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  1. We'll trade you Jason Garrett for Kyle Shanahan straight up.
  2. Yep, with Gilbert, I would be surprised if ended up anywhere other than Bellator. One of Strikeforce's biggest stars before they left the regional scene, wife fights for Bellator, and kinda has a name. Now it's going to be a bit depressing when he gets utterly picked apart by the younger guys but that's the circle of life. The thing is the price tag. I guess since Mo is moving from MMA to wrestling that frees up some cash. However, how much are you expecting from Gilbert Melendez at this point? 1-3 fights maybe? He can do analyst stuff post fighting, and they can rotate him in for shows in San Jose. But he isn't getting you ratings really, and I doubt he is going to be the ticket seller he was several years ago in the Bay Area. You're about to pay Gilbert Melendez $150,000 or more (he got paid $200k at UFC 239 in a losing effort to Arnold Allen so that's on the low end) to get washed by Patricky Freire or Brent Primus. They already have a bunch of pricey former UFC fighters who aren't bringing viewership to Bellator.
  3. Minkah Fitzpatrick has to be on pace for 34,127 INTs by now.
  4. I'm lucky I know nothing about this "feud" beyond they are famous on social media and unfortunately they are at least two Paul brothers (in my head, I made Logan and Jake into one person as part of wishful thinking that the gene pool wasn't this bad). Anything past that, I couldn't give a shit.
  5. You are not exaggerating at all. I'm glad I turned to CBS just in time.
  6. Pulev vs. Booker also did not look too thrilling.
  7. I would like to think if this was still going on, everyone would be shell shocked if they picked the Saints today.
  8. I think it's because the fight happened on the West Coast and potential sports competition (even though LSU vs. Bama ended before 7 pm EST or thereabouts) is something DAZN is going out of their way to avoid based on Canelo/Kovalev. When I tuned in, Saunders vs. Coceres was ending which kinda threw me off because I thought that was going to be the "main event" before the Youtuber fight. So I rewinded my stream to the beginning to the fight. For whatever reason (maybe those were for the entourages I guess), there were four or five front rows of empty seats behind the ring. It looked like the UFC prelims in Vegas two or three fights into the card. It also didn't help that Billy Joe Saunders looked pretty terrible for nine rounds before he woke up and knocked a guy who was suppose to be a showcase opponent out. Then they did more hype and interviews before getting to Haney/Santiago. Apparently, the fans in the arena weren't too excited about Devin Haney facing some random guy but at the same time, I don't think this was a boxing crowd. Haney isn't a big draw and Saunders definitely isn't here in the U.S. Here is where DAZN and Hearn are fucking up. The whole celeb or freakshow fight thing works in UFC or MMA in general because usually it's not the main event (especially in the case of UFC) and at least 75% or 80% of the crowd in the arena no matter what is there to see the other stuff on the show as well. I get you want Devin Haney to be a star and introduce Saunders to an American crowd (BJS' performance did him no favors at all even with a KO ending), but this is not the way to do it. The problem with spreading out so much talent is it highlights the lack of starpower you have. You have these great fighters who only appeal to a certain segment of the boxing fanbase. In an attempt to appeal to casuals, you brought in a bunch of people who I wouldn't even call casual fans. What I am confident enough to say is I guarantee that they will have a bunch of people sign up these past two weeks and then immediately cancel or cancel soon thereafter. The people who are interested in watching Canelo or Logan Paul/KSI aren't like me who watches most of the cards on DAZN or keeps track of all the upcoming cards. They are not about to watch Tevin Farmer or Juan Francisco Estrada (although Canelo fans might tune in to see Estrada due to the obvious). They don't give a shit about rankings or who holds what title. I dunno if Eddie Hearn and the execs at DAZN are taking advice or cues from WWE about their network (given the last business update, that's not smart) and looking to that as the model to follow but these stunts aren't going to work. They are temporary fixes at best.
  9. Yup, Kattar was right in Zabit's face and wasn't backing down from the outset. To me, it's always amazing to watch Zabit go through his arsenal. That trip takedown in the second round IIRC was slick as hell. To see a diverse striker like Zabit be pressured and try to become calculating as the fight goes on is fascinating.
  10. A lot of things can happened, but I just feel Holloway has been in so many big fights now that it's hard seeing Zabit surviving a real war after three or four rounds. You can argue that if Volkanovski pulls off the upset, that is just as tough a matchup. Because he does so much stuff in a relatively short amount of time, Zabit goes on autopilot if none of that produces a finish. You don't want to be against Max Holloway or even Alexander Volkanovski if you're out of ideas after three rounds. That's why I want to see how Zabit does in a five round fight against real contenders before he gets a title shot. He needs to feel that environment. You want to be able to make those adjustments before you get to a title fight.
  11. It's interesting in that before JDS was out of the main event, I didn't really see this fight as a true, definitive title eliminator. With Ortega vs. TKZ at the end of the year, I think whomever is picked to fight the Holloway vs. Volkanovski winner is still up in the air.
  12. Man, if there was any, ANY fight that needed two more rounds, it was this fight. Just scintillating stuff. Arguably, the tide was starting to turn in Kattar's favor. They gotta do it again.
  13. Volkov did a good job of mixing it up. I'm surprised they were throwing the same amount of strikes (especially considering it look like Hardy hurt his right hand early on), but Volkov had the accuracy and did a good job narrowly avoiding big strikes. Even though he had an injury, this should be a good learning lesson for Hardy. The Rampage Jackson hook heavy offense doesn't work well against guys who will freely take the safe, high percentage strategy of kicking to the legs and midsection. He landed some decent low kicks, but he has to switch it up. Volkov didn't have a great jab but it was effective in keeping Hardy at a distance where Volkov was safe. If Hardy can add more offensive firepower, that will allow him to get inside on fighters (particularly long, rangy strikers like Volkov) much easier.
  14. They tried to give him the nickname Medium Fuse during the walkouts. He might as well be Ed "Medium Cool" Herman in an ode to Robert Forster at least.
  15. 35-7 WKU over Arkansas at halftime
  16. That's a good win for Karl Roberson (over an undefeated ex Fight Nights champion who on paper should have beat him even in a UFC debut) especially after a really bad eyepoke. He couldn't open up his eye in the post fight interview which makes getting that finish even more impressive. Hopefully, it's just a small thing with no real damage and he can get back in there pretty soon because he is a fun to watch.
  17. I didn't know David Zawada was the brother of KING KONG ZAWADA~ a staple of the European fight scene from years past. Apparently, it's a family affair in Moscow tonight.
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