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  1. He cut out most of his antics but that's also part of what made him effective. Otherwise, he's a fourth line guy who will disappear for large portions of the season.
  2. If he's good enough, he'll overcome it. I think people need to relax with the overpraise for the gimmick. It's still yet to be seen if it translates to a larger audience.
  3. Nick Young will take all the stupid shots Kobe takes while Kobe is injured. He just won't make any of them! The only interesting thing about the Lakers to me is seeing Nash and Pau really play together to start the season without any concern about getting the ball to Dwight or Kobe.
  4. They could have picked better guys to be in the Wyatt Family.
  5. Dallas, LA, Portland and Minnesota will be battling for the 8th seed, IMO. It's hard to say what becomes of Denver. I think they slip but not all the way out of the playoffs.
  6. My premise would be that they built up a pretty deep team in terms of assets but mortgaged the future for that one cup in 1994. If you look at all the mismanagement during that year and beyond, it parallels to what WCW did when they were beating WWF. There's stuff that helped them win the cup (in theory) like trading Tony Amonte for Stephane Matteau and Brian Noonan. Doug Weight for Esa Tikkanen. To a lesser extent, Todd Marchant for Craig MacTavish and Mike Gartner for Glenn Anderson. They should have been able to build a team that won consistently. After the Cup win, they kept doing trades to acquire "big names" and signing big names. They traded Sergei Zubov and Petr Nedved for Robitaille & Samuelsson. Zubov was 25! It's bad enough when you focus on the trades they did make without going into the ones that they didn't make, like being unwilling to part with Manny Malhotra in order to get Pavel Bure from Vancouver. Bringing in Gretzky propped up this terrible strategy for a year because Gretz had that underrated playoffs in 1997. Bringing in Gretz might be like WCW bringing in Bret Hart, getting that one great buyrate out of him then wasting away his last few years.
  7. NBA : Michael Jordan scored 19 points in the final 6 minutes against the Vancouver Grizzlies to bring the Bulls back in 1995. The 4th quarter starts 3 minutes into this video: There was also a Grizzlies/Raptors game where Big Country scored like 40 points.
  8. One day I will write my masterpiece that compares WCW to the New York Rangers of the 90's.
  9. Full poster: Austin's "The blonds will rule, the others will drool" is also a top choice but you can barely see it.
  10. Off topic, I wish the text on my new avatar showed up clearer. Incase you can't read it, Ricky Steamboat is fired up for BattleBowl. Just look at his face, look at how fired up he is.
  11. I think I know who Swayze Express is! Gillis has made some tremendous depth signings for Forza Vancouver.
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