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  1. Yu Iizuka is a HEAT-UP trainee and self-professed #1 Volk Han stan (his Twitter name @VOLK_KID, for Christs sake). Shinya Ishida is a Nagoya guy who spent a year on Sakushima island after injuring his knee and despite that break seems to have been in incredible form since he came back last November. This is the right kind of Small Lean Guys Wreck Each Other's Shit match. Stop sleeping on HEAT-UP Universal, will ya
  2. Potato quality, but it's also Dick Togo, so it's all good. First day of Noah Global Jr League. This is his opponent Hao's, who's aligned with heel unit Kongoh and vowed from the gate to Not Let His Ass Get Kicked, first NOAH singles match. Which is very awkward for him because he used to be Yuki Sato in another, more Actively Advanced life, who was trained by... Dick Togo
  3. Looks like Mort is hanging up the boots on PuroresuDream/RealHero.
  4. It's a Masashi Takeda match what do I even have to tell you my man
  5. This is objectively the right way to sell this. No further comment..
  6. One-day tag tournament from Kyushu Pro! And a Hitamaru/Kanemoto rematch!
  7. KEITA! In the HOUSE! KEITA! In the HOUSE! The ZERO-ONE judoka is here to give him a concussion.
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