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  1. Nice score at the interval. 123-5 (ie onetwothreeforfive) Of course, anyone Down Under will wonder what the hell the punch line is to that score.
  2. Kyrie going for the Quad-Kill on teams would be... must-watch TV. in a Breaking Bad type of way.
  3. I see a story that the Miami Heat have interest if Kyrie hits the market. Speaking as a Celtics fan I don't know what to root for. Kyrie continuing to destroy the Nets or Kyries moving on to destroy YET ANOTHER TEAM.
  4. If you have a decent enough PC, it's been through many PC gamepass style sites, so just put out a feeler if you want them there and somebody should be able to take care of you (I might)
  5. yeah, forgot about his King Cuerno Arrowshot topes.
  6. So, I'm running through TOR's smuggler campaign, and I just had a funny moment that I had to share. My smuggler is just about done with missions on Alderaan, when she gets an urgent request to come back to a Noble's house and protect them, apparently my past actions have triggered a feud between Houses, and one of my Patrons is facing a pistol duel to the death. I make it back inm time, and meet up with the duelist who wants to kill my patron. He insults me and my companion, before saying "So, the rules of the duel are.." My smuggler casually yells "Draw" and puts a round through the duelists shoulder. He yelps and starts berating me "Don't you know that the duel hasn't even started yet? My smuggler decides to be double the smart-ass and says "How about now?" and puts a round through the OTHER shoulder. Needless to say, the duelist... er.. declined to follow through on his challenge. One of the funniest moments in MMO's I can remember.
  7. Considering there's a story out now that Kyrie would run his own practices with the team AFTER Steve Nash's.. this may be the warning shot that the Nets are going to play hardball.
  8. Yup. Nothing says "Knights of the Old Republic 2" more than "oops, you can't play the 2nd half of the game"
  9. Not as much as Pigskin 621 AD (otherwise known as Jerry Glanville's Footbrawl
  10. Subbed for now. Playing the SMuggler route to start. Thought about picking up the Switch version of I and II, but decided to hold off.
  11. Made a bunch of posts at my gaming blog, called "Wot I'm Playing". I have 10 games I am currently playing, several games I'm surprised I'm NOT playing, and games I'm looking forward to playing in the future. Here's the Games I'm Currently playing: BattleTech: Has it really been nearly SEVEN years since the BattleTech Kickstarter? Actually, yes, September 2015. Now, of course it took quite a while to come out (thanks to a lawsuit by HG (Harmony Gold, aka Hideously Greedy). But the game is still very good as a base. The Flashpoint, Urban Warfare and Heavy Metal DLC’s improving the game, and then the Mod Scene is out there for more… ambitious BattleTech Gamers (adding new timeframes, weapons and Mechs to the game’s sandbox mode). I’d LOVE a sequel, but BattleTech creators Harebrained Schemes has announced they’re not currently working on a sequel. Since the game’s release, they’ve been acquired by Paradox Interactive, and since Paradox own some OTHER classic RPG properties, could a World of Darkness game in the vein of their Shadowrun Returns series be a possibility? They did hint at one point they were working on a horror game. Monster Train: Sometimes, you want to spend hours lost in a game, or spend a ton of time working through a role-playing game. The equivalent of a gaming five-course meal. Other times, you want a self-contained game that takes an hour to play, and that’s if you make it to the end? You know, a quick but nutritious and satisfying meal? That’s Monster Train. If I have a free hour, I’ll load Monster Train, load my favorite factions, and try to win a run through (since I’ve developed a couple good strategies with my chosen factions, so it’s more likely than not). It’s a fun mixture of card-based games like Slay the Spire, and tower defense games (there are three levels that enemies will move through protecting your base. Solasta: Crown of the Magister: The funny thing is that if past me was guessing about what game based on fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons game I’d be playing in 2022, it wouldn’t be this one. But I’m still waiting on Baldur’s Gate 3 (The game is so huge, that I’m subconsciously waiting for the game’s full release, and I may be waiting a while longer for that) , and Solasta is surprisingly good. It has a 2nd Campaign DLC released, added some classes that were missing on release, and have released a Dungeon Editor. Haven’t quite finished the main campaign however. Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: You know a game is good when you are willing to overlook a bug that makes you downgrade your headphones to play. I’m the type of gamer that is right in Pathfinder’s wheelhouse, and the game is very good for those who don’t mind a full conversion of pen and paper rules to a computer game, which can lead to some… interesting interactions. The bug in my case is that for whatever reason, every few minutes while playing Wrath of the Righteous, my wireless headphones will just… shut off. No other game does that, and it happens whether I’m using them in wireless mode, or connected to the PC, so I would guess that it’s a bug in that game. Owlcat Games, who have recently moved their employees out of Russia due to the invasion of the Ukraine, have recently announced that they will be releasing a Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader game (using the game of the same name’s pen and paper rules as a base). Can’t wait. MLB The Show 22: I don’t know why, but I’ve just fallen out of “Must pre-order every year’s version of every sport” out there. Madden and NBA 2K22 both fell out of the yearly rotation because both games have spent the last five years or so hollowing out the single player game in order to boost their multiplayer lootbox experience. NHL has been gone for a couple years now, so out of the Big Five sports AAA-level releases, only MLB and FM are on the purchase list. While the single player (online and offline) mode is robust, there are some warning signs that they may be giving more attention to the lootbox side of the game. Again, with the short (3 inning) nature of some of the Diamond Dynasty online single player games it’s good for a short endorphin hit or repeated games if I have a lot more time to play, this can adjust to the time I have available. Football Manager 2022 – Here’s a humbling thought. In preparation for writing these articles, I went over my steam list of games, sorted by hours played, and did some quick math: Going back to Football Manager 2009 (the first game I bought on Steam), I have more than FOURTY THOUSAND HOURS (that’s 1,666.67 days, or pretty close to FIVE YEARS logged in these games. Of course, a lot of this was time spent sleeping or doing other things with the game running in the background (since it took so long to load the game and then the save, I saw no problem in leaving the game running while I did other things, like, you know, sleeping and/or working. But even then, that’s a SIGNIFICANT chunk of time spent playing one game series. And so far, it hasn’t disappointed. For one, they’ve avoided the trap of most other AAA-Level games, pushing lootboxes and online gaming pressure. Football Manager, at its core, is still a single-player game and long may it stay that way. Cyberpunk 2077 – Let’s be honest. Is this the game we all dreamt it would be? No. I don’t think any game is really able to live up to the hype for this game. Was it buggy on release? Oh heck yes it was. It’s been a rough year. Is it a good game NOW? Undoubtedly. It took them a long time to get here, with the next-gen upgrade, but Cyberpunk is (somewhat) living up to its potential. Interested to see where it goes in 2022. The downside is that most endings are still bummer endings, but then again, I guess that fits in the Cyberpunk mythos. Warhammer 40K: Chaos Gate: Daemonhunters – We have Space Marines. Turn Based Strategy. X-Com style Game Play without RNG-Shenanigans. Lovely ugly morbid enemies in the forces of Nurgle, Warhammer’s God of Disease and Decay. Yeah, this ticks off all the boxes. Game play can be kinda samey after a while, when it’s introduced all its units. Here’s hoping for expansions and new types of enemies and maybe a different type of Space Marines? Poker Quest – Another pick up and play for an hour, doing one run. Since the gameplay is based on poker, you’re open to a LOT more RNG-shenanigans then say, Monster Train or Slay the Spire. But I’ve put about a hundred hours in it. MMOs (World of Warcraft/Star Wars: The Old Republic) – Decided to lump these two in together because of their nature. Both are mostly played by me single player style to relax. I’m considering The Old Republic to be the placeholder for Knights of the Old Republic, and playing out all the individual stories. World Of Warcraft is coming off a less then stellar expansion, and we’re waiting for the next update to see where it’s going in the future. Wot I'm NOT Playing Total War: Warhammer 3: This one would shock past me. The third installment of the gaming tour-de-force offers the forces of Chaos, Ogres, Cathay, Kislev, and even a Daemon Prince you can customize for your own style of gaming. Yet it’s barely hanging on to the sizeable amount of my SDD that