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  1. Seen some things saying he basically needs a miracle
  2. They whiffed on their top targets
  3. Did they have to peel him off the apron with a spatula?
  4. I don’t know, I think there is a big value add of potentially having two hours of ROH show taping with a live Rampage vs. two hours of YouTube tapings (which I enjoy but are mostly enhancement squashes). You’re likely to have more competitive matches, storylines/angles, title defenses. For people who were on the fence about a live Rampage, seeing familiar names and an actual advance ROH card could tip them into buying a ticket. Would it be worth the cost of travel for the company? That’s a fair question .
  5. Wish they could add Dynamite and Rampage too, that would be definitely worth $9.99/month since I’m about to cut the cable
  6. Admittedly I didn’t see the Impact match but at the end of the day I also picked FTR/Acclaimed because it was a huge match that played out like a huge match and really showed how far Acclaimed have come this year. I loved Mox-Soup too but FTR-Acclaimed was like a PPV main event level match on my TV for free.
  7. I’m still so sad that I missed being at this live.
  8. Nothing more relatable to the working stiff than being asked to work when you're sick because the boss needs a big favor.
  9. I looked and you're right, Rayne ate the pin, my mistake. I still think it didn't do anything to make Hogan look like she stood a ghost of a chance.
  10. I seem to recall that once Jade and Hogan faced off, Hogan got 2 or 3 spots in before being squashed?
  11. Stanford has institutional issues that are going to hamstring it in this new NIL era.
  12. The Austin AEW Jesus is actually on the private FB wrestling fan group I'm on and is a pretty chill guy.
  13. That's a really sharp drop for the women's promos and matches, damn. So much for Jade the mainstream star.
  14. Simple, brilliant, perfectly within character and storyline. So mote it be!
  15. Laredo, Texas is an interesting one, but that or McAllen/Harlingen are about the closest cities to Monterrey that they could run.
  16. We’re going to get chickenshit heel champ cheating/taking DQs/ducking matches to hold the belt for a while, unfortunately. Starks is going to hit the spear, go for a second, Max will pull the ref in the way and use the ring to win.
  17. Jungle Boy Jack, it was really nasty looking and not sure it didn’t shake JP up. Darby took some nasty bumps as well but they were all by choice, even if he fucked up a little on the dive to nowhere.
  18. Battle Royale was a foregone conclusion and not good even by battle royale standards, but I guess it set up/carried on some low and mid-card feuds and I love Dalton Castle and The Boys. I want a Butcher-Dustin match please. MJF is at least not trying for cool heel or tweeter heat anymore, so there’s that. He does his usual schtick minus the bidding war but with shooty comments and WWE references. Then Starks FUCKING BURIES HIM with nothing but the truth, delivered with heart and passion. Too bad he’s going to lose, but hopefully he will get his turn at the top soon. Mox is always great. Mox vs Takeshita is going to be amazing and I was really really sad for 10 minutes after it was announced because I want to be there live for that more than almost any potential match. Darby is going to be in a wheelchair by age 40 taking some of these ridiculous bumps. And I’m a sicko because I mark for it. He’s such a fantastic rag doll, which made Joe look even more violent and scary than usual. But that skateboard bump could easily have gone horribly horribly wrong and I think it’s luck as much as anything that it didn’t. Hayter-Shida will be good. I liked the BCC-JAS tag team match, yeah Jake was the weak link but he was not as weak a link as he was a few months ago, and Yuta-Garcia always are fun together. Danny sells a big back bump like Rick Rude sold an atomic drop. Good finish, but guess JAS retain at PPV. Glad to see that Jade got to get her heat back and look like a monster since they’ve been making her look so weak recently . Way to kill Hogan as a challenger immediately. At least Skye Blue got some good TV time and looked great working with Red Velvet. Already way over Britt-Saraya. Main event was fantastic, great action, great build, great story with FTR slowly working heel to get an edge, liked the flash finish. Caster was relatively kind with his disses on FTR in the rap, which was a nice touch with the ostensible face v face matchup. Jeff Jarrett can fuck off. But nice match reveal at the very end. Will I buy the PPV? No, gotta save money. Will I regret it? Yes. Last thing: Austin crowd did me proud, incredibly hot all night and no embarrassing signs.
  19. My first thought: son of a bitch, I knew I would regret not taking the financial hit and going to the show. My second thought: Matt D liked that match because Mox can control Takeshita’s excesses.
  20. Austin was where it all began, and Austin is where it’s tied up.
  21. They just put the World Title on the guy who, when things first started to fall apart in mid-Spring, was the guy who would have been wearing the belt at this point. Multiple feud possibilities here being set up. They did an audible and put the Tag Belts on possibly the hottest act in US wrestling with multiple feud opportunities tied in to their build, along with the FTR angle. They put the Women's World Title on the hottest wrestler in that division, who was built over the course of the year and now has two built-in feuds. They did all this while finding a way to keep one of their most recognizable performers hot feuding over a second-tier belt. Oh and all are people who would be considered "homegrown" acts. As others have pointed out, they've done a huge course correction while dealing with a massive number of injuries, tampering, and performer petulance.
  22. I did the math and I can't swing seeing this in person, but I am very excited to watch it on TV.
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