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  1. Regardless of what the right way to go is or should be, good job on the WWE finding a way to replace an injured worker into an interesting storyline. The whole 11 year bit and how he performed in that Gauntlet (and then EC) really got a lot of people excited. I don't feel any of this would have worked if he was a previous champion/ regular main eventer. Midcard lovable goof that through the power of storyline and people knowing how to play their roles is now a legitimate title contender for an upcoming show. 

    As for what they should or shouldn't do, I don't know. I would be cool with him getting that title match at Mania. It's more than likely going to be mid-card to upper mid-card position anyway. But honestly, I didn't predict the Kofi stuff getting over as well as it did. Maybe people start going nuts for R-Truth. Who knows what will capture everyone's imagination or what the best fit against Daniel Bryan is. After all, we're all fickle. 

  2. I really hope they don't Braun Kofi. Or Rusev Kofi. Or Elias Kofi. I hope they can...uh...Becky Kofi?

    4 minutes ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:

    Depends. Are you single? If you are, I'd hit a bar and try to score a drunk chick looking to fuck.

    Happily engaged. The only scoring at bars I do now is when they accidentally give me too many wings. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, Oyaji said:

    Edit: Naomi should've been driving down the right side of the street. I don't get this board's fascination with her.

    It doesn't sound like she was drinking or anything bad. She made a wrong turn and was pulled over. Mistakes happen. If anything, it's good she was there to pick up him so he wouldn't have been driving drunk. Most of the drama (or at least what I'm seeing) was between husband Uso and the police. 

    As for liking Naomi, I think she's cute and appears to be nice. Plus, her wedding on that Diva show got me teary when Rikishi didn't show up and brother Uso made a speech about them being family and loving them. I am teary typing this. Plus, her short run tag angle with Asuka where they were buds made me happy. Plus, I think she's cute and appears to be nice. Plus, her enterance is fun. Plus, I think she's cute and appears nice. 

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  4. Just started watching a bit of AAA recently. 2 shows so far. Had to space the 2/10 show out in halfs because of bussiness. But really fun still! Any recent shows (any lucha company) you guys recommend? 

    Dear lord, that Viking vs Jack Evans vs Taurus was legit. It's cool to see Jack Evans again who I haven't really watched since his early ROH run. 

    Im diggin the Hamburger guy. 

    Dr Wagner Jr has a very deep voice. 

    I love how the color commentator says "WOW!" 

    Good fun. I'll try to keep up to date with more shows when I see them pop up. 


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