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  1. It got dicey in the middle when they went from tagging (as Jim Ross noted Australian rules) to Texas Tornado. I think they all just said fuck it.
  2. Problem is at this rate, I'm not sure how many viable main events or even co-mains they have and that's with the men included. Nunes vs. Aldana kinda interests me, but at the same, Aldana didn't do well in the Evinger fight when it came to stopping takedowns. And that's gangly Tonya Evinger who has is about 90 percent grittiness and 10 percent athleticism. At flyweight, it's tough right now cause someone goes on a solid win streak only to be cut off by a person who has already lost to Valentina. I think the longest win streak right now is Molly McCann at 3 and none of those people were anywhere close to be ranked. Maybe they can do Roxy vs. Valentina if she beats Lauren Murphy but that's going to be a massacre.
  3. I like how we went from "Fuck Jon Jones...he don't deserve more money. HE AIN'T CONOR MCGREGOR" to Jorge Masvidal to now this.... This is how feel right about now
  4. I'm going to try to head this one off at the pass. Since it looks like it's going to be a huge issue going forward, I've edited the USADA thread: You can talk about all pertinent items there.
  5. This has to be the first time in a long while (I think there were a couple UFCs where the main event for the next PPV was in flux going into the previous PPV) where the next PPV wasn't being build towards or they didn't have one ready to go.
  6. It was a really nice gesture, but if you were just going to give me the belt...did we have to do the whole getting beat up part? I feel like we could have cut out the middleman.
  7. Even with a Kayla Harrison...the Larissa Pacheco fight showed her standup is just not there yet. She is a 7 or 8 in terms of being a grappler but maybe a 5 or 6 at best in terms of striking. There is no one in PFL to push her to get better.
  8. This reminds me...Nunes still has that old UFC belt because this is her first defense.
  9. Speaking of J-Tex Corporation, I watched Halloween Havoc 89 last night and finished it this morning. Muta in character blowing out an accidental fire (that Tommy Young and someone else...maybe Jackie Crockett are desperately trying to extinguish) with green mist...the most pro wrestling thing in the history of pro wrestling.
  10. I go back to this I know Anik said he was still working with him BUT I don't know if his uncle is right for him as a striking coach. Is your uncle going to be honest with your about all your mistakes?
  11. BTW I'm so glad Aljo turned the corner because it was so frustrating watching him leave fights on the table. The Marlon Moraes loss is forgivable because he got Marlon Moraes in steamroller mode. He ran into the wrong guy at the wrong time. It took awhile, but he's here finally.
  12. I'm so glad I stay with picking Aljo over Sandhagen. Sandhagen to me just has never been that impressive.
  13. Early in this pandemic, I think they were probably leaning towards doing that. After they stand down call, they probably realized by the time all this gets done, there are probably going to be more viable options even if most stuff isn't opened back up. For that Joshua vs. Ruiz II fight, it took Eddie Hearn a lot of time and effort to build just that arena. Keep in mind, when UFC came back to Abu Dhabi for that Minotauro/Nelson card I believe, there was that whole controversy about basically slave labor being used. That was over the course of like 3-4 weeks. If they really wanted to do something like that, it would be over the course of 3-4 months to get all that done. And that's being conservative. You're not getting it done in two or three weeks.
  14. 1. I'm trying to do the admins a favor by staying out of shit like this especially because personally I was so fucking heated last week. 2. I dunno if I should be pulling for Steve Austin understanding the groundwork that chattel slavery was laid in the foundation of the United States. Part of me wants to love Austin for that if this is real, and the other part of me thinks its someone fucking around on the internet. 3. If this is real, when did Austin start believing this? From what I understand, Austin kinda grew up with a crotchety old man for a (step?)father. I don't believe his dad would instill this in him. It had to come from his football days or pro wrestling. I kinda doubt it would be the former because how integrated where early 1980s high school football teams in the small town Texas really? Maybe it was a little better when he went to college. I dunno. However, at the same time, Austin came into WCW either right after or just when they started to wrap up motherfuckers like the Southern Boys/Young Pistols and the Freebirds coming out with Confederate flags, stars and bars attire, the facepaint and Little Richard Marley. It was still a very southern pandering promotion in a lot of ways, which is funny that it took the Bill Watts Torch interview for them to really catch hell.
  15. Based on how confident Meltzer was in saying it was Guam, I'm guessing that was probably the original choice before they decided to switch it to Abu Dhabi. They probably ran into some red tape as in "Hell no, you can't do your fights here."
  16. BTW There is a report out of Brazil that Fight Island is in Abu Dhabi. So I'm guessing it's Yas Island which has already hosted three UFC events (UFC 112, Minotauro vs. Nelson, and UFC 242). If that report is to be believed, it's not even what did BodogFIGHT did in Costa Rica or the old school NHB shows (like World Vale Tudo Championships) where they contested fights on some exotic beach in Aruba. It's a place they did shows recently.
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