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  1. I forgot to mention, having not seen WWE for a while, seeing that uncanny valley Roman AR monstrosity on his entrance was a bit of a surprise. Also, is there a canonical reason for Riddle’s flip flops to magically birth birds?
  2. First time watching WWE since the pandemic outside of the odd GIF and Reigns promo. I was thoroughly entertained through pretty much the whole show. Pat McAfee and Cole are a solid team together, maybe Coles best partner since JBL or Tazz? Charlotte and Rhea won the crowd back from the Becky stuff and the serious business competitive attitude was a nice contrast to the Nikki and Alexa stuff. AJ working his magic keeping everything together with a green Omos and the crowd were way into him. Reigns really is the man right now, every gesture and expression is hitting right (talk about another contrast with Cena with his goofy frivolity later). I couldn’t believe the shape that Edge was in and he pulled his weight. Went long, I know it was probably deliberate considering the composition of the show but still didn’t need over 30 minutes. My favourite match was the men’s MITB, watching Riddle in his goofy glory again was a blast, and the ridonkulous spots and the feel-good moment at the end which I really wasn’t expecting. Low point was Boogs making two appearances when zero would have sufficed.
  3. She must be on the list of current wrestlers with the most cool and varied gear. She always seems to have something different and has already created some iconic looks like the ‘Mexican flag’ with the blood over the skull white and emerald green in the unsanctioned match.
  4. Apparently Darby headlining is the common factor in 3 of the 4 >1m viewed Dynamites in 2021 to date, so the evidence is there. They must be as happy about the quarter-to-quarter trend ticking up the way it did too. I know, ratings chat, damn lies and statistics. But doesn’t confirmation bias feel so darn great
  5. Good couple of points there. What was great about the last few weeks was the judicious use of rotation on/off the bench. From memory, Miro/Darby/Jungle Boy/Sting being held off from action shows just what the depth of talent is, and that there is some solid booking discipline, considering the pent-up buzz TK must feel on finally being a touring show in front of rabid fans again (although one-week build to a Texas Deathmatch is borderline hotshot blow-your-load stuff). On the second point, one downer I have with Ricky is the use of the spear, particularly now with his neck problems, and the choice of the move for him in general.
  6. Remember Manu? I doubt Manu remembers Manu being part of Legacy and…? What an awful time to make it to ‘the big time’. So much bland and forgettable stuff through that period.
  7. I love it, cheers mate. Naito as the cheeky pre-schooler rubber-necking while he’s facing the wall in the naughty corner. I fell out from NJPW pretty much since last G1, I need to get caught back up. Nice to see Naito in a programme which won’t wear him down as quickly as getting dropped on his neck in singles with Ibushi.
  8. Saw posted on reddit - Black’s calling back to Cody’s own words directed towards his brother, around 3:00. Loved the show, loved the shark vomiting rainbows mounted by a cowboy kitten, loved the Starks reaction, Cody’s hair and tie coordination, pretty much everything. Only boo is no live Miro for two weeks in a row now. Also adding, did you hear that fucking crowd when Starks countered into the sit out powerbomb, taking each step slowly out of the corner and the intensity all over his face on the pin? That was some good shit.
  9. All of that show was a joy to watch, felt quite promo heavy and they all hit without exception. Jericho was on his A game, Britt with the 'oh no she didn't' line and Rebels great miming alongside. But I think the most pleasantly surprising one was the Anderson promo for the NJPW title challenge, just letting everyone know there's a wider wrestling world and he's a big deal in it. Two other random observations - Blade is the reddest man in wrestling today, and Wheeler's spill out of the ring on the Hager clothesline was a work of art
  10. To add to the chorus, a close school friend of mine and gifted, talented boy was cut down at 14 by a drunk driver. https://www.newsshopper.co.uk/news/352414.drink-driver-is-jailed-for-killing-schoolboy/ Jimmy’s got no excuse not to go to rehab or get some help. Or just spend some of his fucking money on not endangering others.
  11. I don’t know if Waltman’s corner ‘jumping up penis to the face at head-height then back flipping off the top ropes’ is one of the greatest, but it’s certainly a signature. It’s also one of those ‘diving nothing’ moves where you’re thinking, what the hell is he going for anyway?