is currently holds. Why? Because a lot of the factions play very much the same. Or the Campaign that comes with TWW3 is a bit of distraction from the game’s core gameplay. Or the fact that all the factions in TWW3 are new, and old favorites won’t be available until the Immortal Empires beta comes out (currently planned for August of this year). The bugs. God the bugs. I’m pretty sure that once Immortal Empires is released, this game will rocket off this list and onto the Wot I’m Playing list, but you only get one chance to make a first impression, and for a game as hyped as TWW3 was, it’s a pretty blah start. Baldur’s Gate 3: Ok. Mea culpa. I really should have taken the warning that this was a sliver of the game in early access, and it would be quite a while before release. I didn’t think it would be THIS long, however. I played a bit when Early Access started, but I decided with the low number of levels and classes available, that this game would best be enjoyed fresh upon full campaign release. Of course, that is almost definitely 2023 or (gulp) later. Solasta: Crown of the Magister (which was in Part 1 of the Wot I’m Playing list) has filled the fifth edition D&D niche for now Blood Bowl 3: I was hyped to get into the Closed Beta, but I bounced off this game a bit. Why? Because it focused on a style of Multiplayer that I don’t like. Random games that don’t mean anything in a league basis. I’ll be playing BB3 when it comes out, but likely 95% of it will be in singleplayer, so this beta told me nothing on how the Singleplayer AI will provide a challenge. Wait and see. Back 4 Blood: A lot of this is on my gaming tastes changing a bit. “Left 4 Dead style gameplay, updated to modern graphics? SOLD!”. I forgot that Left-4-Dead style gameplay requires Left-4-Dead style AI, or worse yet, Left-4-Dead style PLAYERS. Yeah. After my second attempt ended with people yelling at each other, I uninstalled the game, and I don’t think I’m going back. Out of the Park Baseball 23: Past me is again screeching at me through the time-space continuum… “What? You’re burned out on OOTP????? Where’s the “Oh, let’s sim a league for a hundred years” type fun you loved the game series for, providing a baseball universe?” The problem is that OOTP seems to have caught the lootbox bug, and spent hundreds of hours on multiplayer gameplay, loot boxes and auction houses. Maybe it’s because they’ve crammed every feature that they think worthwhile into the single-player experience. Maybe the money from lootboxes and Auction Houses is too much for anyone to resist. However, while I’ve bought it, I haven’t opened it in a few weeks, and I’ve made a conscious decision to avoid Perfect Team completely this year. And What I'm Looking forward to playing in the future (Not an exhaustive list) F1 Manager 22: The folks behind the well-received Motorsport Manager game doing a full F1 game? Um.. tasty. Out soon too (August 25th). The gameplay looks similar Cyber League Football: Holy shit, an unofficial CYBERBALL sequel? I came across this during a random “What’s upcoming” Steam search, and immediately wish listed it Marvel’s Midnight Suns : You had my interest at “Superheroes meet X-Com” you have my attention with MARVEL Superheroes meet X-Com. Of course, the ultimate would be a XCom style Superheroes game that can handle any kind of hero, but One can dream Terra Invicta : Made by the folks who brought the uber-popular Long War mods for the XCom reboot series, this deals with a similar plot point (aliens are found on earth), but deals more with the politicking and strategizing of the factions on Earth that deal with said Aliens. Looking forward to it. Match Point: Tennis Championships : How long has it been since a truly good, accurate tennis game? Top Spin? Maybe back to Super Tennis (SNES?). Well, I don’t know if Matchpoint will break that dearth, but hell, it’s going to be on Gamepass so I’ll give it a chance World Championship Boxing Manager 2: Ok, this tickled my interest, a lot of it because it’s the direct sequel to a game from 1991. Thirty Plus years! We need more build-a-boxer type games, and while I have no idea if it will be any good, it’s worth a shot. TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge (yet another old-school beat-em-up, this time with the Turtles, April O’Neil, Casey Jones and… MASTER SPLINTER? YES PLEASE. (Technically, I should be playing, it came out mid-june, at the time I’m writing this) Rogue Trader (Owlcat Games transferring their style of game into the Warhammer 40K universe? YES PLEASE Knights of the Old Republic Remake: Remaking one of the best RPG’s ever with modern graphics and adding features that were not possible in the OX (Original Xbox) days? YES PLEASE TIMES TWO.
