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Impact Wrestling - 2/23/21

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Fun show with a bunch going on/setup for next week and beyond. Good job making Jake seem like a bigger deal in the main event mix. Swinger and Swinger's Palace continues to rule. Laughed out loud at D'Amore mocking the "eye for an eye" match stipulation. Jazz/Jordynne vs Kimber/Susan my favorite match of the night, still a great knockouts division. Susan is greatness in all her characters. Liking the Jazz & Jordynne team a lot, they fit well together. the Tonys joined by random members of the AEW roster for the paid ad this week was amusing.




Before the Impact Preshow Match: Johnny Swinger def. Fallah Bahh (5:39) via pinfall with feet on the ropes after Fallah missed the Banzai Drop.

Impact Wrestling - Airing February 23, 2021

*Jake Something def. Deaner (9:25) in a Tables Match after a black hole slam through a table. After the match, Moose speared Jake through a table. Moose then sat in the ring and declared there would not be a show tonight until he gets his world title shot. Scott D'Amore came out and told Moose that Rich Swann wasn't cleared and not in the building. Jake Something got up and wanted to fight but refs held him back. D'Amore announced that since Moose wanted a world title match, he was officially recognizing the TNA Title that Moose carries around as a world title and he would defend tonight against Jake Something.

*Chris Bey, Black Taurus, & Ace Austin (w/ Madman Fulton) def. Trey Miguel, Josh Alexander, & Willie Mack (12:56) when Bey pinned Mack after the Art of Finesse.

*The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) def. XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D) (5:47) when Anderson pinned Larry after the Magic Killer. 

*Brian Myers introduced Mark Sterling as his lawyer, who claimed an unsafe working environment in Impact led to Myers receiving damage to his eye and leaving him not cleared to compete.

*Eddie Edwards def. Hernandez (w/ Brian Myers) (2:41) after the Boston Knee Party off the 2nd rope.

*Jazz & Jordynne Grace def. Kimber Lee & Susan (12:38) when Jordynne pinned Susan with the Grace Driver to become #1 contenders to the knockouts tag team titles.

*Moose(c) def. Jake Something (6:58) after the Spear to retain the TNA World Title. After the match, Moose attacked Jake with a steel chair until Rich Swann made the save. Swann and Moose were separated by security until Scott D'Amore came out and announced Moose vs Swann for the Impact Worlds Championship will headline Sacrifice on Impact+ on March 13.


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