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  1. Also, we may as well start sharing our island codes.
  2. I'm tempted to get my own Switch so I can play Animal Crossing on it separate from my daughter's island. Not that I don't mind being a part of her island, but the way my custody schedule works is that I get her every Monday and Tuesday and then every other Friday through Sunday. So there's large gaps in time where she isn't playing and the island doesn't advance when I'm playing my character. The alternative is that I could just play her own character, but I do think it would be fun if she could play on the TV or handheld and then I could play on the TV or handheld and we could just visit each other's islands. The co-op play kinda sucks as is so that would be a way around all of that, albeit an expensive way around it.
  3. I had written a lot about season 2 as it was going on. A couple others did too, I think. Yeah, that whole second season is an illogical mess. I hated Meryl Streep, the cover-up story is so dumb, all of the flashbacks are hilariously bad, and so on. One of the other people on here talking about mentioned or linked to an article about why season 2 was such a mess. It all starts with the fact that the first season covers everything in the book and so the second season is all new material, which never works well. In addition, the reason why there were so many flashbacks was because of fighting between the new showrunner (David E. Kelly left the show after the first season) and the producer for it. I hate watched that season from beginning to end and it was rarely good from what I can remember. It never needed a second season. It would be like if they did a second season for Sharp Objects. By the way, you might like Sharp Objects if you never read the book. I thought the series wound up being better than the book, but that's what happens when Amy Adams is the star of it. It's on HBO.
  4. I still liked it a lot, but it's easily the most confounding movie I've ever seen. There were so many times I thought, "what in the fuck is going on and why is this happening" or so many times I laughed at shit like the Macguffin dagger having a little thing that extends out to match an outline of the crashed Death Star. The movie would be dragging badly, then get fun an interesting, and then the fucking characters are sinking in space quicksand where they then fall through to the exact spot they needed to get to. I still don't know if I can call it good or bad, but I at least enjoyed it. At the same time I know that this final movie could have been a million times better. Trevorrow's script isn't perfect, but I think you can take elements from it and combine it with a little bit from the JJ Abrams script and come up with a better movie.
  5. When you mentioned that I instantly remember Caleb removing his helmet and looking at the sensors in his helmet. I forgot about that until now.
  6. I already can tell that's going to hit me in the feels pretty hard.
  7. Oh ok, that makes sense then. The scene made it look like a real world scenario and I didn't even think that Caleb was inside a park.
  8. I'm not playing any wrestling games at the moment, but Fire Pro and WWE 2K19 both stare at me from the coffee table while I play FF7. At some point I'll get back to Fire Pro and probably 2K19. I also know that I own Here Comes the Pain, but I have no idea where it is. I'd like to play that again too just to see what it was like. Also, regarding Rage in the Cage, that was something I always wanted for the Sega CD, but I never got to play it before I traded away my Genesis and Sega CD. Also, funny story about trading that stuff away, it was to get a Playstation and this one wrestling game for the Playstation that was based off of Toukon Retsuden. It had really generic dudes in it with names like Chain Gang, but I dug the hell out of it back then. Not so coincidentally, my first Nintendo game was NES Pro Wrestling. I didn't get the NES with the Mario/Duck Hunt combo. I got the plain old NES and Pro Wrestling and I played it a ton.
  9. I'm still stuck on Dolores meeting/seeing Caleb years earlier when she hadn't even been on the mainland for that long. I liked the season overall, I liked the finale, but that one thing has really stuck out. I don't see how that makes any sense. At first I thought it was human Dolores and wondered if all of the hosts were based on humans, but then it becomes clear that, no, that's host Dolores with some other girls, but it all had to have happened so long ago so how does it work for her to be there when she should have still been in Westworld before Westworld went to shit?
  10. I think I may like Havoc in AEW even less than Janela. At least with Janela I think you can mold him into something that works. I don't know if the same thing can be said for Havoc.
  11. Speaking of BTE, I about died during the Private Party segment when "Whoop That Trick" started playing. I have no idea how they avoided a YouTube strike/takedown for using that track. And if you don't know what Whoop That Trick is, you need to go and watch Hustle and Flow. NSFW Anyway, all of the Private Party stuff reminds me a lot of what Donald Glover was originally going for with Atlanta, which was hood Twin Peaks.
  12. Dude, that's not fair. Don't put that on anyone. It's not like he was calling Janela any names or anything like that. He typed out a detailed response to you explaining why he doesn't like Janela. Just because it may match some of what Cornette has said about Janela, and to be fair, I only know of the names Cornette has called Janela, doesn't mean he agrees with Cornette. We're all capable of having fully formed opinions.
