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  1. Okay - I realized I do need to do these EXACTLY like the TNA threads (thanks for the model Dream Broken) for those that don't want spoilers but want to discuss current shows. So the results that will air on 11/11/15
  2. Tonight's NXT tapings were pretty newsworthy. Some set up to UK takeover and and epic main event for the 11/19 tapings. Also the crowd was at it's absolute worst, at least the 20-50 hard cam annoying ones.
  3. I haven't figured out the best way to do NXT threads yet and this is the perfect time for me to try this out. So for now - I will break them into Quarters. It might turn into monthly. All I know is the last thread was way too unwieldy. (Takeover shows will still get their own thread) Plus I had a random thought but it would get lost in the shouting over which NXT wrestler would one fuck last. More on that in a sec.
  4. So, apparently the Japan show with Brock/Kofi is going to air on the Network as a live special at 6:30am ET. - Lucha Dragons vs. Los Matadores- Divas Title: Nikki Bella vs. Paige vs. Naomi- Tag Titles: New Day vs. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro- Chris Jericho vs. Neville- Brock Lesnar vs. Kofi Kingston- John Cena & Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane & King Barrett- NXT Title: Kevin Owens vs. Finn Balor
  5. There is no way I could do a week of dancing gimmicks and not include Emma. Sweet, adorable, dopey Emma. This last one is clearly Emma catching you masturbating and is displeased with your lack of progress.
  6. NAKAMURA vs. SHELTON BENJAMIN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWjJMdjS4nU NEVILLE vs. GRAVES
  7. Chris Hero vs. Ray "Death" Rowe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C40emXJmKn4 YES! YES! YES! YES!
  8. DEVITT vs. DUNKAN DISORDARLY(Who just beat Khan Kussion for worst name) ZAYN vs. COREY GRAVES
  9. RIPPA RETRO NXT WORKRATE REPORT – APRIL 24, 2013 (by PHIL RIPPA) This is the NXT “Clash of the Champions”. For some reason I am little sad about them doing this gimmick but we shall see. Maybe because I know Ric Flair won’t be in the main event. WHAT WORKED US TITLE MATCH – Antonio Cesaro vs. Adrian Neville. The match goes here. The awkward scroll they had to run is going on the other half of the column. Hey! Neville is still half of the NXT tag champs. Poor poor taping months at a time. Dammit – I promised that would be on the other half of the column. Anyway – this is really good. Ces
  10. RIPPA RETRO NXT WORKRATE REPORT – APRIL 17, 2013 (by PHIL RIPPA) WHAT WORKED Look at that – Justin Gabriel vs. Leo Kruger… again. I guess since Mania is over, they can get back to all the random feuds that were happening. I am at the point where they space out these matches far enough that I may be watching the same match over and over and I just don’t remember it. It is perfectly fine but we are now getting to the point where South Africans only work South Africans on NXT. Much like African Americans only tag with African Americans on RAW. See now – making a video package that involves th
  11. RIPPA RETRO NXT WORKRATE REPORT – APRIL 10, 2013 (by PHIL RIPPA) So fucking behind. I had planned on cranking a few of these out during the Winter Break but I broke the W key off my laptop and I wasn’t trying to write one on my iPad so I delayed and delayed. I mean doing a “W”orkrate Report on “W”restling was going to be a challenge. Though at some point I am going to have to accept that challenge and see how creative I can get. WHAT WORKED Holy Shit - the hype video for the Regal/Ohno match is off the charts great. My favorite part (which I missed last time) is that Regal clearly gets a s
  12. NXT RETRO WORKRATE REPORT – January 30, 2013(by PHIL RIPPA) Okay – just for the record for those too lazy to look but are anal like me (not that kinda anal you pervs), the brackets for the tag title tournament is (since they finally showed a graphic this week). Wyatts vs. Percy/Yoshi (Wyatts already advanced)Bo Dallas/McGillicutty vs. The ColonsAlex Riley/Derrick Bateman vs. Leo Kruger/Kassius Ohno3MB vs. Neville/Grey (Neville & Grey already advanced) WHAT WORKEDThe Riley/Bateman vs. Kruger/Ohno match was not perfect but there was enough going for it that I liked it. It’s good that Bateman
