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  1. Sammy and Tay are doing a hell of a job replacing Cody and Brandi in the "Only Dan Lambert can get these guys cheered" feud. MJF's promo kinda missed the mark too. He should've watched Samuel L. Jackson's speech in Django and talked about all the horrible things Spears wanted to do to him, but he knows the worst thing he can do is let Wardlow languish in obscurity. I see 2.0 get the new gimmick, but the rest of the JAS wasn't really building off the great intro promo from last week. Garcia is still too much of a serious wrestler and he's clearly the one the group is designed to elevate. Hoping they do more to not just come across as a poor man's Inner Circle. Nyla is kind of a flat first challenger. Deeb would've been way better in that spot instead of her never-ending feud with Shida, but props to AEW for not backing off their original plan given the current climate. Sort of a down episode this week, but if your down episodes still have a good Punk match, a Darby/Crazy old man Sting brawl, and the Blackpool Combat Club wrecking some jobbers, you're in good shape.
  2. Cornette's midcard "bring real wrestling back to the attitude era" gimmick was pretty funny. Can't remember if that's how they introduced Severn around that time too.
  3. The big problem was the belts had zero direction after Hall and Nash won them. I think they were vacated at least 3 times between 97 and 98. They had an awesome revival the first half of 99, though. Benoit/Malenko, Hennig/Windham, Raven/Saturn, and Rey/Kidman were about the only bright spot during that stretch where WCW was headed for imminent collapse.
  4. Jericho going all the way the "sports entertainer" heel gimmick shows he's still one of the best minds in business. It's going to be objectively hilarious, but crowds are going to boo the shit out of it. It has zero chance of getting "ironically over" because any visible approval would be praise for WWE (i.e. completely unforgivable from a live AEW crowd). The "real names" bit with only Daniel Garcia using his real name is brilliant. I wish they had gone a little more heavy-handed on 2.0's "real" names with more exaggerated NXT sounding things since they're the comedy guys anyway, but I see the logic of them fitting the pattern of Jericho and Hager using part of their real names. Hopefully Garcia "re-invents himself" over the next few weeks with his commitment to sports entertainment because he's the only one that doesn't fit the group aesthetic. And while obviously the Kingston/P&P feud is going to happen, I agree with whoever said the real money is with Regal's group of real wrestlers. Also, I'm glad they changed Parker's name to Angelo, because at the risk of defending WWE's draconian "no two names" policy, having two featured tag teams named Matt and Jeff is a bit too much. I also am totally down for Wheeler being Moxley and Danielson's young boy. They could definitely capture some 90s AJ magic with him finally getting a win over a higher-ranked guy in a 6-man. If they ever do the wrestlers vs. sports entertainers feud, they can round out the group with Thatcher and/or Claudio. They could also convert and re-educate Garcia as the impetus for the feud.
  5. Michael Cole has spent most of his career as a "high floor low ceiling" guy. Overall, I thought his best work was with Taz on SD during the first brand split. My favorite match those two called was the Survivor Series 05 Raw vs. SD tag where they came in with a huge chip on their shoulder about being the B show, and just let Styles and Lawler have it during the double commentary. He was good at WM 30 too with all the Bryan stuff and "The streak... is over."
  6. I don't know if this is it. There's ample evidence of AJ Styles shouting homophobic slurs on the indies 20 years ago, and he seems to be doing alright. Also, Hulk Hogan...
  7. The real question is how has Drake Weurtz not gotten in on CYN yet?
  8. JR during the Foley/Taker HIAC was huge contributor to that match. I can't think of a single finer call of a specific match. Before, during, and after he had the right words and inflection for every moment. "He's broken in half" is iconic, but everything he uttered over that 30 minutes hit just right for the moment. I'll always have a soft spot for the Tony/Bobby/Dusty WCW team I associate with my first memories of wrestling, but even today I find their call of BATB 96 to be particularly good. They ratcheted the tension up all show, always sounding on edge while still being professional enough to call the other matches properly (something that became a huge problem in the later NWO days), and then they just let their emotions fly in the main event. I never understood what people even hated about Heenan's "Whose side is he on" line. It was perfectly in character, and Tony and Dusty's indignant scoffs set up the moment just right. Even after being proven right, Bobby couldn't bring himself to gloat in the aftermath. Everyone was so thoroughly defeated.
  9. Definitely agree on Daniels. Even in that triple threat, he was a major third wheel. The Joe/Styles singles match a couple months later was way better (among TNA's best matches actually). Recently, the Kacy/Kayden team. All time, Dean Malenko. Maybe he's too good to qualify for the spirit of the question (Like it's not unreasonable to enjoy Dean Malenko matches), but I could watch hours of his random Nitro/Thunder matches and was always happy when he had any type of success.
  10. Generally speaking, no one going to Mania weekend has any budget to worry about. Almost no one there is local, and is there with the intent of going to multiple shows, conventions, and doing other touristy things. I was fortunate enough to go a few times, and each one ran me over a couple thousand easily. Especially 31 in San Francisco. That said, you'd have to pay me a couple thousand to go to any Mania in the past 5 years.
  11. I can't agree with Orton or HHH since both guys have a good amount of high-end stuff. Yes, they also have long bad/boring stretches, but I've enjoyed both at various points. Most of the other guys brought up would kill have to something as awesome as HHH/Austin 3 stages of hell or Orton/Foley on their resume. Or even something as good as their LMS against each other at No Mercy 07. I rejected bringing up Ziggler on similar grounds. No matter how many boring years in a row he can string together, he'll always have the Del Rio double turn match and the Survivor Series 14 tag. I can't think of a single Miz match I would want to re-watch.
