anything.
  11. So if the previous NXT was 1.x.....what on earth were the contest years....and Redemption for that matter. NXT Vista might be a more appropriate name.
  12. I don't really know about 'football', but tbh I'm not completely sure having Big E winning the title is enough to turn a cold product hot. I'm happy for the guy, he seems like an awesome dude and I'm all about slapping meat - but when I watched the cash-in....it didn't really feel like a moment to me. If it was a moment for you, that's great - I have no problem with that whatsoever. And I look forward to Ettore showing us what he can do in a ppv main-event scenario.
  13. Anyone who has seen Suzuki's promos will know that his intentions might be better off left unsaid.
  14. Post-hipster culture basically. AEW is a product of that.
  15. Pretty sure IP Farm WWE won't be trying that.......
  16. And here's me thinking of myself as playing my edge doing RDLs and Good Mornings in the same workout lol.
  17. Of course, if they stretch it out another month we might finally get Mr Pumpkin Head Demon Balor.
  18. It's true that they are not head to head, but people are only going to watch so much wrestling. Or some people anyway.
  19. Given things people said about anti-WWE sentiment recently, I am wary of saying this but the problem with The Demon is that: 1) It's a crutch, as Balor has long admitted. There's no particular reason to bring it out here other than Balor needs an edge and to continue a program. If anything, it's a retrograde step away from NXT Prince Balor. 2) The Demon has never really done anything that Finn Balor doesn't do. Maybe he'll change that, but I doubt it. I personally hope they do put the title on The Demon (presumably Brock Lesnar would get involved), because Finn Balor is 40 and it's now or never basically. Again, I doubt it but I'll be happy if it happens the above notwithstanding.
  20. They'd probably have jobbed her to Liv Morgan.
  21. I'm not really a Lucha guy, but I never really saw the fuss over Andrade. I remember my ex-gf called him Baby Rusev, and to me he often comes across as a less interesting version of ADR. He's clearly good, but the Almas/Vega pairing was one of those pair is bigger than the sum of its parts deal. If Flair is going to be in his corner then fair enough though.
  22. Yeah, that's fair - there probably are some bean counters. But the idea that there aren't plenty of people in WWE pissed off about AEW isn't serious analysis. So a previous client of mine was a telco started by some Sri Lankans (British Sri Lankan in at least one case). Did they want to make a big pile of cash...yes sure, and in the end they did sell. But...or so goes the story at any rate....what motivated them is seeing a big Telenor sign and wanting there to be a Sri Lankan company of similar stature. And when they sold....it was so they could become big philanthropists like Bill Gates etc. Even when it was about the money, it wasn't really about the money. Don't think there still aren't a lot of people in WWE who think in those terms.
  23. But even if there are people in WWE who view things purely in those terms, I think the rot can potentially set in quicker than you think. Noone really thought a few months ago AEW would be beating RAW in the key demo, but here we are. Yes, WWE is still a juggernaut but they know quite well it's Manhattan today, Berlin tomorrow. And yes that is a Leonard Cohen reference.
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