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  1. Lord at the matches I still haven’t seen, by my favorite childhood wrestler even. I knew that already but hadn’t thought hard about until just now when I tried to make a list. I could make a list that would be respected IMO but that still wouldn’t cut it. I’m going to get around to watching something here soon though dang it. Him retiring to rave reviews has motivated me to do it. I have a real big effing problem watching matches without watching the whole show. I have almost all the matches on the 2 DVD sets, and I never missed a TV show back in the day. I even have a pretty good tape collection but those last 2 examples obviously came altogether. The DVD sets were obviously cherrypicked and there’s a difference to me. I’m going to have to get tf over it though I know.
  2. Every time I open FB I see another face from Sting’s past doing a cameo, and I even seen where somebody stole a picture of Luger who didn’t look to bad considering he was picture ambushed. The whole show was like a party for everybody’s favorite old man, who had never had a party like that thrown for him and everybody in the world showed up and, the fact that some of them got paid is no different than money having to be spent to get some of the old man’s old friends to his party safely. Meanwhile the younguns at the party did all the grunt work and they did it proud. Such a good night of just…stuff.
  3. And it mostly involved Sting, who had been on the cusp of nights like this so many times for them to be screwed up. Let me tell everybody something - between Sting winning/resolving something the right way on a major ppv, Brett Favre with the ball at Texas Stadium, Kyle Shanahan with the ball in the second half, and Billy the Goat, I was taking Sting winning last. And to expand on your point further, we watch a sports game and our team can win and unless everything goes perfectly we walk away mad calling is a bad win. Anything bad we can get out of a sports game we find it. In wrestling anything good we can get out of a show we find it. That’s why we want to see guys like Sting bring it to the glory that they deserve.
  4. My first post from that thread: Winning a round against Vince isn’t “beating” Vince. Vince beat Eric. WWF beat WCW, and it was all because of Starrcade. I know I know alot of other dumb stuff happened but they were just nails in the coffin. The coffin was Starrcade. I don’t even buy the “yeah but” concerning Sting being out of shape. Was Hogan in shape? Was ANY WCW champion since a young STING ever in shape? I wish Sting would have challenged Hogan to a lap around the building. It might have killed Hogan. I think I said that in the other 25 years thread. Heck not long after this the criteria for being champion was to be out of shape as Dean Malenko pointed out lol! So seriously, fuck Hogan. He ruined it. He ruined it all. It was the best build up to a match ever. Better than Hogan/Andre, better than Austin/HBK, and better than everything else. Hogan wussed out of doing business because he’s a chickenshit and a liar. And that’s really all there is to it.
  5. Dick Slater beat Sting up for effin with Dark Journey who he was in love with. The details across shoots have been different. Some say Slater clocked him from behind then beat him up, some say he caught him coming out of the dumper and gave him a swirly, some say it was a straight up fight that Slater won. Dark Journey’s status has been told differently also. She was a stripper who Slater had met at a stripclub so some say he was crushing a little too hard, and that they were never together in her mind in real life. It all ended every which way with Slater roughing Sting up though.
  6. It’s been a long time but I remember it being discussed that Vader was Sting’s best opponent, followed by the Steiners, complete with the match he had vs Scott on TNA TV I’m the beginning there being a huge letdown because people were expecting so much from it. Luger was even ranked higher than Flair to some when it was considered that they had 2 very good matches in 1989 before Luger quit caring, followed by his getting worse and worse in the ring all the matches later. Ric Flair did alot for Sting on the other end of the business. He could have had a good match with Sting back in 1988 without making him look as good as he did but he didn’t and did both Xs 1000. Ric had a point about fans expecting certain wrestlers expecting certain moves also, especially when they’re named after the wrestler doi. Stinger Splash. They could have mixed it up a little more though. Granted a real, unspoken reason for Flair’s explanation was that he just plain couldn’t do anymore than he was doing by about 1988. He was still great but he wasn’t as great as he was in the ring in 1983. Sting knew all that Flair did to help him so he wasn’t about to have a match with him any way besides Flair’s way. The fact that only the GAB 90 match comes up anymore is a testament to what we’re talking about because that’s only there for the heat. That match wasn’t that good. At all. And the good Flair matches were topped when Sting was in there with somebody who was all out.
  7. It is Sting, which makes it great to begin with. Sting is my Meng. Ftw.
  8. Reading everything online this morning…I’m going to have to watch this wow. I can’t believe Sting was actually involved in a real payoff match that was built up, that paid off in the minds of everybody. I wish I could have seen it but besides that I’m happy.
  9. I was disappointed to see Doug Gilbert being an asshole about Sting on FB, for never mentioning Eddie. He does have a point but I doubt Sting really knew Eddie that well. Eddie was too busy chasing Missy Hyatt around and Sting wasn’t getting in the middle of that after he’d got in the middle of Dick Slater and Dark Journey.
  10. Wow was it really 5 stars? I don’t know how you can’t put it as number 2 behind Terry Funk forever now if it was really 5 stars. I’ll get around to catching up on it 1 day.
