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  1. Nice win for Larkin. I hope he has finally found his weight class as I love watching him fight.
  2. Jeez, was there some kind of FREAKY FRIDAY scenario that went down between Wilson and Geno Smith this past week?
  3. I love Joe Buck and Troy Aikman pretending they actually knew who McGregor was. "I've watched a lot of him doing that fighting thing and he is special."
  4. Wow, I'm amazed the refs are actually calling Seattle on all their cheating. Let's hope that continues in the second half.
  5. GIF of Wilder's mom: https://vine.co/v/OjwZxbAxbvz
  6. Poor Deontay Wilder wins a world title, only to see his mother die from the shock.
  7. Tell Rory a lot of people live in Boston? LOL! That was back to the title shot thing. Anyway, nice impression of a skeleton done by Lorenz Larkin at the weigh ins.
  8. Yeah, I am going to say that's not true. According to UFC President Dana White, heavyweight contender Alistair Overeem will get his chance to fight for UFC gold with a victory over Antonio Silva on the main card of UFC 156
  9. We had the discussion about the quickest turnaround when Cowboy took this fight and it looked like Leben had him beat. But someone actually did it one day faster than Leben: Chas Skelly did a 13 day turnaround last year.
  10. Jacare is out of his fight with Yoel Romero at UFC 184.
  11. Cain vs. Werdum is now looking at June 13 at UFC 188 in Mexico. I hope they book JDS on the same card for when Cain inevitably gets injured. Amazing they couldn't get Werdum a fight in between.
  12. 14-10 at the half just like Dallas-Green Bay. Expect Ty Hilton to not complete the process.
  13. I loved the call because it all resulted from Dez trying to be a glory hound.
  14. Hmmmm, refs didn't seem to want to pick up that flag on that obvious flop.
  15. If you spin it in the face of someone, yah.. that's always been the case. He spun it and it just happened to go in the direction of the dude. Refs must have the over.
  16. Collinsworth: He's no Dez Bryant. Michaels: But they didn't call anything on Dez Bryant. Collinsworth: Exactly. Michaels: It's at the discretion of the refs I guess.
  17. Refs now consider spinning the ball taunting...when you get down to the Patriots 1-yard line.
  18. Tom Brady - totally allowed to scream directly into a ref's face.
  19. Baltimore up 14-0 with all the calls going against the Patriots so far. Detroit was up 14-0 last week against the Cowboys. I'm sensing another 4th quarter screw job coming.
  20. Great vid showing Dana's hypocrisy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRd1pE4Ttto
  21. Last minute of this vid has the slo-mo replays: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCe7CkniOqw
  22. I'm calling it lackluster due to the actual fights (save the main event for a couple of rounds), not the number of people who saw it. Anyway, NSAC says it was simple an administrative error that they didn't inform Jones of the drug test failure before the fight. http://www.mmafighting.com/2015/1/7/7508009/nevada-athletic-commission-calls-jon-jones-drug-test-failure-an
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