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  1. I love when the show ends with my beloved Shield beating down their opponent and posing till the fade-to-black (stuff like that keeps heel fans like me watching, of course), but this is getting ridiculous. Big Show made the final segment good, but I just wish they'd show SOME sort of glimmer for Bryan. He doesn't have to win (and I also think it's better that he's losing the war for now), but having EVERY show (six in a row counting SummerSlam and Smackdowns) end with him getting beaten down in much the same way every time? They're spinning in circles. I just wonder how long they can keep this repetition going before they kill interest and/or bore everyone. The "have patience" stuff only works if every show doesn't have the same ending. I love Big Show, but I sadly suspect him joining the Corporation and I really don't want that. Ryback would be a great addition to Triple H's forces, though. EDIT: Oh, glad they mentioned the iron-clad contract. It was annoying that they were forgetting it before. I don't mind them wanting to soften it for the purposes of their current angle; I just wanted the continuity to be respected... for as much as WWE respects it, I guess. I don't understand why people have problems with the complaints of Bryan being buried. I'm also not going to argue that Bryan is being buried, but I really don't blame people for feeling that way. Cena has come out on top on most shows repeatedly for plenty of years now and the fans are well conditioned to the top face winning. Would Cena be getting beaten down every week like this? What would fans think of that, if so? Also, I don't care for the "Oh, they're trolling the Internet, and you're getting trolled" comments. Writing specifically to the smarks has mostly never equaled money. Bryan is over with all of the fans and they want him to win. If management want to aggravate smarks, they could just squash Zach Ryder again, or something. No offense, Zach.
  2. This is the fourth show (SummerSlam, Raw, Smackdown, and Raw) in a row that has ended with Bryan beaten down in the ring and the second Raw in a row where the whole roster stood on the ramp for no reason other than to cower to Triple H. They're making the whole roster look weak. Is that intentional? Big Show's iron-clad contract apparently means nothing now. I would like liked it if he at least ran down to fight the Shield (though the mark within me made me want him to punch H's smarmy face off). Also, I'm usually not one to complain about the Triple H burying so-and-so and letting his ego run everywhere thing, but... The WWE championship is his property and he's letting Randy Orton hold it for him? Maybe they're intentionally bringing more smarky stuff into the stories? I wish they'd just let Wyatt talk. They don't need the "creepy" music and distortion crap. The man is a gifted speaker and his promo was very good, but they overproduce it. Just let him talk and people will get behind it! Stop trying to tell everyone what to think. AJ's promo was problematic. I wondered what the point of it was besides burying Total Divas. Maybe I just missed the point because the Bellas and Eva Marie WOULDN'T SHUT UP. They constantly screamed over the promo and made it all look like garbage. Curtis Axel's facial expressions make me crazy. His angry face is like he smelled a fart. His posing with his arms out face makes me think he should be dressed as a viking. His smiling face makes me think Bushwacker. I just don't know. I want him to succeed, though. Heyman needs another couple of Paul Heyman Guys for his stable, regardless. I wanted to see Bryan vs. Ambrose and Bryan vs. Reigns. Damn them for not starting the Bryan matches earlier! Complain, complain, and more complaints, and so on.
  3. So, dad and I were discussing who Augustus Earsman was (I declared that I would call the revealed guy by that name from now on regardless of who it was). He said Bob Holly based on baldness and EARS and "He just wrestled a match for TNA". I pointed out that a lot of people were thinking Low Ki, and some people were amazingly somehow thinking it was Davey Richards. Then I said this jokingly: "Maybe we should be thinking about which MMA guy it could be." Then... the reveal... Sigh. Enjoyable show, nonetheless.
  4. Bryan vs. Cessaro was great, as is Bryan's continued push. I think that was the first time a "You can't wrestle" chant was aimed at Ryback, and it wasn't even by the smarky northeast fans. Ryback seemed to take it in stride, though. Where was Big Show? They advertised him. I was waiting for him to come out to fight Bryan near the end, given Maddox making a big deal out of the final opponent. No Wyatt family was unfortunate, but I'm sure they'll be given good time next week considering Kane is back. Not sure how WWE can keep interest going for Punk/Lesnar until SummerSlam at this point. Heyman needs more Guys in his stable that Punk has to fight to get to final boss Lesnar and Heyman himself.
  5. As long as we're talking personal experience... EDIT 3: A long post about me talking about myself and what a skinny fucker I am. Everyone look at me because I need attention. Yeah, I embarrass myself and get angry about it later. Why? EDIT 2: (post that resided here) Not meant as an argument or to be confrontational. Just something of a sensitive issue for me. No worries, gentle readers.
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