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TNA iMPACT Spoilers for 3/14/24 - Windsor, Ontario

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TNA iMPACT - Airing March 14, 2024 from Windsor, Ontario, Canada

*Mustafa Ali(c) def. Chris Sabin (10:00) via rollup with feet on ropes to retain the X Division Championship

*Josh Alexander came to the ring for a promo and called out Hammerstone. Alpha Bravo w/ Oleg Prudius interrupted allowing Dirty Dango to try to attack from behind but Josh tossed him from the ring. Santino Marella came out to make a match...

*Josh Alexander def. Oleg Prudius (w/ Alpha Bravo) (1:00) via ankle lock submission

*Crazzy Steve cut a promo on the stage until being confronted by PCO.

*Frankie Kazarian def. Ace Austin (w/ Chris Bey) (9:05) via crossface chickenwing submission. After the match, Kazarian attacked Bey until Eric Young made the save.

*AJ Francis def. Joe Hendry (6:14) with a chokeslam after Rich Swann interfered and turned heel on Hendry. 

*Spitfire (Dani Luna & Jody Threat) def. Bea Moss & Vanna Black (2:10) while MK Ultra watched from ringside and Decay watched from the stage. 

*Tasha Steelz came to ringside for a promo, pointing out that she wasn't pinned at Sacrifice so she's challenging Jordynne Grace to a title match next week.

*Nic Nemeth & Speedball Mountain (Speedball Mike Bailey & Trent Seven) def. Steve Maclin & The Rascalz (Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz) (14:17) when Nemeth pinned Maclin with the Danger Zone after the Rascalz walked out on Maclin following Maclin accidentally hitting Trey with a suicide dive. After the match, The System (Moose, Eddie Edwards, & Brian Myers w/ Alisha) attack Nemeth, Speedball, & Seven. Moose laid out all three by hitting them with the world title as the System stood tall.


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Pretty good Impact here. I liked the various forms of promos throughout the night with Josh in the ring, Steve on the stage, and Tasha at the commentary table in addition to the various backstage stuff.

Kinda wanted to see Josh and Oleg go for a bit but it was over quick.  Digging Kazarian's new theme, solid match with Ace.

Didn't see Rich Swann turning heel, that's an interesting twist after being face for so many years. Fun trios main event but sad to see the Maclin/Rascalz unit come to an end. 

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