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  1. He was released. So it’s one of those 90 day no compete clause situations. According to what the WWE reported to the sheets at the time, they claimed he “Refused rehab”, and that’s what they used to justify the release.
  2. I’m reading speculation that they jumped the gun, and fired him before test results came in. So maybe it’s a simple “He swerved them” situation.
  3. Ehhh… It’s not like they really wanted to do anything with him at this point, and if he asked for his release they would’ve if he agreed to not do a Hardy’s reunion for AEW. I think swerving them was his best play to get out of a contract Scott free without having to jump through too many hoops. They’ll call him back anyway eventually. Funny thing is, Jeff will never admit this is what he did. So he’ll constantly play coy with it.
  4. Hard to do now that they are a publicly traded company.
  5. Ehhhh… It’s violent, but not in the recent MK way, where everything is disgustingly violent. It’s more like T2 levels of violent, where you can take your kid to see it. It’s also pretty tame in the language department too.
  6. It’s going to be a while before somebody can try this again. The WWE won’t take the bait the next time. You’d have to fake a racist tweet for the WWE to jump the gun again, and then follow it up with a fake misunderstanding involving a minority wrestler who agrees it was a misunderstanding, and has evidence it was. Like it was a zoomed in picture, but they reveal after a week the whole picture zoomed out.
  7. So I’m just going to say it… He straight up faked it at the house show to force his firing. The WWE realized it, and are trying to convince him to change his mind now. I’m stunned that it worked so well. Didn’t this happen already with another wrestler in another company in some form in the past?
  8. Legit, the Dysfunctional Horsemen were incredibly entertaining. Especially the Jarrett & Mongo stuff. I’m sure I’ll hit a wall with McMichael eventually, but even with questionable in ring ability, the man still projects so much personality, and natural goofy charisma that makes him more entertaining than your average WCW wrestler from that time period. I would gladly state that this incarnation of the Horsemen can rank third all-time amongst all versions of this group.
  9. Danhausen has Hollywood connections right? You think he might know cast members of the Big Bang Theory?
  10. King Conan is impossible at this point. If he didn’t waste his life in politics, the odds of it happening would’ve gone up. I honestly feel like if we get it, it has to be a Tarantino project at this point. It could be seen as a QT comeback special for Arnold. Otherwise it’ll be forgotten quickly like every other post-Governor movie that Arnold has made.
  11. I just noticed Breakdown(1997) is on HBOMAX. I’ve noticed this movie itself has become the new “Hey guys, you know what guilty pleasure isn’t talked about enough?”(it gets a lot of mentions on podcast randomly), but this is one of the better ones. Mixing Rear Window, and the yuppie thrillers of the 1990’s with a great leading performance by Kurt Russell. It also has the 90’s trend of a modern film shot in the dessert, and it looks fantastic. Recommended for a date night.
  12. As soon as I saw they were doing the rematch at Battle of The Belts I knew they just hotshot the belt to Cody just so they could get a title switch on that show. This ladder match was a make due for that. Enjoyed the ladder match, but it was a “fit a PPV quality performance into a smaller timeframe” type of ladder match. Which is fine by me. Fans coming into these shows are expecting quick explosive matches, and angles when attending.
  13. Probably bought the TV rights to the TV version a long time ago, and are stuck with it? “Where’d you get that beauty scar, tough guy, eating pineapple?”
  14. Watching Once Upon a Time In Hollywood on FX. They left in all the f-bombs. I guess standards, and practice are non existent anymore.
  15. How is this the first time I’ve heard about this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wkZa6E9rfI8
  16. Kinda unneeded at this point. It’s not like the docu-series was some obscure Oscar nominated documentary, and so a studio capitalized on an interesting little known story.
  17. What did he mean by that? I know he was really a California boy, but it’s not like Eastwood used a stunt guy for horses. Him, and all those western mainstays literally learned the ropes. Eastwood even owned a ranch I believe. Edit: https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/cry-macho-star-clint-eastwood-admits-being-nervous-about-riding-horses-new-movie.html/ I see… Guess Jake read this article.
  18. What do people say about the writers? “They know how to write to Vince’s taste”. This is most likely where the Gunther character is leading to knowing Vince’s stereotypes are very dated. To be honest if I was running a “character based” wrestling company I probably wouldn’t know how to add a German based character into a western promotion without it being either A)Military obsessed, or B)Octoberfest goofball. I’d literally have to send my writing staff over to Germany to understand the current culture much better. The WWE isn’t that nuanced, even though they are all about creating characters.
  19. Yeah, that’s not a bad choice really. Could’ve really played up the two warriors thing between the two. Another thing that doesn’t get brought up enough, is that after he won the belt they wanted Warrior to tone down the gimmick for public appearance purposes. Which killed the mystique.
  20. Britt making sexy pouty faces during that “zoom-in shocked kick out face” section saved that bit.
  21. I think Hogan Vs. Warrior was the key mistake in Warrior’s failure to launch. Not only did it force fans to pick a side, but it was also not that big of a draw. Hogan should’ve lost the belt to Savage prior to WM 6, then you start the Warrior run there with Savage winning it at Mania. Later you decide if you want to do “The Ultimate Challenge” at the next Mania.
  22. That’s another thing. He basically threatened to kill Hogan’s fans at the time. You really think a four year old Hulkamaniac is going to be one of the little Warriors after the things he said? Fuck that guy.
  23. What do you call it when a beloved hero is replaced, with a character you don’t like? “Step-father Syndrome”? I was four years old, and I had that strong feeling of “Who the fuck do you think you are? You aren’t Hulk Hogan”. It also didn’t help that Warrior acted like an unreasonable monster during that build.
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