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  1. Or like what will happen with Darby Vs. Andrade.
  2. @OctopusBut it has to be from the Anaconda Vice. If all of a sudden in the weeks building to the big MJF Vs. Punk Revolution match, he starts trying to get a sleeper hold over in his matches, it’d be weird what with Anna Jay’s finisher being that. Or he can go back, and watch old Tenzan matches, and start jacking his different Vice maneuvers to establish different positions in the next two months. Actually, maybe Punk isn’t losing at Revolution. If this weeks build means anything, it looks like MJF will loose, and force Wardlow to give him his “Face of The Revolution” Sonic ring. Then probably have a TNT title match with Cody. Loose that because Wardlow doesn’t give him the ring in the moment he needs to it to secure a dirty victory. Then go on to face Wardlow at Double Or Nothing. So Punk’s probably going to face the AEW World Champion at Double Or Nothing. He’s going to get plenty of time to establish all those Tenzan Buffalo holds.
  3. Was Larry Zbyszko always supposed to feud with Hall, or did he basically improv his way into an angle on the 2/17/97 episode of Nitro? Oh Lord, Mongo says the UCC so hard in Buccaneers during this Horsemen segment that I thought he said “Fukkaneers”. Googled, and nothing shows up. That’s an easy Red Bubble cash grab from people who hate Brady if you got a store.
  4. None of those WCW belts were taken care of. Even the world title eventually lost a plate too.
  5. Speaking of WCW, and AEW. CM Punk’s return, and current feud with MJF is so similar to Piper’s return, and feud with Hogan. Right down to MJF/Hogan ducking Punk/Piper. Also the way Punk cuts promos since coming back, and the way the announcers fawn over him. I want MJF to now threaten to beat up Punk in front of Larry, like Hogan did to Piper in front of his son Colt.
  6. Oh my God, The Outsiders were super underrated in 96-97, especially Hall. I remember not liking them holding onto the belts for so long, especially knowing what happens, but the Dusty finish at Souled Out did actually need to happen. The division needed Hall & Nash to hold the belts a bit longer, and they usually had the best, or 2nd best matches on the show.
  7. I’ll say this… Don’t underestimate Luger. He wasn’t the greatest, but I feel he was a lot better than people gave him credit, especially in 97’.
  8. And Jade’s getting a push because she got attention from hanging out at Dark looking like a hot giant Amazon. Then people found her Instagram model account. Her push is based entirely around her looks. But then that’s the story of wrestling.
  9. But how many people know that? To the average person she looks like she’s 25, and juiced to the gills, with skills of the greenest of rookies.
  10. Kinda late responding, but it’s Jade Cargill. In fact she probably has even less experience, and is being given a bigger push. But yeah, not too many.
  11. Maybe the local version. TBS The Superstation has been pumped out of my cable since we regularly got it in the Naughties.
  12. They air Family Guy, and American Dad on there. Otherwise I’m not sure. Back in the day the Turner networks were on WCW’s ass about blood. But nowadays the cable landscape, and what is seen as indecent has changed. Though we do know there is a line as seen with the Nic Gage match.
  13. Which wrestler started using “Brother” in his promos first? Flair is doing it in the Lawler angle in 82’ way before Hogan did it in 85’.
  14. So I think they will go to the judges decision on Wednesday. Danielson will almost lose during the final minutes, but he’ll win by split decision. We get the decisive third match at Revolution.
  15. It’s gotta be Omnicron. It’s the most highly contagious strain. I have faith nothing will happen though. How many reported deaths from Omnicron in the States? 2?
  16. It would have to be the episodes that don’t have a Rampage taping. Because remember they tape Dark: Elevation, Dynamite, and then Rampage.
  17. It’s possible… The way to do it would be to only have one match that goes to picture, and picture. Nitro did it super weird looking back. Most of the longest matches would be with the most unlikeliest of people. A reason why you might not want to do 10 matches a show is the fear of repeating too many matches. Nitro tended to do that a lot.
  18. There were definite weeks where Nitro was straight up bringing Saturday Night talent to get squashed, and AEW has had Dynamite’s like this. Them dropping a squash heavy show about four weeks before a PPV would do them some good. They do have different formulas for different weeks between PPV’s. One episode has the free PPV formula, another is the angle heavy episode, so on, and so forth.
  19. Did anybody else notice Cody worked that match like a heel? Weird opponent to do it with.
  20. BTW, i’ve noticed more and more Japanese style tables being used in places of establishment around my city. I’m wondering if they are more common now, and if so, maybe wrestling companies should look into using them.
  21. One of her complaints is about the lack of time for Dark matches. But I remember those Dark matches(for the whole roster). They’d get to do basically a poorly put together indie match for 8, or more minutes. Short enhancement Dark matches actually helped then pick up the basics of TV wrestling way better.
  22. I’ve always been under the impression that people that disappear from TV is mostly due to them trying to keep acts fresh. You want to know where the lack of Structure concept really shows. Something like the Best Friends joining Chaos, and not going somewhere with that sooner. Or the Pinnacle happening, and MJF being disassociated from them for the majority of the Jericho feud. Otherwise I do enjoy the randomness of the upper to undercard.
  23. Or do the knock off of a knock off of the Nasties Fat Boys bootleg theme.
  24. I get it, TK likes to space things out, but he still should look to put their diverse talent into those roles to have a chance to get those spaced out spots. Dante got it this past month. But he should’ve gotten a follow-up with Team Taz sooner.
  25. She basically says that if they had more creative, shy talent wouldn’t have to try to come up with their own ideas to get noticed. And the only ones that have issues like that, are the ones people in charge want to do something with in the first place. Like probably the shy ones who aren’t the creative types, but do have booking behind them are Jungle Boy, and Dante. Those guys got over on performance more than anything. Though more Dante, than Jungle Boy. JB had the famous dad thing. Dante didn’t have that. He just dazzled for his push.
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