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Found 9 results

  1. The idea for this topic only came to me today. The topic title is taken from what The Joker says in The Dark Knight (2008) and yes, I had to throw a Batman reference in there :)! Times are so tough with the global coronavirus pandemic. We've all been affected by it, some more than others have lost loved ones. I lost my cousin and a family friend to it. For those reasons, I hope this thread of funny moments in wrestling history will raise smiles/laughter in this darkest of times. That's the hope anyway. Here's my two to kick things off: The 1992 Royal Rumble match. Bobby Hee
  2. Hi folks, since I'm partly responsible for the thread getting closed, I feel it only right that I go to the trouble of starting a new one wherein we can discuss wrestling books. But first, (and Phil or DEAN may choose to over-ride me on this), but as a professional in the book biz, I write, edit, and publish books for a living and (have since 1986 with it being my sole source of income since about 2003), I am perhaps uniquely sensitive to copyright issues but here's the nuts and bolts: Sites providing pirated copyrighted content are as verbatim as those providing illegal downloads of game
  3. I don't trust the board to lock and unlock threads properly at midnight so starting these now. Also, It would be really swell if some of you stopped posting via Speak N Spell
  4. The intention of these threads when they were initially started many moons ago was to post interesting/cool photos stolen from Reddit and maybe have some discussion around them as seen fit That isn't what they have been for far too long. Instead now it is a constant spamming of photos of people we find sexually attractive. (Not to mention the constant ignoring of my request to use spoiler tags for a variety of reasons.) So consider this your one month morning. If things continue as they have been, there won't be a February thread.
  5. God - it's 2019 already We are all fucking old
  6. So many people are saying they want to post more about the rasslin' they're watching. Do it. I watched Drake Younger vs. Abdullah Kobayashi from last year. Younger took a hypodermic needle in his throat. I thought that spot was dumb. I actually dig deathmatch stuff, and the whole match wasn't totally bad, but sometimes it feels like circus geeks would be laughing at these guys. I watched Okada vs. Goto from last year too. I'm not buying Okada yet as a great wrestler. He's not bad, he's just not the total package I was told he was. I've been watching a lot of 2012 Japanese stuff. I'm strug
  7. I heard y'all are the guys to come.to for this sort of thing. Kingdom Wrestle Pro is, in my eyes, the epitome of shoot style. They only had 13 shows, all in 97-98. I currently have the the first two shows and would do God damn just about anything to find the rest:
  8. The title says it all. We all know the in-ring aspect of wrestling isn't everything but it damn well has to be something. A lot of the connection between a wrestler and their fans is how they portrays the character's physicality. In other words MOVES ARE COOL. Name some great wrestlers with great move sets.
  9. The Last Round Podcast www.lastroundpod.com iTunes: Search The Last Round Guest List: Jim Ross, Mike Tyson, DDP, Road Warrior Animal, George Steele, Tully Blanchard, The Godfather, B. Brian Blair, Victoria, Koko B Ware, Honky Tonk Man, Tons OF UFC Fighters, Boxers and Pro wrestlers Most recent episode: The Godfather WWE HOF http://lastroundpod.com/tlr-39-the-godfather-wwe-hof-kelly-mcgill-invicta-fc Jim Ross: http://lastroundpod.com/tlr-14-jim-ross-good-ol-jr-wwe-legend Animal LOD: http://lastroundpod.com/tlr-33-road-warrior-animal-legion-of-doom-joe-laurinaitas Mike Tyson: http://lastro
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