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  1. Demarco Murray, man of class: http://gawker.com/nfl-player-reveals-racy-texts-between-wife-and-dallas-c-1667060864
  2. Jens Pulver is coming out of retirement to fight for OneFC again. Ouch. http://mma-in-asia.com/promotions/one-fc/jens-pulver-retirement-face-fransino-tirta-one-fc-26-indonesia/
  3. I like watching her fight, but Rose throws so many wild kicks that if she is in the finale against Esparza, it will be takedown city. And Esparza will be smart enough to not be subbed.
  4. They announced the undercard for next week's finale just now on FS1: Kagan/Hill Daly/Chambers Torres/Magana Calderwood/Seohee Ham Rawlings/Clark Herrig/Ellis
  5. It is just an insane system to me. For example, a woman ranked no. 2 in the brand new strawweight division will make more than someone like Benson Henderson. That is just weird and dumb.
  6. I agree and that already happens with UFC pay. Ronda Rousey already makes fifty times what Sarah Kaufman makes, so why reinforce it more? With the Reebok uniforms, everyone is wearing variants of the same thing so they should be paid equally. Now if their signature shirts end up taking off, that is a whole different ballgame.
  7. Yeah, this is going to absolutely murder most brands. The Affliction and Tapout era has long since waned, so interest was alreay at an all-time low (in the modern Zuffa era). Removing sponsors from TV will pretty much be the nail in the coffin for most of them.
  8. GLORY 19 that was advertised for next month has been delayed until February 2015.
  9. Ryan Bader vs. Phil Davis is official for the Sweden show. Oh, you poor Swedes.
  10. With Aikman and Joe Buck on commentary, you would think Dallas is leading by 4 touchdowns.
  11. Hell, Kid Yamamoto is still signed with the UFC? His last fight was in February 2012!
  12. That was just him trying to do PR for his BFF Chael. FRB has been wrong so many times ("CONFIRMED: Brock is in Vegas for the UFC!") that it is just lunacy that people still listen to him.
  13. Pretty sure they'll find a way to make his fight onto tonight's FS1 airing.
  14. He did show up in a Gracie Breakdown video a few weeks back. UFC: Where it is too damn hard to create new stars, we just import them.
  15. Jeez, I forgot Koscheck was with the company. Looking him up, he last fought in November 2013. Any reason for him being out a year?
  16. Huh? Jason Floyd @Jason_Floyd ยท 2h2 hours ago Episode 9 of TUF 20 draws 381k in preliminary ratings, lowest viewership of season.
  17. Bellator did double the average numbers that the UFC did on Saturday (1.2 million vs. 624,000) and peaked at 2 million viewers. WSOF was, uh, on TV (179,000 average). http://themmareport.com/2014/11/ratings-report-bellator-131-averages-1-2-million-peaks-at-2-million-ufc-180-prelims-draw-624k-and-wsof-15-had-179k/
  18. Jeez, Rampage is ahead of schedule with his "bitching about my current employer" routine.
  19. Crazy idea, but maybe they should get the deal done first and then plan the press conference? Wacky, I know.
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