  12. ‘Bad Boy’s gonna Bad Boy’ probably. When have they ever laid down the law for anyone not named Jimmy Havoc (even then they had already hand-waved a brawl with Excalibur if I remember right?) In general, from the outside their approach seems to be pretty passive: throw enough good eggs in the mix backstage, avoid the combustible elements and ‘she’ll be right’ as the Aussies say.
  13. To add to Craig’s point, I feel that the prestige of the tournament was elevated in the last couple of years by the transcendent ‘bigger than the Junior division’ stars like Ospreay and Shingo, not the other way round. But JB is not big enough at this point to not be ‘dragged down’ to the level of the BOSJ if that makes sense.
  14. Honourable mention to Eddie Guerrero’s, that’s what drew me to him in WCW.
  15. They kayfabed it with no Elite so missing their World Champ and Tag Champs, which is questionable. Also no Miro so boo. But a pretty good cross-section nonetheless.
  16. WWE continuing the streak of sneaker-sounding kayfabe names after LA Knight.
  17. Moxley’s vibe in the Keller and Jericho interviews was much more of a creatively frustrated artist desperate for any unrestricted platform to practise his art i.e. the push-factor rather than the ‘pull’ factor of sharing AEW’s vision. It felt like he would have been happy landing anywhere to ‘play his music’ (TM Cody). So in terms of luring/poaching headliners you could make the case it’s a list of one - Jericho.
  18. To quote Bart Simpson and CJ Perry, ‘Oh, my ovaries!!!’
  19. Seconded ‘one of those people’. DS3 is the only game I have ever platinumed, I’m not the collectible obsessive type but any excuse to keep playing. Apart from Black Flag and Spelunky over the past year I’ve mainly just cycled through Sekiro,Bloodborne, DS1/2/3 (mostly DS2 for the variety of weapon options and atmosphere) with different builds, no death, lvl 1 challenges. To say I’m fucking hyped about the Jan 22 release date for Elden Ring would be putting it mildly.
  20. Further to RIPPA’s linked PWInsider info, which was an extension of comments made by Tommy End in speaking with Renee, I listened to the whole thing (End being an eloquent and engaging speaker) and I don’t think there’s a more perfect distillation of the multiple simultaneous realities that you have to reside in current WWE: - I am going to put my heart and soul into bettering myself and come from every angle to succeed AND - I am dying a slow death feeling creatively hamstrung and wasting my best years BUT so thankful and grateful for achieving my dream AND - I will maintain my self-esteem and pride despite being put on the shelf as the unwanted toy for multiple months and sat ignored outside Vinces office for 5 hours at a time AND - I will jump on board with whatever whim Vince has, leaving aside my honed instinct and experience of what work, to show I have some value in this crazy world AND - Everyone across the board is working so hard and in it all together with so much attention to detail as a coping mechanism to manage the old man’s whims which utterly undermine the big picture, but we’re such a GREAT TEAM that it’s all worthwhile. I realise none of this is new insight but this conversation just has it all in a neat package, I just wonder if End realises himself how utterly insane it is all is, taking a step back.
  21. Pretty flat show, which is shame considering the high of the PPV. Not flat like a deliberate downswing in spectacle but still effective, it was flat like a lot of awkward, off and questionable in the decision making and the execution (do I lose my simp status???) Highlights were the Bucks match and the taped promos, with Miro, Team Taz and Best Friends all coming over strong. JB was great at the PPV and the YouTube show (I forget which?) but didn’t feel at that level of ‘on’ here. Two takeaways from the women’s match was the further argument for reserving the topes for the top athletes, and the redness of the Blade. He’s the reddest wrestler I’ve seen in quite some time. I’m positive about what they can both bring but was an awkward debut spoken introduction for both Mark Henry and Andrade. The Bullrope match was A to B to C with Dustin trying his best to elevate but Comoroto is not much yet beyond a good look and solid fundamentals. Some big stuff coming up over the next few weeks, hope they pull out of the funk back to the hot run they were having for the past couple of months more often than not.
  22. So torn between the like and sad emote. Bittersweet that Jacks successful enough to have a figure too.
  23. For Murphy, I would add in the Australian PPV match in 2018 (unless that is assumed to be part of the Cedric 205Live collection).
  24. Some Jethro Tull, maybe Living in the Past? No that’s more Cody, judging from the last few weeks.
  25. Thinking further on it and the ‘lot of ideas’ point, although you’re talking about TNA here, I feel that what TK needs more than anything else at this point is a Pat Patterson to finesse and play devil’s advocate.
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