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  1. Theme music??? That’s a Hulk Hogan tier lie. Now here as I think about it, maybe it’s not though because for some reason the person who I remember inventing theme music in wrestling seems like to easy of a guess but I’m pretty sure he’s who I read did it more than once.
  2. I don’t remember that but I don’t doubt it. For a while there his column was some kind of trip. It’s actually amazing that he’s managed to live it down. I’m proud of him for doing so though. He doesn’t deserve to be judged for what flew out of his mouth after...you know.
  3. I don’t think Hogan was wheezing while walking yet in 1993 like he was in 1997 when he claimed another wrestler wasn’t in good enough shape to go over him, but he was no youngun either. I’m taking Bret in whatever kind of real fight it is from boxing to wrestling in 1993. I’m taking a few people who weren’t what we call shooters. Hogan was pussyass bitch. Who has to be a shooter to deal with him?
  4. Flair says he stole the turnbuckle flip things he does from Ray, but that he didn’t even do it as good because of his back. And a few other people have talked about him doing some flip. I did find a match today that was pretty good I thought. Him vs a young Curt Hennig.
  5. Does anybody have a link off the top of their head to Ray Stevens doing his turnbuckle flip thing? I’ve never seen it or a match of his and his name has came up twice in my reading today, and both times it reminded of what Flair said about him many times.
  6. I found this and it was a cool sign of the times. I was thinking about football a little more today than I had for a while after the local news had a special about my Seminoles here. So I laughed at Luger’s football comparison lol he was so right, on the football part anyway. https://youtu.be/u1TPd-rP0DY
  7. I’ll tell you what I loved the heck out of as a youngun - Pillman and Z-Man. They were such a breath of fresh air to see on weekly TV doing all those cool moves against jobbers. Yes we already had heartthrob tag teams but they were all established so they weren’t on TV much, and when they were it was just to get cheated out of winning the main event. They were over to, big time. Another 1 of those cool things to say to sound smart is that they were not. I do know of the problems they eventually had but not being over wasn’t 1 of them. Also just so I don’t sound like a total mark I’ll add that while Zenk shouldn’t be judged for leaving the WWF, Rick Martel shouldn’t be tuned out for the negative things he’s since said about it. Even with good reason, I’d be pretty mad if my partner left me hanging just before we were about to be the top good guy team in the biggest promotion.
  8. I wouldn’t say Z-Man lacked charisma or babyface charm. He was over big time for a long time, and he could dang sure work for a guy his size. He was so good that you didn’t notice how big he was. The WWF machine just wasn’t for him so he hit the road, but alot of good wrestlers did that. Then he rubbed Ole wrong, which alot of good wrestlers did to.
  9. Zenk was 1 of the first old rasslers to discover the internet and read what he saw on it with a tad to much intensity, and get a tad mad about it. Therefore he got an unfair reputation of being a turd. Here we are now in year number 100 it seems like that people find it charming when wrestlers act like him on the internet.
  10. This is the first I’ve heard of this. RIP Dean.
  11. Sting was a heel in the UWF like mentioned, and he was a heel in 1999 in WCW. He was also a really freaking mad, out of touch, desperate for attention babyface in TNA IIRC. But not like cool mad where the crowd cheers. It was similar to Eddie’s heel turn in WCW, or Ric Flair more than once. The end result was siding with the heels or something but Idk. I don’t usually count the shortlived misses in the discussions but Sting had 3 so he counts IMO.
  12. Good ole boy club. They probably have another name for it among diva footballs players.
  13. https://www.wwe.com/videos/scott-steiner-unleashes-the-dogs-on-sting-great-american-bash-1999
  14. I’m pleasantly surprised to see some actual Jets discussion concerning Aaron Rodgers. ESPSN, FB, the meme world, etc have already skipped this season and are ready for 2024 and the Vikings. Rodgers is washed and overrated either way. With that said, I expect more than most people do IMO. I’ll go as far as to say that the Jets will overachieve, and that Rodgers himself will have a peak where he looks unstoppable. At the same time though, you’ll be able to smell the blood coming from somewhere. I can’t even imagine how he’ll top blowing it this time. As for the 49ers, I read something that makes so much sense lol! It said the 49ers don’t care whose better. They just want the guy who can drive the team. I think that’s Purdy. I don’t know why and I don’t know how but that team was ready to die for him. They played hard for everybody through the quarterback problems, but they were on another level with him. I don’t know if the guys have another year’s worth of playing like that in them but that’s another post. Switching quarterbacks again isn’t the answer either way.
  15. Jobber matches where the jobber had a gimmick made the match more legit. That was 1 thing Watts always did that still wasn’t outdated IMO. It hardly made it 5 stars or anything, but there was just something better about wrestling a guy called The Libyan than there was about wrestling a guy called Ed Brock. 1989 was the funnest year of WCW IMO and had Sting not gotten hurt, well, I don’t know if history is altered all that much but WCW never straight bottoms out like it had by 1991. It was still kind of just put-putting along like it was the NWA. Jim Herd didn’t go crazy until about 1991 with his crap. Yes I know the Ding Dongs happened in 1989 but they only lasted 3 months and weren’t on TV again until the end when they got squashed, unmasked, and even sorta mocked late 90s insider style IIRC. Had Jim Herd not been the biggest jerk that ever lived, and just been a typical booker who didn’t know what was going on, I’d go as far as to say that might have saved his reputation lol! Of course he probably didn’t come up with the idea for that send off either.
