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  1. The ball hit the goalpost not once but twice. That's pretty damn unlucky. At this point, da Bears need to accept that God just hated them today. I blame Jim McMahon, of course.
  2. Ugh. I liked the Night Manager quite a bit but completely forgot she was in it. I did say "off the top of my head." Somehow, I've never seen Hot Fuzz. I guess I should give it a watch. Lol, I've heard the name but literally cannot name one movie, series, or special he's appeared in. For some odd reason, when I try to remember what he's been in, all I can think of are Steve McQueen movies.
  3. It's really not too early in the day to get drunk as a way to shut down conversations. We'll pretend not to judge you for it.
  4. I feel like she's practically unknown in the States. If viewers have heard of her, it's almost certainly because of Broadchurch. Full disclosure: the only things on her filmography that I could name off the top of my head are Broadchurch and Murder on the Orient Express.
  5. I feel like five of those six look kinda unhealthy (undecided about Atlas). But, then again, they're all still alive (unlike a lot of their peers), so, by that benchmark, they look great!
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