  13. I would die if somehow HHH and Steph beat Conrad to the punch for getting that 6-man belt.
  14. BTW, this is going back to the whole argument of why did Omega let a job guy get in so much offense against him, but I had another take that I never saw. I disagree with all of the outrage (for lack of a better term) towards Omega letting someone get in that much offense. As many others stated, Flair and plenty of others have done the same. The way I see it is like this: Yeah, Flair or Bret or Omega or HHH or whoever could just steamroll an opponent, but how does that prepare them for bigger matches? I always kinda saw it as those top guys letting their opponent get their licks in so that those top guys could toughen up for bigger matches, know what to do when put in dangerous situations, know how to withstand submissions, etc. It's the same thing as MMA fighters training and defending against submissions or sparring. I don't really have a problem with top wrestlers appearing to have some struggles against lesser opponents because it's all just preparation for the bigger match. Ultimately, it's an exhibition. This is all probably just "head cannon" on my part, but it's how I tend to look at it and it makes me feel comfortable with what I'm seeing.
  15. How many of those quests winds up ending at Conrad's house?
  16. All of this. Someone get Janela an entire drawer full of Zubaz pants and have him wear sleeveless t-shirts. And not baggy t-shirts either because it's not like Janela is fat. Have him wear some Under Armor bullshit or something. I mean, that's my vision for dudes like Janela living in NJ anyway - Zubaz and Under Armor.
  17. Man, Kross' entrance was awesome and he looks like he belongs in WWE, but with that entrance, his look, his whole presentation, just the complete package, why not just bring him up to the main roster? Seems dumb to waste this kind of debut in NXT. Raw and SD have sorely lacked debuts like Kross' and the weeks that have lead up to it. Even still, he's a shot in the arm for NXT, which has felt extremely bland and stale. I'm pretty much over Dream and none of that has to do with the recent allegations against him. Me being over him has been built up since he returned and this was pretty much the end of it. It's crazy. I can't think of someone else who rose so high before being injured and then falling so low after his injury. Like, he couldn't do anything wrong before his injury and now he looks bad in the ring his character is shitty. Maybe being booked as the face in the feud with Strong had something to do with that, I don't know. @Hagan is right.
  18. Maybe their perspective isn't anything that you mentioned or that anyone else mentioned, ie Cornette, things Janela does outside of AEW, etc.
  19. I loved the main and it was nearly perfect for me. I laughed my ass off at so much absurd shit that went down during that match. The one thing I wanted though, the only thing I didn't get and I understand why it didn't happen, but I fucking wish Hangman would have rolled up in his truck to try to even the odds against the Inner Circle. That would have been awesome.
  20. Also, I think Janela is a prime example of someone hurt by Larry Sweeney's passing. As it is, he also looks like he's doing a tribute to Larry, but man, if Larry were still around, I could see him in AEW managing someone like Janela.
  21. Why do some of you keep bringing up Cornette with regards to my criticism of Janela? I don't even listen to anything Cornette says anymore because he's a piece of shit. I couldn't care less what Cornette says. And my criticism is of Janela in AEW. I couldn't care less about his JJSB matches or any of his hardcore/death match stuff. It sucks that he had issues with depression, but none of my criticism has to do with how happy he looks in AEW. Also, is a 450 really a barometer of someone's athleticism? Does that make a bunch of shitty backyarders with zero stamina athletic because they can do a 450 too? Pretty much this. It's good to see him in the gym, but the dude moves around in the ring and runs like Titus O'Neil. He just looks...clumsy. There's something about his posture when he's moving around that, like you said, makes him look like he has a stick up his butt. His ring attire doesn't help either. Who cares if his gimmick is that he's a beach bum or a dirt bag? Sandman was a dirt bag too, but at least his attire enhanced that appearance. Janela's attire makes him look like trailer trash stumbling over to the gas station for a pack of Marlboro Reds.
  22. To be clear, my dislike of Janela in AEW has nothing to do with Cornette. I just think in AEW he fucking sucks and is the least motivated guy in that company. He wrestles and looks like dogshit. I don't know what he was trying to do in his match with Cody, but Cody had to bail him out a couple times. He's doing a sawed off version of 1997 Jericho while having less than half of the athleticism of modern day Jericho. The Best Friends on the other hand are awesome and I hope they're the next tag champs.
  23. Skipping all of the comments because I've only watched up to Frankie vs Mox, but Janela fucking sucks. I look at so many other people brought up from the indies to work for AEW and Janela looks like he has put in the least amount of effort or work into the ring work, his ring shape, his character, etc.
  24. You can also tell how brainwashed (maybe not the right word, but let's go with it) the Revival were because one of them mentioned he was leaning towards re-signing because he was unsure of life after WWE and he needed the money because he has a family and all that. Not everyone thrives outside of WWE, but if you're talented enough it's definitely possible. The Revival fall in that category and they know others who have made it, they have a built in feud with the Bucks, and even then they worried about life without WWE. Now it makes far more sense because of the pandemic and everything, but before now? They could have gone anywhere. And props to Dash or Dawson's grandma (I forget which said it) for asking, "how much money do you need?"
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