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  1. This has to top the action figures announcement as their biggest bust.
  2. Dana just announced that there would be no big announcement as planned as "we didn't get it done in time." L...O...L!
  3. UFC has signed 5'11" Russian heavyweight Konstantin Erokhin and he debuts against Viktor Pesta at UFC on FOX 14.
  4. It was a good stoppage. In the scramble, Brooks hit him with a monster right and Chandler had no idea where he was and just started waving his hands. There was no eye poke. I had Brooks up all three rounds before the stoppage in round four. Melvin Manhoef, never change! They should have him open every card in 2015.
  5. Sad to see Hunt go down, but at least he kept it intense and competitive during that first round. We always go to see the PPVs at our local Buffalo Wild Wings and last night we were literally the only people in this huge dining room left watching the show. Weird.
  6. It doesn't help that the day before he gave an interview where he said he was "an A league fighter stuck in the B leagues."
  7. A Brazilian news site is saying Douglas Lima's first defense of his WW title in Bellator will be against Paul Daley early in 2015.
  8. Because nothing says fringe like being hired by the preeminent sports broadcaster in the country. I doubt they are magically going to start covering the sport any more than they barely do now. And hiring the modern era's most caught PED abuser pretty much indirectly slams the sport that is barely seen as legitimate among ESPN viewers now. It is like hiring Pete Rose to cover baseball or Lance Armstrong to cover cycling. "But he is soooooooooo personable and brings the ratings," cry the Chael fans. No he's not and no he doesn't. All he brings are poorly recycled wrestling promos and a huge negative stigma about the sport.
  9. ESPN has hired Chael Sonnen to be an MMA analyst. And people wonder why the sport is on the fringe nowadays.
  10. It will be a lot of fun to see what they do, esp. after Dana's rant about Bjorn holding fighters who don't want to be there and saying, "We don't do that!"
  11. Cutler is just happy that big ol' contract he signed isn't really that much performance based.
  12. Guram Gugenishvili was killed in a car crash. He was M-1's Heavyweight champ and they wanted him to be the heir to Fedor. You might remember the M-1 shows on Showtime ran Guram is coming ads...and then he never debuted.
  13. Yup. I'd say we're finally done with Bisping, but the UFC will probably repeat the same routine all over again. Yes because he makes them money. Duh. Can this be proven? He hasn't actually headlined a card in the UK in years.
  14. Yup. I'd say we're finally done with Bisping, but the UFC will probably repeat the same routine all over again. Interesting fact: everyone Bisping has ever beat in the Octagon outside of Cung Le and Dan Miller are no longer in the organization.
  15. Tom DeBlass is out of the fight with King Mo due to a huge cut in training. Bellator has said they will keep Mo on the card and find someone new for him to beat.
  16. Vitor just got tested in Florida by representatives from Nevada for an upcoming fight in California.
  17. Well, Des Green just knocked out Miguel Torres brutally in under a minute.
  18. Like I said, I don't expect it to happen either. Siver is probably the most carefully vetted opponent McGregor has faced yet. But this is MMA and anything can happen, so I thought they'd lessen the chances for something crazy to happen. I mean, what if Conor turns out to be even less of a cardio machine and we don't find out until round 4?
  19. 5 rounds versus 3 rounds gives a greater option for a loss. Not that I think it will happen, but imagine Dana's tears if Siver got that spinning liver kick win with one minute to go in the fifth.
  20. Yeah, but you'd think the UFC would prefer giving McGregor three rounds versus five at this point.
  21. Agreed. Not sure why Siver/McGregor would get top billing over that fight.
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