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Found 9 results

  1. I am looking for some horror books to scare the shit out of me.
  2. Because of the preferences of the folks around here - Horror pimping could single-handedly overwhelm a General thread (just look at the first thread for the start of it). So here is your very own thread. Some places you might want to start (or totally disagree with) Film School Rejects (Top 50) Bloody Disgusting (Top 25)
  3. Children of evil, sons of night, and daughters of darkness the evil is loose, the evil is loose!!!! Film: Popcorn Chosen by: Nate This is one of those film that tried to ride the "slasher with the scarred face" wave that was kicked off by the success of "Nightmare of Elm Street". Add to that one of my favorite conceits in genre film - the fake film within a film (and three of them, no less!)- and you've got the ingredients for one of my favorite early '90s horror films. Reviewed by: driver This little gem from 1991 stars Jill Schoelen as Maggie. At the time Schoelen
  4. I don't do this very often, but once maybe twice in a generation an author comes along who is so different and so brilliant that I just have to say something. Keep in mind, I have a pretty damn high opinion of my own writing ability so when I say that an author easily young enough to be my daughter blows me out of the water, I ain't giving that shit up easily. Now here's the best part, you don't have to run to the library or buy an expensive book (I wish there was one to buy and I'd be all over it like ugly on an ape), but no, this won't cost you a thing but a few well-spent hours that you wou
  5. The darkness envelops the night, the wind howls, the demons lurk... Oh yes, it is that dark and evil week my children, step right into the mouth of madness, into the land of sin, into HALLOWEEN HAVOC 2015. Up first, a recent chiller to tingle your spines You're Next Chosen by The Unholy Dragon (who didn't send an explanation, tsk tsk) Reviewed by that Havoc veteran Jingus YOU'RE NEXT (directed by Adam Windgard): 5/10 "Really? You HAD to do that RIGHT in front of me?!" Why are there so damn many home-invasion films being made nowadays? And unlike most horror flicks, many of them ac
  6. Let's get a fresh thread started for this most wonderful time of the year. Off with all your heads!
  7. - A bit of a slow burn to start this season but they had to introduce all the characters. - I like how the witches abilities are full force rather than trying to water them down to blend into the real world. Instead of just blowing books off a shelf, the telekinetics can actually move objects larger than themselves. - Jessica Lange had a nice dig at Madame LaLaurie calling her "Mary Todd Lincoln". - Even though she's only showed two abilities so far, I'm going to say Zoe is the Supreme of her generation. - I'm looking forward to see what Lily Rabe's character will be like.
  8. I managed to hold tight until September came in before starting this thread. Figured we could use it to discuss our October viewing plans and give recommendations on what to watch this year.
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