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  1. Punk visits the PC complete with a Steve Corino sighting!
  2. Looks like Trips is still having the press scrum after the Rumble so we’ll see what goes down there
  3. I remember looking up Bob Roop thinking he was Bob Sweetan and those are two very different dudes
  4. Would a job action do anything if TKO is literally incapable of removing Vince without his own permission like is being reported? The worst part about this is that they could be negotiating with Vince to buy him out of the company because that might be the only way to get rid of him for good and that would make him even richer
  5. Senerchia is a place in Italy too, maybe his family got Corleone'd when they arrived in New York Edit: Jinx!
  6. Didn't he force his way back in causing two board members and Stephanie to quit?
  7. Don't get me wrong, I know this and have no expectations of TKO or Endeavour rising to the occasion unless it's the fiscally responsible thing for them to do. I mean more that with HHH taking over and the clearing out of top WWE officials that the hope is the culture actually will change. But I'm not holding my breath and if we get a whiff of Brock on TV again I'll be gone
  8. I think a lot of people, myself included, are hoping the regime change at WWE is more than just symbolic
  9. I've been trying to figure out to talk about how I feel without getting too political, I know nobody needs that right now. Sufficed to say whenever I read things like this it hits me twice, first when I think of the victim and what she went through, and again when I remember that it's not just her and it's not just Vince and that this level of terror is a systemic issue. So get organized and get active because the change we want rarely comes top down
  10. I'm reading through the filing now, it's more brutal than the WSJ article and I don't know why I'm doing it except that it's some how cathartic There's at least 4 execs besides Laurinaitis who knew, one of whom was involved with the merger in September and one who was in charge of hiring and firing. I won't speculate but a few names come to mind Edit: And the merger one is a decades long employee from the Titan days
  11. I've thought about this too. You can't do injury angles every time someone has booked time off though, maybe just be up front about wrestlers having a "season" and then a mandatory break to heal up (But then what do you do when you want someone there year-round? 3 months of commentary? idk)
  12. To Tecnico's point about rankings and titles, they could have wrestlers with good standings declare themselves as a challenger for a specific title and only then enter the top 5 ranking for that title. That gives some looseness to most of the card but wins and losses would be concrete for title contenders
  13. I think Braun, Andrade, and Zayn will be surprise entrants. I get not wanting Bron to make an appearance if it won't be impactful, maybe he could eliminate someone big for a Mania match
  14. Last year I mentioned AEW seemed to be having an identity crisis and a few folks noticed Dynamite seemed like Raw-lite so I'm happy to hear that they are making efforts to try something different The rankings can be tough to handle, you don't want what happened last time with wrestlers disappearing to a b-show for months at a time doing nothing but squashes and then showing up for a title shot. I think it requires a similar approach to booking a round robin tournament, you have to work backwards from the result you want and ensure that even if two wrestlers don't have a specific beef that at least their individual drives to succeed interact in interesting ways. Really, it's a matter of staying on message, if too many wrestlers are just there to entertain the fans or have goals other than winning and being the best then it takes away from the legitimacy of a ranking system. AEW can do it but I think it'll need more of an iron fist to pull off
  15. Timestamped to an interview with "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin in his home office. Garvin's hit and miss with me but this was a solid hit, he's like a Cohen Brothers character in this and he, Sunshine, and Mercer play off each other perfectly https://youtu.be/AlUOJgm6uJE?list=PLV5zqZd3qf4MlfXOYFMaJIxK1oSV3E27r&t=909
  16. I took that more as Cody won't main event either night, meaning they still have Punk/Rollins as a possible Night 1 main
  17. Quel dommage Edit: Oh no, keep him away from Gunther!
  18. Is that worse than a heatless win over JD or Ivar in the middle of a 3 hour Raw? I'm not sure honestly. Sometimes a short stint in NXT is enough to get the hype on a wrestler even higher for the general public, big fish in a small pond and all But I agree that Okada would be totally out of place in NXT, he'd look like a bad 21 Jump Street cop that can pass as a newby if you're half-blind but a closer look would show he's decades ahead of everyone else
  19. Yeah, they have way more top line talent on the main roster these days. I think if Okada went straight to Smackdown or Raw he'd be drowned in mid-card bullshit for at least a year while they get audiences familiar with him and play out things with Punk and Cody and the like, I don't know if that's preferable to being in NXT
  20. From my cursory reading it seems like Netflix's method of measuring success fits wrestling perfectly, way better than the more static content they have been producing. The issue as others have said is that it may take down less viewed content arbitrarily but perhaps it would just move to Peacock Honestly, this move won't affect my life at all. I've never paid just to get RAW or Smackdown and I won't start now, if it's on a channel or service I already have then great and if it isn't then I'll handle it
  21. Nervous Nelly Wren Sinclair suuuuucks. NXT's backstage presentation is so bad and I'm really not happy that it will be used more on the main roster. Dumb ass Eric Bischoff is a fan of the reality TV segments because he can't conceive of promos that actually work and rather than train the wrestlers how to talk he's an advocate of dumbing down the product to accommodate untrained wrestlers instead. Maybe that's a cycle that's been repeating itself for a while now
  22. Three shit posts in three threads within 5 minutes?! Give it up for one of the greats
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