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  1. How is that different then the "They suck in Stardom, so they're awful!" strawman? I try to make joshi more accessible to non-fans by comparing matches to one's that happen in WWE/NXT because that's what people are most likely to know. I've seen bad Kay Lee Ray indie matches but I'm not on here trashing her because I feel like I've seen a more complete picture of her career. How many people here saw Santana's run as Shine champ last year? No clue how that can be seen "no longer willing and/or able to have a normal discussion" unless trying to have an informed opinion around here is a bad thing.
  2. Insults are just a one way street then.
  3. Non-Japanese women's wrestling should be banned. How dare these women dream of being pro wrestlers. How dare they try an overcome all of the obstacles that are put in front of them. Worst of all, how dare they try measure up to joshi workers. Don't they realize that they should be treated like Roman Gods that no mere mortal should dare to even think of trying to touch. How insulting! What a terrible example for young non-Japanese girls.
  4. What shows were carried by the midcard? For all the bitching people do about foreign wrestlers, no mention of how Melissa's run in '14 was a dud, how bad Starfire was that year compared to how much she improved in the next,and how come someone as great Heidi Lovelace was booked like a random Oedo Tai goon. Never mind that the drop in quality happened around the same time as Oedo Tai and there heel garbage started getting pushed more.
  5. Stardom has always been a top heavy promotion. It's no coincidence that people have soured on them right when the stopped reliably producing very good/great matches on top.
  6. I meant more in how they market the promotion rather than booking. Rossy used factions in Arsion to but I doubt he would be as willing to use them again if another group hadn't been successful with them in the meantime. I do second the Ice Ribbon show recommendation. Very good, top to bottom show. Both title matches deliver and even the two opening matches are solid stuff.
  7. Because Dragon Gate draws better than they do so might as well copy them. Ice Ribbon is basically doing the same thing as DDT/BJW.
  8. More Arisa Nakajima kicking ass: vs. Yoshiko from the 10/16 SEAdLINNNG show. vs. Kyoko Kimura from the 11/3 JWP show in a streetfight for the JWP title.
  9. Better mother & daughter pic from the OZ show
  10. Does this Io heel turn last longer than the last one?
  11. Plus, Avid Rival vs. Azure Revolution for the tag titles on the same show. On top of that, JWP is running Korakuen Hall the same day, 11/3, with the Kyoko Kimura vs. Arisa Nakajima rematch, (hopefully Nanae Takahashi challenging Arisa after the match.) Then OZ Academy is running Sonoko Kato vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto on 11/13.
  12. Wouldn't be surprised if Meiko worked the women's tournament similar to Liger working the first Brooklyn Takeover or even showing up at the Osaka show to challenge Asuka there.
  13. Well, apparently 2ch is adding Hikaru Shida, Makoto, and Hiroyo Matsumoto to the list of women talking to WWE.
  14. My Triple Tails timeline is fuzzy, but won't this be the first time that Asuka and Io will work for the same company, assuming Io does sign, since her arrest in 2012?
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