  16. WCW tape edits have been obsessed over for forever lol we’ll never have the answers. They edited the best matches more than once. I agree Pillman as a face in 1994 was a step back, complete with the time limit draw with Regal on a ppv. Jeeze like Brain Pillman had never been in a time limit draw for the TV title before. So let’s put it on ppv. Real good idea. The Loose Cannon was killer. I do also agree that ShotgunSN didn’t quite work out but IIRC he didn’t want to be an announcer and there were a few other issues with that whole show IMO. It was the start of the era and the kinks hadn’t quite been worked out. There were also some good things about the show.
  17. Shit WCW would have found a way to screw it up. They did every single thing within the confines of rasslin, you know? Austin and Pillman were good heels, but there had been good heels before. They were just 2 more of them at the time. Only once Pillman started to poke his toe outside of those confines in 1996 did his full potential as a bad guy show to everybody. Then of course Austin didn’t have those confines after a point in the WWF and I don’t have to explain the rest.
  18. I’ve watched Slamboree 93 more recently than Superbrawl and I don’t know the consensus on it but I thought it was a good show that was a sign of the times. People liked when old rasslers showed up as long as it wasn’t the same old crap. The legends reunions took care of that problem somewhat. Solid work all around that I remember. I remember the cage match being fun. The Hombres ministoryline was over huge with the crowd. The announcers overselling the backstory as damage control to what was secretly going on made it reach what should have always been a normal level of continuity and organized work that WCW didn’t usually have lol! Barry vs Arn might actually be Barry’s best match since his prime. I only hated Arn acting a little to babyfaceish. Not that Arn couldn’t be a good guy, but he was Doug Gilbert level corny jumping up and down and clapping and stuff.
  19. Most people consider Superbrawl a Bill Watts show. I thought most people considered that a solid show all around except for Barry vs Muta going to long, while they were both at their laziest, that late in the card. I sure remember it being great but it’s been forever since I watched it. WCW could have surpassed Vince at any point in time had they harnessed what they had best at any time IMO. That’s what sucked so fuckin bad about it, which is a discussion we’ve had before.
  20. ROFL Cactus vs Hammer was awesome to me as a youngun. Good to see it remembered positively here. Hammer coming out and beating Terrence after so much of Terrence cheating to win on Sunday TV for so long was awesome to. I was given that Clash on tape by my Uncle.
  21. I don’t think Bill Watts was as out of touch as he was stubborn, and maybe even a little jealous. I still love the guy and don’t mean that as an insult. He was human, an old male human. That’s how we get. His nonstop trashing of Scott Steiner reminds me of Nash trashing Ricky Morton. It was so random and he just never stfu about it. Was he secretly in love with Missy or something? Did he want to be 3rd in line behind Eddie and Jack or lol!?! But seriously...I could see it. The 2 meet, Scott looks at him wrong, and that’s enough to just enrage a cantankerous old man who was already jealous of some idea that he already had in his head that all the younguns in the room had already planned not to listen to him. Idk about that WCWSN up there but I remember the TV being great in 1992. Sting vs Cactus Jack, and I clearly remember and Steiner vs MVC match where the Steiners actually won clean. And all the thrown together tag matches. That was 1 thing that still worked IMO. The bigger shows weren’t all that great. Obviously GAB 92, and there was a Clash that had something like a boxing match, a handicap match, then a :30 match. Tf... Bill Watts with a clear head is still possibly the best wrestling mind ever. I said possibly. SMW, even though it’s even shorter on 5 star matches, is similar to 1992 WCW. It was the same flavor even though it wasn’t the exact same thing. I think a reason for that was because Jim Cornette wasn’t quite the fire breathing encephalon that he is now. The basic things he knew about building a foundation produced good results without stubbornness and such mixed in. I could watch SMW anytime to this day. So much fun. And 1 more thought about more recent references in this topic about making money, getting people to like it etc. Wrestling is like your vegetables. Younguns aren’t going to eat slimy, sloppy, boiled broccoli that smells even worse than it tastes. You have to make a casserole that doesn’t stink up the whole house. Then when they get older they’ll eat it plain and like it like we do plain ole rasslin. But even then they’ll still make sure they don’t overcook it. By extension you can’t feed younguns nothing but shit either. They’ll eat it, but they’ll quit eating it eventually 1 way or another.
  22. Good promo by Savage and good production to make it even better. The cutaways, the history, the continuity plus of course the man doing it make it great.
  23. The Dynamite Kid talked about being introduced to straight crack by JYD which was way before WCW. A more interesting documentary would be about JYD’s days before WCW and WWF. They wouldn’t have to try to hard to fabricate some doomy nasty stuff from those times if that just has to be a part of things. I hope they don’t go where it looks like they’re going with Adonis. Wrestlers who act like girls have been getting booed since the beginning of time. None of them were gay gimmicks. If Adonis was then I missed it, which is possible since I didn’t match alot of WWF. What I always got from the gimmick was just more of the same kind of heat that Brother Love, Johnny B Badd, etc got. I’ve met George Clinton more than once. I’m pretty good friends with 1 of his immediate family members.
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