  11. Everything should have “ended” after Starrcade. Starrcade was judgement day and instead Ted Turner just paid everybody’s fines. Sting going back could have been done with the proper build I think but the 1 thing realistic thing I liked was how he was never the same again after being accused no matter what strides he made. It was 1 of the few realistic things about him that wasn’t ruined IMO.
  12. I’m not able to keep up with wrestling anymore but I think everybody knows I was the biggest Sting fan and WCW fan. I think everybody knows that I maintain that Starrcade 97 was the death blow, no matter what else everybody always comes up with. I agree that that was the best build to a match in history. I don’t even count it as a payoff because they weren’t even trying for a payoff and there was none to any extent. I came to this topic to mention that this whole run has been milked like hell, but that that’s ok since it doesn’t amount to half of the screw job that Starrcade was, that he never got over that, that always in part kept him from doing anything else that we all wanted to see. TNA almost doesn’t exist to me. Watching Sting in TNA was like watching Joanie and Chachi on whatever other show they were on. And besides Sting it was just all so dumb. So then I saw where somebody said it was the number 2 run of it’s kind behind only Terry Funk. I guess they wouldn’t be milking it if it weren’t worth it. I did like what they looked like they were building towards in his WWF run. I’d be proud if this went down as number 2 behind Funk and ECW. I loved Sting and I’m happy for him. I doubt he’s happy for 1 reason that I’m happy about it but I just have to say that he should be happy that he’s doing this now, his way most as possible, all while getting paid good money for it while the rest of all the people who were scared to do business with him have no other business to do besides their podcast. Tell me again how it was all Sting’s fault guys. It’s not like you’re doing anything else. Jeeze I can sure still get all juiced up and mad talking about how it went though. Maybe I’ll do a top 10 matches of my own list later. Thank you Sting, for sure. He was great man. I really did love him and still do.
  13. Thigh slaps were great when timed right for finishes, comebacks, etc. They were great when Tajiri started doing them every time too. It was somehow ok for him to do that every time similar to how it was ok for Curt Hennig throw himself through the air and flop. They’ve obviously gotten annoying and overdone.
  14. O for heck’s sake I hope so, or Hogan has upped himself again in my mind. Along with his fantasies of being the first person to do this and to do that, and slam this guy, and be the bassist in Metallica he also fantasizes about……….giving Pat a woody?
  15. I’ve really only read 1 autobiography that I didn’t like. Wrestler’s autobiographies are GOAT trip to the other side, better than any documentary or shoot or whatever. When you’re reading it, you can separate the facts from the bullhockey easy no matter what in my experience.
  16. This could have replaced the Star Trek meme. https://imgur.com/gallery/QUSB3
  17. Are we allowed to link to FB? If not I put a space in. https://www.faceboo k.com/share/v/dAnhUkvyHx53fs1w/?mibextid=WC7FNe
  18. Somebody found him on FB and did a shoot that got 0 attention IIRC. It’s on my list of things to watch.
  19. Soul Train Jones was solid in the ring back then. Then I wasn’t the biggest WWF fan but Piper cheering on Virgil in that match at that moment is right up there with Hogan slamming Andre in the minds of those fans, even though it went flat down the line. Wiki says he had a degree in math? And taught highschool? He looked as much like a teacher as Ole did a wrestler, Ole of course being on the GOAT list of wrestlers who look like math teachers along with Arn, Larry Z, and more otherwise bad ass mfers. Also was the Sting injury match Ole’s last match? That would be even more ironic than the teacher thing for a reason that’s…..ironic
  20. I just heard about Ole. RIP. He was the 1 mentally stable guy who did not give a f*^% what anybody thought about him which I like.
  21. I’ve only ever seen the word “casual” in this context on internet message boards. To me it was a compliment because it meant “person who doesn’t know as much about this subject and doesn’t spend as much time here because you’re usually somewhere with girls” lol!
  22. WCW could have got by filling 3 hours doing just this if the wrestlers were behind it. That would have involved selling and doing business so that obviously wasn’t happening. Furthermore it never occurred to anybody in the first place. Whenever it did happen it was for some other reason like to punish Flair or to give Goldberg another one for the streak.
  23. I read that it was a neighbor who heard Frankie, and tried to get in but couldn’t. Frankie was saying “let me out.” Ugh…but I promise that bird’s in heaven and will be there to tell Koko that it’s ok. I had a small animal for a long time and I won’t explain but I promise.
  24. I don’t know how I missed this but I just read about Frankie the Macaw’s gruesome, sad death in 2002. I didn’t know he was always the same bird, or that he was Koko’s normal pet first before he was even in the WWF. That means he was with Koko through it all, every night for all those years.
  25. Michael Hayes was definitely trying to look more dorky than cool at times to get heat, and he did that as well as he did everything else. To do that you have to look like you’re still trying to look cool or tough or whatever the heel says he is. Hayes did that well too. For anybody doubting that that’s a thing, Jim Cornette recently said that BPP did that. He said he’d still mess up talking, but then roll with it as if he’d messed even worse. Then do it again next week.
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