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The title of this theme could be referring to this piece or the meta of how long it takes me to actually finish any projects but life… ya know…

Anyway – I go through this list (and the DVDVR #100) way more than any sane person should. Or really any insane person either. I care about things that no one else does or notices. Why I make things harder on myself is a damn fine question and if my brain ever comes up with a good reason, I will be sure to share it. It has been during these many reviews that I realized that at no point had a Misawa/Kobashi match been picked. I think I just always assumed one was picked in the original 100. (Only recently when putting up DVDVR back issues on the site did I remember Dean’s absolute hatred of Kenta Kobashi.)

There are many more of those “well this seems kinda obvious” picks. Enough that I could get a whole theme out of it so here we go. Break time is over.


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