  12. Speaking of "not-a-good-look".. anyone see the result of the England-Baa Baas tilt? 0_o
  13. New Rule: Only folks who can do topes to the level of Darby Allin can call that the tope suicida. Actually, we need a tope ranking chart My suggestion (From High to Low) Tope Darby Tope Suicida Tope Peligroso Tope Mal Tope "Tope" Other thoughts: New and Innovative sell of the crotch shot as we get a two for one Yambag special. You KNOW Trips is watching and said to himself "Why didn't I ever think of that with Ol' Sledgy?" If we're going to put Dante up against the various members of BCC, he needs to form his own squad of High Flyers. Call it, I dunno, the Orlando Top Flight. Then run endless matches between the two groups. BCC! OTF! AEW! If I had the ability to speak matches into existence, please, give me Bear Country vs FTR. Just a 8 minute or so match. Give FTR a chance to work as the face side of their usual "Midnight Express vs Rock and Roll Express" techniques in the ring. Or perhaps Bear Country vs Swerve in Our Glory.. Come on, admit it, y'all want to see Bear Country and Keith Lee clubber each other senseless. I'm shocked that AEW hasn't trademarked and marketed a "It's Good to be a Baddie" T-shirt.
  14. Rather than edit my post, yet again, this is how crazy the England innings have been: edit: They have now shifted into full-fledged "Brian Lara Cricket" cheat-code mode. SIX! FOUR! SIX! SIX! SIX! FOUR! SIX! Livingston on 33 runs from just SEVEN balls. This is fucking nuts.
  15. So, the England One Day Team are playing a series against minnows Netherlands while the Test series is going on, and even with England's B-team, it doesn't look good for the Dutch. If you take the old saw about doubling a team's score after 30 overs as valid, England could put up 400 easily, as they are currently 208 for 1 after 28 overs. Edit:400-2 (with more than six overs left! The Guardian had a great analogy for this innings: Edit 2: CricInfo with the unexpected "Did they just say that????" Description of one blast.
  16. Arch Rivals? And as I was writing an article for my blog on what I'm playing in 2022, I'm struck by how I've pretty much dropped out of the yearly sports release window, at least of the AAA-releases. Madden? Nope. Bought it two-three months after release during a sale, and I do not even have it on my PS5 right now. FIFA? Nope. Haven't played it for several years (preferring Football Manager) NHL: Dropped out with the most recent release, I think a lot of the "Well, we're still working on the new-gen level of the game" pushed me away NBA? Barely, (waited until it was like $20, and that was only one season in the Create-a-Player mode. Not sure I'll do even that for the next version, I hate all the outside-the-game bull you need to do) Other then my text sims (TEW, OOTP, the Draft Day Sports series), it's only MLB and Football Manager. Now, it's likely because the ones above require so much more interactions online then those two. When I was younger, I thought being able to play a game of sports online against someone was the ultimate thing. Now it's a thing of dread. FM is 99% single-player, so I don't have that issue. And while MLB22 is increasingly online (while you don't need to play online games unless you're completionist), and I'm worried about their descent into lootbox-game, so far, it's avoided being such a blatant money grabber like the ones above.
  17. Not to say that this batting track in the 2nd trip is flat, but I hear the government wants to charge a toll, it's such a road...
  18. And even though I'm a Boston fan, stay classy Boston Fans. (Green fouling out, his going ranty ravey against the refs, and Boston fans telling Draymond that they'd like to have sexual intercourse with Green)
  19. Eleven fourth quarter points for the Dubs. That ain't gonna git r dun
  20. Well... Not a good look for major league rugby... As the top two teams in the West, Austin and Los Angeles have been disqualified from the playoffs due to salary cap shenanigans. Both teams are owned by the same person
  21. I think we have a candidate for goal of the season here. Scorpion Kick.
  22. Just think, just over six months ago, Cody Rhodes put himself back first through a god damn flaming table. And it pales in comparison to what he did tonight. I really hope it didn't make a bad situation worse. edit: I think this sums it up nicely. https://makeagif.com/gif/major-league-nice-catch-dont-ever-f-do-it-again-hd-1989-6FFtvu
  23. All balanced. Probably one session or less tomorrow, england need about 60 and 5 down.
  24. If 12-4 is New ZeaLOLand, 39-6 is New ZeaROFLMAOand
  25. So, Owlcat games, the folks behind the Pathfinder CRPG series, have announced their next game: Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader (another CRPG) Um.. wow
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