  12. Based on interviews, he seems like a super dude, so I feel kinda bad, but I think I'm gonna go with Chavo (Jr) for this one. His on-screen highlights are few and far between, and are pretty much all just the result of riding Eddie's coattails. His mini-feud with DDP as the overmatched "little brother" trying to stand up to the bully as part of the larger DDP/Eddie rivalry was probably my favorite thing he did. His best character work was probably him snapping after having to be Eddie's lackey, culminating with Norman Smiley feeding Pepe the stickhorse into a wood-chipper. Don't remember any good matches from that stretch, though. His entire WWE run was more of him getting paired with his more charismatic family members. He was the least of SD 6 guys by a lot. His singles work was completely generic, managing just a couple standout matches with Rey over about an 8 year stretch. He was also super out of place in LU and one of the worst parts of that series. Probably need to shout Miz here too. Occasionally cuts a great promo, but never could quite get there in the ring to make his act truly work. In his defense, though, he came up at the worst possible time where he had no career path except WWE monotony.
  13. Overall, I loved the show. Had a very attitude era feel, in a good way. Every segment had some kind of "holy shit" moment, felt like most of the roster had something to do. Normally, I wouldn't want to compare AEW to WWE, but this show had that "Raw after Mania" vibe, back when that meant something 10+ years ago. Nice foreshadowing on the Jericho turn by not having 2.0 hit him too hard early on. One of those things you could catch as a viewer, but didn't make P&P look like total idiots. That Mox/Dragon match was a tremendous squash. I can't believe the main event was how I found out that Sammy and the girl he proposed to in the ring are no longer together.
  14. I wonder if Punk will ever have occasion to dust off the Killswitch Engage song he used for the first half of his WWE run. Not sure if there's any wrestler with a better history of entrance themes.
  15. Io Shirai vs. Pentagon was a damn good match on Lucha Underground.
  16. I feel like this analysis misses that a key point of Punk's AEW character is that he's over the hill and struggles against the higher-end young stars. MJF's character is that he's a piece of shit, but he mostly backs it up in the ring which makes him even more obnoxious. Punk dominating the match wouldn't make sense for either of them.
  17. Not much to add, but another amazing all-around show from AEW. House of Black vs. Death Triangle deserves a shout from the pre-show. Awesome tv 6-man. Jericho/Eddie was at worst neck and neck for MOTN, and relative to my expectations, it blew me away. I can't remember the last time Jericho worked that stiff, and him going back on his word after the match was a nice cap to his heel turn. It seemed to blend Flair/Foley and Misawa/Kawada 05 in just a totally unexpected masterpiece. Punk/MJF capped of their all-time feud with a fittingly violent match. Wardlow's turn was well done and sets up each guy to leave this feud behind them for now. Bryan/Mox would've stood out more on a lesser show, but it was stiff af, and the Regal moment gave it a big moment to stand out. Dragon/Mox vs. pretty much any top AEW team is a dream match, but let's start with FTR so Regal and Tully can go at each other. So, JR getting his notes mixed up and commenting on a new belt before the men's title match instead of the women's is one of those things I will think about randomly and laugh uncontrollably. *Hangman comes out* JR: Is that a new belt? Tony (over the crowd noise): What? JR: IS - THAT - A - NEW - BELT? Tony: Uh, no I don't think so. Anyway, the main was fine and didn't feel out of place on such a stacked show. Great finishing run with Hangman looking strong and getting adequate revenge on Cole for the Rampage beatdown. Everything else on the show was decent to good with at least one big-time moment, save for Thunder/Britt. That felt like filler, but when they hinted at the rematch in San Antonio in a couple weeks, it made a lot more sense. Also assuming that will have gimmick after all the interference in this one. A+ show overall.
  18. Best looking tower of doom spot ever, Punk and Jade both dropping F-bombs, and Deeb's look of disgust as she yanked the "smart" jobber off the apron all made this show for me.
  19. Agreed, trophies are a great way to give wrestlers "accomplishments" without having to bend over backwards with the writing and hurting other guys in the process. I loved it when they gave Jungle Boy the "first to 50 wins" trophy.
  20. Don't get my hopes up that I will be able to go watch early 2000s NOAH on HBO max.
  21. Misawa, Kobashi, and Akiyama were definitely doing apron death spots in the late AJ/early NOAH days. They were a staple of big NOAH matches by 05, and they started popping up in the US indy scene about the same time, since that's the style they were going for. I think Kevin Owens brought them to WWE with apron powerbomb, which was a killshot for maybe a year, but like most things WWE became devalued quickly.
  22. It's not too late because he's washed up (I've seen no indication of that in the limited WWE I've watched the last couple of years). It's too late because AEW has a clear path forward with younger home-grown stars, and if they decide they need an established guy on top for whatever reason, Danielson is the obvious choice. Claudio will have a nice place on the card and his matches will be must-see, but I wouldn't expect him to be the guy in AEW at any point.
  23. OC wins are the only thing that keep the Best Friends credible though. You know Chucky, Trent, and Wheeler are gonna lose every time out, but when OC is in there, they have a chance. The Best Friends and Dark Order are essential acts for building up heels, but you have to some guys in there who give them a legit chance to win or else the heels won't get anything from beating them repeatedly. OC and Page are those guys.
  24. Yeah, I know the power couple bit is played out since HHH/Steph, but Cody and Brandi definitely had potential in that role. The only problem is that to be an effective heel, you have to be willing to lose feuds, and that was an issue for Cody in AEW (in fact, probably the main reason fans began to turn on him). Also, yay for Claudio getting out. I think it's too late for him to be a top guy in AEW, but he should definitely go there for the dream matches.
  25. Taker used to do it in the 2000s on smaller guys as part of his "work the arm" routine to set up old school.
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