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  1. Makes sense since Nese is about as interesting as soy milk.
  2. Soooo, if there really is a chance that Punk returns, it has to be in LA to cost The Elite of their trios titles. That’s a license to print money if everyone will play nice.
  3. Even though I don’t want the Acclaimed to lose the titles for a while I love the idea of Mox-Claudio as a transitional tag champion to Top Flight, finally getting their big win.
  4. All the matches were great (excluding the squash), even if the Wardlow angle is totally weird. Really enjoy the ongoing elevations of Top Flight and Willow Nightengale. BCC-Top Flight was my MOTN, great to see the Martins go toe-to-toe and blow for blow in addition to their high flying offense. Meanwhile Mox and Claudio sell like champs while inflicting glorious wrestling violence. Claudio’s last uppercut was gnarly! Page and Bryan was solid, Page took a beating and Bryan gladly delivered. I hate the MJF in the skybox thing but it wasn’t nearly as bad as during the Mox buildup. The Regal Stretch (which I don’t think the announcers called) was a nice touch. One of these days Ruby will get some measure of revenge, right? I too assume this will setup another unsanctioned battle like last year, but with TayJay as the heels this time around. Hook and Jungle Jack are very popular with the fans, not so much with me. Main was a lot of BMMSM with a couple of big moves from Wardlow, well fought and laid out but the aftermath doesn’t make sense. Lastly, another classic Acclaimed music video, not only was Caster’s flow the best I’ve heard yet but it was a total ether job on Jarrett without one single falsehood.
  5. Battle Royales are what they are, at best you get some angle advancement and a good final showdown. We got that, along with a surprise win, so I’m fine with it. Happy for the ongoing elevation of Top Flight. HOB, specifically Malakai, are so bad they can ruin a fucking Eddie Kingston segment. Free Brody King. Jade is regressing. Vertvixen either sold like a champ or took some legit shots. Please get well soon Stat. Caster’s rap was perfect. Buried the other team, relevant shot at Texas, and then a hometown shoutout. Pop for governor of Texas! Bowens looked good and the announcers put him over. Billy Gunn is largely immobile but has good punches and bumps well. Lethal is what he is, an excellent wrestler with a hit-or-miss finisher and what I learned is a sketchy past. And as my fellow Texans shouted, Jarrett sucks. Fine match, but Jarrett leeching heat from the hottest act in pro wrestling is bullshit.
  6. Hayter-Shida was everything it was said to be, what a fantastic hard-hitting match! Kind of hate that the show didn’t get to end with Hayter getting to celebrate.
  7. Wow, that Keith Lee/Rick Ross/Swerve/white dudes segment was truly awful until the cinder block stomp.
  8. Was it Scott Steiner who made Ice Train cry in the ring?
  9. Texas had an offensive tackle a few years back that Charlie Strong nicknamed NCAA for “No Contact At All”.
  10. Oh yeah, that part was great! Sorry, I thought someone else was underwhelmed by Andretti and thinks Starks deserves better.
  11. Yeah, it was kinda bad and made Ricky look weak way more than making Andretti look legit.
  12. Wish I had clicked on this last night so I could've laughed at the Arch rumors. Texas got all 21 off their verbal commitments to sign today, and may be getting one more. Lost out on a couple of other guys we were trying for. Auburn and Oregon are shamelessly dropping bags the past couple of days.
  13. He’s got those toaster strudels in the background. Definitely eats like a single dude in his mid-20s.
  14. That’s funny since I had Sunday Ticket free for at least 2 years with DirecTV
  15. Plus Dicker the Kicker gets another game winner in San Diego. Love seeing a UT folk hero getting a run in the NFL.
  16. Hey, I saw Exodus Prime a couple of weeks ago when I saw the free local indie show!
  17. I need to stop talking shit about Ethan Page as an in-ring character because I have a bunch of vintage action figures I’d be willing to sell to him and other AEW wrestlers.
