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  1. Wonder if there was a coach who was absolute legend at a player and then became one of the worst coaches in that same school. Plenty of the opposite where the player was a role guy at best.
  2. According to Schefter, the Vikings may release Adam Thielen. That is would be a huge free agent pick up for many teams if it happens
  3. Probably the only company where writers/bookers/wrestlers who know shit and still bet would actually lose money betting on wrestling.
  4. Is it possible to have a Lucy situation and still kick the ball. I mean we all remember the last time a Packer QB maybe past his prime was traded to the Jets
  5. I mean if you are going to lose an AEW title everyone knows you are supposed to do it in a drunken haze at a restaurant. these young kids today By the way if people think this is a little harsh, here is Samoa Joe to really pile on
  6. A rather bold strategy of Kendrick Perkins to claim there is a "racial bias" by the people selecting the NBA MVP because Jokic has won it in the last 2 years and chances are in 2023 either Jokic repeats or Luka wins it. Never mind the fact that 25 of the last 30 MVP are black. So of course JJ Reddick being JJ Reddick calls him and First Take on their bullshit https://awfulannouncing.com/nba/jj-redick-kendrick-perkins-first-take-racial-bias-nba-mvp.html
  7. Watched Stand on Showtime about the former Chris Jackson (Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf) and it is definitely worth watching. Never mind what happened during his NBA career he had suffered through a tough childhood and college years at LSU with his 'Tourette Syndrome and living in a very racist part of Mississippi. The only real issue I have with it is this idea that Rauf was one of the greats of all time. He was very good player especially in LSU but an all time great? Not sure about that. By the way it is strange to think that a team with Chris Jackson, Shaq, and Stanley Roberts and they couldn't even make it to the Elite 8 is really something. The most interesting person in the whole controversy with the Anthem is coach/GM Bernie Bickerstaff. You could argue that he left Abdul-Rauf to hang and be blackballed by his actions but I am sure he had his own levels of pressure to succeed. And they you get to 2001 part of his life and man what a brutal period of his life. Imagine getting your house burned down by the KKK and basically could get no sympathy because 3 months later is 9/11 and hatred of all Muslims was an all time high. Then the infamous HBO sports interview about 2 or 3 months later. At least at the end the players at that time kind of admit that did nothing to stand up for him unlike what ended up happening with Kapernick
  8. Yeah I think this is going to be less about Roxanne and more about Meiko and doing some kind of indictment on old school Gaea Girls like Japanese training for lack of a better term. If it would be nice if there was some new way of thinking on it but my guess it will be Meiko thinking the new generation of women are soft. Make her the female version of GUNTHER.
  9. wait is the Tom Brady to the Dolphins thing back again?
  10. I cant see them putting a title on Cena. especially since the Universal title is basically the Smackdown title. if Theory loses the belt then yeah Cena will probably crush him
  11. I know that the WWE thinks that Theory beating Cena at WM will actually wipe out the fact that he was completely destroyed yesterday on RAW.. Maybe it will help but that kind of burial multiple year to recover from
  12. So apparently it wasn't water that was thrown in the kids face, it was tequila. Did MJF know that? Obviously not. But the man is playing a dangerous game in the effort of being a heel. He is lucky that it was a woman with the kid and he was lucky that Tony Khan was able to bribe the family enough to not make it a big deal And I know people are going to play the "all these snowflakes being mad at the heel must not know shit about history" card. That is fair but if you are going to mess with the fans like that you better make sure that you can fight back.
  13. Well he is kind of a comedian since he doesn't wrestle anymore already so it makes sense. I must say this pre show felt like a WWE YouTube pre show. That isn't a compliment
  14. The MCMG won the GCW tag titles today. I am assuming they are going to be the set up for a much greater tag title match at WM weekend. But if they are regulars and not the tag version of Moxley then cool. By the way Kasey Kirk vs Rina Yamashita last night might be the best death match in 2023 so far
  15. and because of the way they set up the kickoffs, they needed an official to hold the ball for the kicker. that is definitely a first
  16. And you thought SpyGate was some crazy shit. Are we sure that Vince is not running the league
  17. Well this is unsurprisingly awful. And before just chalk it up to the media always going after them, this survey was done by players.
  18. Remember when they told us that Richie Rich has way of "digging up dirt" on every trying to mess with him . Well maybe he didn't really have any dirt on them because he knew how stupid they are it won't be necessary.
  19. If there was a face tied to the phrase "Making up for lost time" it is Speedball Mike Bailey. Last WM weekend he probably worked about 10-15 times. Looks like he is trying to increase that AND increase the quality of the opponents.
  20. and because he slipped and couldn't make it to the 20, Vegas got the ball at the DC 40 I believe So far Rod Woodson is the best XFL mic up coach that I have seen. he doesn't take any shit
  21. now we are getting some decent XFL weather porn
  22. Yeah I need a longer version of that walk off violation because I don't have a clue what is going on here. OH I SEE. They don't do extra innings in spring training. I was trying to figure why that stopped the game. Yeah they need to make it 20 - 25 seconds.
  23. Holy shit the home field for the Las Vegas Vipers is literally a minor league baseball field they tried to convert quickly. I mean does UNLV not have a football team. there has to be something better
  24. Well today is the for people who love to bitch on Twitter today because it is 2022 OBSERVER AWARDS https://wrestlepurists.com/2022-wrestling-observer-awards-results/ I guess the biggest gripe is that the WWE is rated worse than the NWA and Control Your Narrative which is admittingly pretty stupid.
  25. It is rather interesting the latest narrative on Bienemy has dramatically changed in the last week that maybe he was overrated and really just a product of Andy Reid. Just recently Lesean McCoy went scorched earth on him. Now maybe he actually is. Unfortunately going from Patrick Mahomes to Sam Howell already makes him start a couple steps behind. But I wonder how this would change if Eric didn't go to such a shitty team like the Commanders. Almost like people are saying "well he must not be that good because only the Commanders want him"
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