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  1. Manuwa is out versus Shogun. OSP steps in.
  2. I thought the Newton/Vassell fight was really fun. The first two rounds had some great back-and-forth action on the ground with Newton escaping from some precarious positions.
  3. The curse of Dana mocking GSP, no doubt. Georges got that Canadian voodoo going, starting immediately with Anderson's leg break.
  4. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd Diego Sanchez is now off the card with a knee injury.
  5. Brad Tavares vs. Nate Marquardt at UFC 182.
  6. LMAO @ McGregor vs. Siver...
  7. If only trash talking mattered...
  8. HOLY MOLY! Mark this day down, the UFC admitted they actually screwed up.
  9. Walt Harris gets a quick return to UFC as he steps in to face Soa Palelei at UFC Fight Night 55. Erick Silva vs. Mike Rhodes at UFC Fight Night 58.
  10. Well, Walters just made a statement in that Donaire fight. His post-fight interview was hilarious as well since he talks a mile a minute.
  11. UFC signed Jared Cannonier and he debuts against Shawn Jordan at UFC 182.
  12. Other highlights include Andre Santos' "amazing" striking and Josh Neer getting into an argument with Big John.
  13. Rex should be happy as he is making history. Via Deadspin: "No team has ever run for 200 yards, held the ball for 40 or more minutes, and committed zero turnovers and lost a game. The Jets are the first."
  14. Who does your rankings? UFC has Rivera ranked No. 11. Sterling is not ranked anywhere in the top 15. The only other guy ranked higher he hasn't fought yet is Johnny Eduardo. I looked at Fightmatrix, which has Rivera at no. 27 and Sterling at no. 23.
  15. I get that Faber has beaten the top guys in the division, but they still could have given him someone higher ranked like, hell, Aljamain Sterling.
  16. Why is Faber fighting a dude who just lost his last fight?
  17. The only thing I remember from that season was Dana saying of the Junie Browning situation: "You don't vote him off, you beat him off."
  18. In news to crush every MMA fan's day, James Thompson is out of his fight with Houston Alexander.
  19. Daron Cruickshank vs. KJ Noons on the TUF 20 finale.
  20. Mayhem Miller is getting his annual standoff with the police on right now.
  21. Dana has said that Rory will get the winner of Hendricks/Lawler 2 and the fight will be held in Canada.
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