  18. Opener had some good early action, for just a minute I was buying a legit Jackson injury and was secretly hoping for Cutler to get involved. As someone else said laying out the escalating stips for matches 5-7 basically guarantees it’s going to happen (not that we had any doubt it was going 7). Really wish we could just have a fun Rey Fenix singles run. Mox and BCC promos were good, I know some people don’t like them as a.group and I just don’t get that take. Anyway, I get the sense they’re going to be more of an affiliation than a tight faction moving forward. MJF talks, starts ok but in MJF fashion just keeps going and going and I lean on that sweet FFWD for the last 2 minutes of yapping. Jeff Jarrett, in classic Jeff Jarrett fashion, finds a way to leach from/leech onto the hottest act. How the fuck did we end up trading William fucking Regal for Jeff fucking Jarrett? Jungle Boy-Brian Cage was a perfectly good David v Goliath match between someone I’m meh for and someone I don’t care a whit for. HoB yawn. Free Brody King. Ruby-Tay was a lot of fun, good violent brawl with a good amount of hate. The judo throw was a very nice touch, as was the Gotch-style piledriver. Skye Blue interrupting Britt and talking shit to get her to wrestle on Friday was great. I’m kind of hoping it’s a set-up but I don’t know what for. Jericho-Andretti was a shocker, I knew it wouldn’t be a total squash and then I thought that Jericho was just being extra giving to make his opponent look good and then HOLY SHIT. I thought it was a good match, I think Andretti is fine but Jericho put in a ton of work to help get him over. Now we need AR Fox to actually get a TV win. MJF has started caring again, he’s notably leaner and more chiseled than earlier this year. I really liked the match, MJF working an old school American Heavyweight title match style was oddly refreshing and also very in character. I don’t know that he really did much to elevate Ricky though, other than cheat to win. My prediction is Bryan beats MJF to a point where he gets DQ’ed because he is more wanting to destroy MJF for what he did to Regal than winning a belt. Then MJF takes 4 months off because he’s wrestled his 3 matches for the half-year.
  19. Some people from a FB wrestling fans group I’m in was there and the chant was 100% legit and he also says his group kind of got it started. They were in the fourth row on hard camera, one had the “Ruby So-ho-ho” sign. Think they’re just a bunch of garage punk folks who love pro wrestling.
  20. WWE is just mad they aren't getting a taste. They had no problem for a long time teaching models to wrestle and giving them a push coincidental with them being in Playboy.
  21. isn't there a embedded tweet with a clip where the cameras caught Mox going for his blade again? Like he's grabbing something with his teeth from his wrist tape, and at that time his head isn't bleeding.
  22. Since gifs are frowned upon, I’ll have to say “why not both?l”
  23. I was laughing at how there was a third wave of Washington players just casually trotting onto the field like "well, I guess I have to represent but I'm not putting any effort into it"
  24. Since I missed watching the whole show before the Rampage thread closed, I’ll add my thoughts here. Mox-Soup was another great match and I’m so looking forward to when Takeshita finally gets that big win. Mox blading from a big boot was pretty funny though. Bunny-Shida was a fun match, Allie is a really great character in ring and a pretty good wrestler so she added a lot of entertainment to what was a foregone conclusion. Meteora from ring apron to floor was a great spot, and that might have been the best I’ve seen Shida’s finisher look. Tyga and Big Bill squash was a very good squash, probably something that should’ve been on YouTube but gave the crowd a break before the main. Big Bill was really good reacting and hyping from the ring apron, and they have some promising starts to some fun double-teams. Main was probably the least of the recent amazing OC run. The opening comedy section was fun, and Trent chopping the ring post sounded like it was solid contact. The middle section got a little janky at times, didn’t always flow smoothly. Ford going to get BBB made a lot of sense and I’m down for a Best Friends-Butcher and Blade match. The little story at the end with T7 blocking the first DDT attempt was a good transition to the finish section of a match whose outcome was never in doubt.
  25. Too bad I'm not in the other division.
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