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  1. Considering who they strapped up before that (Warrior) and after that (Shawn and you probably could add Bret since he would show his ass sometimes), I don't think being a prick was the real reason. It's likely because it didn't click like they thought it would. I think we already went over Luger being grossly miscast in that role, and I talked about the shortsightedness of the slamming Yokozuna moment. I think this was one of the first instances where they slotted someone to be the next guy, and they chose wrong. Not that Luger couldn't be a solid choice for champion, but the entire construction of it was flawed. I think that's why it is a big sore spot for Prichard whenever he discusses whether or not Luger was ever going to be champion. I think his fury for Meltzer is pretty much pent up frustration that they fucked up big time from the word "go".
  2. I think a lot of that had to do with being so Northeast/Midwest centric they were in 1993-1995 so much they were running high school gyms and podunk family resorts for Raw and Superstar/Challenge tapings. They had to run other places because they had completely exhausted those markets. Since they had a hardcore following built over several years, selling tickets for PPVs generally wasn't an issue. Everything else during that time? Just a nightmare. Not WCW 1990-1993 levels nightmare, but horrible by WWF standards. They had a Raw taping at the Fayetteville Crown Coliseum (BTW, the WWE ran that venue tonight IIRC) the night in between the Beware of Dog shows and it looked as full as anything they were doing at the time. I've made this point before, but the South in general has way more small attendance TV friendly arenas per capita it seems than any region in the US. Maybe it's because so many of the venues built in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and early 1980s still just happen to be around and more geared to the local population. I mean the Nashville Municipal Auditorium, built in 1962, just had a major show and looked full.
  3. Putting aside the "person probably smells like a city garbage truck just passed by" personal hygiene aspect, I would say that being in the same picture is much better than the 25,000 feet you were apart before you met said celebrity. Maybe it's because we're in the age where you can incessantly troll celebrities all day long before they block you, but I am more weirded out by the fact people get as excited and have the same respect meeting a name celebrity as they do their city alderman. In the olden days before social media, a celebrity would tell you to fuck off and there would be no picture at all even if was a meet and greet. Either that or their personal security would get in front of you before you tried to confront them. After the murder of Christina Grimmie (which by the way, wasn't that long ago), I'm surprised people are allowed to get anywhere near a celebrity of any magnitude. You never know when you're meeting some person who just wrote a manifesto.
  4. This is one of those times where being scheduled for five rounds actually made a big difference. You can see Marreta running on E after round 3. It seemed like a matter of time.
  5. 8 or 9 consecutive uppercuts... I love Luque but he made Geoff Neal look like prime Michael Nunn.
  6. Given what's happened over the history of the UFC and MMA in general, that could have been way worse. He was almost benevolent missing that first punch. They kept showing Jamahal Hill paste Johnny Walker earlier on the show, for example.
  7. I watched a Mid South episode last week with ole Master G....man, yeah. The less said, the better. It also featured a sixteen year old looking Shawn Michaels. It looked like he was hiding from puberty.
  8. How are folks in the year of our lord 2022 still getting Von Flue choked? The UFC is getting a lot of mileage out of the Johnny Walker Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Man tribute act.
  9. Yes, America's Team had the drip. Unfortunately, during the 80s though, a lot of the boys had the wrong type of drip and ended up at the free clinic.
  10. I think once you get to like the MC Hammer era is when you see a throughline between people popping up doing rapper gimmicks and folks quoting rappers. However, before that though, we had the Wrestlerock Rumble: My Mount Rushmore of MCs: Rakim, KRS One, Kool Moe Dee, and Larry Z.
  11. There was like a large group of rappers that came around right when West Coast/gangsta rap was starting take off, and it was just terrible timing. Kwame was definitely part of that, but then he would become a little bit infamous when Biggie dissed him on Unbelievable. By then, his career had faded due to not adjusting to that new era. Keep in mind, his popularity came when he was still a high school aged teenager. When he tried to transition out of that for a more mature sound and content, people didn't buy it because of how he started in rap. Years later though, he transitioned to being a producer and a score composer. No, I brought that point because of Vince and not Dusty. The funny thing was Vince being out of touch if indeed was trying to humiliate Dusty. It would be a very out of touch thing if Vince thought he was burying someone in the early 1990s and then put them in Cross Colours as a punishment.
  12. I was going to say the exact same thing, but I forgot to include that.
  13. Despite the IYH 2 walkout, he was still one of Bruce's friends. Along with JBL, it seems like no matter what, they were going to find them something to do. I mean even if it was basically being the enhancement talent to hold them over.
  14. The funny thing is that when Dusty did it in WWF, there was a rapper out at the time named Kwame who was famous for wearing polka dots. So it was actually in vogue then. For a very short time, but in vogue nonetheless.
  15. Exactly. It's especially not a burial in comparison to the Red Rooster. That's a Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes type message being sent whereas the polka dots was a likely a sly jab. If you're going to truly bury someone, you don't give them something they can possibly get over with. To me, Dusty occupied a weird space where he was trying to be everything to everyone. One minute, he's the people's champ and a common man. Next interview with Schiavone or David Crockett, he's wearing expensive ass mink coats and furs and talking about his private jet he's taking to the Crockett Cup. I think that's why the smart fans started hating the shit out of Dusty. I know the crux of it (the wining and dining with Kings and Queens part) is that he didn't forget his roots. However, when Flair and Dusty started trading legit barbs back at each other during their respective interview times, you can tell Dusty wanted to always one up him. In doing so, he forgot what his character was. At least Vince only went in one direction with it.
  16. Oh, Vince is a hell of salesman. That's no argument from me. However, what option do those guys have really? Last in the first video alluded Dusty and the polka dots. Dusty probably can respect game though as a booker himself though. Thing is what would Dusty have done as an alternative? Not sign with WWF and run whatever his promotion was in Florida or go back to what's left of Graham's territory? The best thing a promoter can do (and I've seen this work virtually everywhere) is make it feel like he's compromising when he absolutely isn't. People usually come away with the feeling of "Vince met me halfway" or "I'm probably going to get a push if I do this". If you're dumb enough to believe that as a performer, then go ahead. That's where I do credit Vince. He didn't trick anyone. That's what a successful promoter does.
  17. I'm pretty sure it beats out anything Impact is doing on PPV by a good margin. They're barely hovering around 1,000-5,000 buys and probably a little more when you add in streaming. They had a spike during the brief AEW relationship but how big could it be? I don't think it changes anyone's minds though. Even though they sent talent to this very show, we know people in the wrestling business attribute everything that isn't the norm as a fluke. That said, in this case, you probably can say that promotion wise it's extremely lucky to have this much participation from other people.
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