  13. RIPPA RETRO WORKRATE REPORT – APRIL 3, 2013 (by PHIL RIPPA) Into April! Only Eight Months Behind! WHAT WORKED Poor poor crippled Oliver Gray. Replaced by Bo Dallas. Why they haven’t stripped them of the tag belts yet is beyond me. Anyway – it’s Dallas/Adrian Neville vs. The Wyatts. I have already mentioned how much I like Neville against the Wyatts, especially a Neville vs. Harper so the key really for me is as long as Dallas doesn’t muck things up this will be good. And it is. I could watch Neville selling Harper’s Big Boot on a loop. Adrian Neville – Face In Peril is better than Bo Dalla
  14. NXT RETRO WORKRATE REPORT – MARCH 28, 2013 (by PHIL RIPPA) Yeah… yet again reminded why I really need to write these things as I am watching them. Especially this episode, now I gotta remember what happened. Stupid Road to Wrestlemania. WHAT WORKED Why isn’t Howard Finkel doing the ring intros full time? If you really aren’t going to spend the time to train new guys (or transitioning an aging vet to something else – like Christy Hemme in TNA) there isn’t any reason to not let Finkel collect extra cash while giving all the matches a bigger feel. Natalya vs. Kaitlyn was fine. I probably wo
  15. RIPPA RETRO NXT WORKRATE REPORT – MARCH 20, 2013 (by PHIL RIPPA) In the full disclosure department – this is the one episode of NXT that I have watched before. Way back when, when I was rummaging around Hulu, I randomly decided to watch NXT and I picked this episode because the screen cap was nothing but William Regal’s face. It turned out to be a great choice because this episode is fucking awesome. WHAT WORKED Justin Gabriel vs. Leo Kruger starts the show… again. What is interesting is that originally this all started because of Kruger attacking Tyson Kidd and even though that only happe
  16. NXT RETRO WORKRATE REPORT – MARCH 13, 2013 (by PHIL RIPPA) WHAT WORKED Kassius Ohno vs. Derrick Bateman opens the show. I won’t complain though I am really not sad that Bateman is now on Impact where it is so easy for me to ignore him. And God Bless – his punches were definitely destined to get him a TNA contract. Every time Ohno is on a show you have moments of William Regal selling “Can we just move on before I have to beat his ass?” In fact the only reason this is up on this side of the report is the after match stuff with Regal storming the ring to stop Ohno from beating on Bateman and
  17. RIPPA RETRO NXT WORKRATE REPORT – MARCH 6, 2013 WHAT WORKED Show opens with Dusty Rhodes ON THE STICK~! Since it is just Dusty by himself this week – I will give him a pass on booking the same triple threat match from last week. But hey – Dusty is paying out of his own pocket for extra security. We get a fatboy Kassius Ohno interview to continue the slow burn for Ohno vs. Regal. I liked the inclusion of referencing Richie Steamboat not being around. So who gets to squash Yoshi Tatsu this week? The winner is… LEO KRUGER! COME ON DOWN! As opposed to the tag match below, I don’t mind this k
  18. NXT RETRO WORKRATE REPORT – February 27, 2013 (by PHIL RIPPA) WHAT WORKED We are wasting no time in having the Justin Gabriel/Leo Kruger matchup teased last week. WHEN SOUTH AFRICANS COLLIDE!!!! I have no issues with Gabriel… well at least with his wrestling. I still have a problem with his stupid hair and tiny pants. Kruger is easy to dig so this should be enjoyable. Early on it is entirely headlock based but both guys make sure to do subtle little things instead of just laying around killing time so it isn’t tedious. Then when Kruger spends the 2nd part of the match bending Gabriel’s arm i
  19. NXT RETRO WORKRATE REPORT – February 20, 2013 (by PHIL RIPPA) WHAT WORKED Tatsu being a jobber in NXT shouldn’t make me laugh as much as it does. This week he is crushed by Bray Wyatt. Wyatt also wears an apron down to the ring. This was 60 seconds of fun. I am a simple man. Wyatt also breaks down the rest of the family for not winning the tag titles and then builds them back up by having them beat the shit out of each other. He should be expecting a call from Rutgers any minute now. William Regal – Color Commentator. With added Regal mocking the ever changing play by play guys he has to
  20. RIPPA RETRO NXT WORKRATE REPORT – FEBRUARY 13, 2013 (by PHIL RIPPA WHAT WORKED So just as I was starting to make a comment about how weird it was that here was Summer Rae doing ring introductions with no mention of her freak out and her attack of Paige when who should come storming down the ramp but Paige. And Paige takes the show hostage thus preventing us from having to see Mike Dalton/Axle Keegan. Total win. Oh and Paige yells and slaps Keegan like a crazed girlfriend which is outstanding. AND Dusty mic work as he acts all disappointed Dad. YOU GET OVER HER RIGHT NOW! HA! Paige and Summer
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