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  1. In maybe the most Stugotz thing ever, his new Personal Record book that he announced last week is #1 on the Best Sellers in Sports Essays by Amazon even though 1. It doesn't have a book cover 2. It may actually not even been finished
  2. If Brock Purdy is only a game manager QB then give me one of those on my team
  3. Well so much for penalties not being a factor. And a very valid penalty too
  4. Now we know why Rice was pissed off. Yep he was open
  5. Of course it was Kelse. And now they are in TD range Right now Eagles fans are like 'THAT WASN'T A PENALTY?"
  6. Fuck this defense is soft as hell. Like they are playing OT
  7. Running the ball would have forced them to use a TO at least. But in terms of time I don't think there would have been a difference
  8. Do you run the clock as much as possible and go for the FG or try for the TD? It looks like the Chiefs has just realized the situation If they get the first down here then they will be able to run down the clock for a FG to end the game
  9. Has there been a penalty in this game? Oh never mind I forgot the offside call from the Chiefs. But I can't remember a hold or interference or 15 yard variety
  10. I am sure that blocked PAT will have no impact on the final of this game
  11. I mean there is a SpongeBob version on Nickelodeon right now Holy shit that was such a ballsy 4th down that Dan Campbell just got an erection.
  12. It looks like a stupid play by McCloud but actually smart thinking that didn't work out. And it is cost the Niners everything. Time for Brock to actually step up
  13. I wonder if this is going to be like the Patriots vs Panthers SB where it was very competitive but low scoring and then the 4th quarter came and both teams went nuts.
  14. Holy shit that was a Lariat not a clothesline there
  15. Seeing Dana White in a Bud Light commercial will never not be ironic Post Malone in a Cowboys jacket. That explains a lot Uh oh Deebo with a pulled hammy
  16. Wow that is one of the worse opening 2nd half drive in a long ass time. Nothing went right on that one Luckily it didn't result in anything
  17. So far the only thing I have seen in this performance is that Alicia Keys should have performed at halftime this year Okay Lil Jon and Ludacris saved that performance
  18. Wow a player blew out his knee or ankle just jogging on the field . Has to be one of the weirder injuries in SB history
  19. Nobody told there was going to be a Carl Weathers tribute in the Gronk commercial
  20. Dan Marino has been in more commercials in this quarter than he has played so far.
  21. Glad to see the Niners are all about that MDK shit worldwide Post Malone was good but seeing him with a bolo tie and a banjo will not be fucking weird. And of course they showed Taylor Swift which I am sure will be treated fine Wait is the Wicked Witch of the West getting a face turn in this movie
  22. If you wonder Dalton Castle will look like in 30 years, see Carrot Top today. For people wasting their money on Taylor Swift side bets, you probably already a winner in the pre season
  23. In the glut of pre game show today it was great to see the documentary on the original NFL today on CBS. Very good stuff especially for someone who remembers the great days as a kid. some of the highlights: 1. The story about Jimmy the Greek getting so pissed about not getting enough attention over Phyllis George that he drunkenly punched Brent Musberger and pulling a broken beer bottle on him. And how they used it for jokes all year 2. Bringing in Jayne Kennedy talking about her time. Really didn't go in detail on why she was fired but you can see it was kind of dirty Something tells me when we get to hour 4 of pre game we are going to wish this was a 2 hour documentary.
  24. In unfortunately not surprising news, Billy Jack Haynes wife was found murdered and Billy is a suspect. Actually much more than suspect
  25. I feel like I ask this every year but how is Julius Peppers a HOF. He is definitely in the Hall of very good I admit
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