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  1. The Colts are going to beat the Chiefs? Meanwhile Davis Mills is who we thought he was
  2. Well that changed quickly because now Shefter is reporting that Hebert is active and starting. Guess that shot for the Chargers doctor did the trick Have no idea why Tua is playing now after how he left at the end of the half except it is the Bills game
  3. I know that most of the people at the game are Eagles but at least the clock operator at Fed Ex Field shouldn't be one. Granted I figure they would have gotten the play off with 18 seconds but come on.
  4. Philly had to score a TD there because you couldn't feel comfortable being only 13-0 given how dominant you have been. Feels like a 30-0 game
  5. So is beating an NAIA school 98-0 something to proud of? Because Stephen F Austin did night l mean I didn't know the NAIA still existed
  6. 3 certainles of life: death, taxes, and the Big 12 conference games being bat shit crazy
  7. Well that is a first A doink off the top of the up right for in a missed FG in the Arkansas vs Texas A&M game
  8. I like that there is a IWTV tag team tournament but man the rules that they decided for this is just strange. I guess someone got really sick of watching AEW tag team matches and said we are going to be the complete opposite. Tag ropes and tags that not only have to be hand to hand but over the ring ropes. It reminds of when Bill Watts created a bunch of rules in WCW because they wanted to be different but instead looked dumb. Trying to be "old school" when they don't need to be. And it feels like nobody told the wrestlers the rules because in the 2 matches I have seen nobody can figure them out. Even Violence is Forever in their qualifying match thought it was kind of silly
  9. Wait Georgia only beat Kent State 39-22? Did they only start their 2nd stringers? And it wasn't like it was 39-0 with garbage points either
  10. Well the honeymoon period in Miami is starting to die. Down by 21 to Middle Tennessee State at home isnt good for the rebuild
  11. Jalon Daniels is a Heisman trophy candidate and probably a big thing stopping him is how historical awful Kansas football has been . Not sure if he is even top 5 now. Not sure if this is more a slight on Michigan but this is probably Maryland's best top-tier road game since being in Big 10. Especially after that first 2 plays.
  12. Bobby Fish in IMPACT is hilarious. It is clear he didnt want to go there but when the plan of getting Cole and O Reilly to join him was an epic fail he was screwed.
  13. If the Steelers offense was going to be this painfully dull and vanilla they should have brought Ben back and let him QB from a wheelchair
  14. I hated most of the first hour . I mean the matches itself were really good but the finishes sucked. There was no need to have 3 screwy finishes in a row. Only Jericho made sense 2nd half much much better. Especially main event title match
  15. Today is apparently the final straw people have had for Kirk Cousins and I am here for it. Especially for Vikings fans
  16. Hunter Renfrow probably wishes that 1st fumble in the possession was an actual fumble now. And got hurt
  17. Guarantee stats of the day was the Kyler Murray 1st 2 point conversion that took over 20 seconds and required Kyler running around 83 yards
  18. Nathaniel Hackett might be the dumbest coach in the NFL right now and Broncos fans are realizing it right now. I mean I get the Russell Wilson is overrated but man they are making him like a scrub in this offense.
  19. The Jets cashing some receipts.
  20. The Giants ice the game in the goofiest way possible. The Giants at 2-0 and the Panthers are 0-2. Pretty sure that wasn't expected
  21. TUANON IS ON FIRE. This game was over and now tied The Browns trying to give the Jets an early Christmas present
  22. Amazing the Steelers are in this game given how awful this offense this looks most of the time
  23. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT in New Orleans Damn Mike Evans trying to get suspended
  24. The only difference between Mitch Trubisky and 2020 and 2021 Ben Roethlisberger is that Mitch doesn't have the excuse of being injured about 30 times in his career.
  25. Yeah if insulting one of your players was the idea to motivate your defense it failed about as much as his opinions on January 6th Meanwhile apparently when the Colts play in Jacksonville they turn into a high school team. Could have kept Wentz if you are going to play that way
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