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  1. WGN America announced they acquired the rights to Bellevue so WEEEEE!!!! or something
  2. I don't know why EC3 trying to slam Hama makes me happy but here we are
  3. Yes, yes - we know Bartman is getting a ring. You guys have posted it twice now. Though the idea that he needed to be forgiven at all is silly. Of course I already saw one Cubs fan on Facebook screaming about how fans need to be taught how to blatantly interfere with the opposing team People are stupid
  4. This is one of the PWI's I vividly remember having. To this day - I don't know why someone thought using THAT photo of Luger was a good idea
  5. As mentioned in the Upcoming Movie thread - John Cena has been named the lead in the Transformers Bumblebee movie. Movie is expected to start shooting ASAP so one would assume Cena will be gone post-Summerslam so adjust your expectations - of I guess both WWE's booking plans and the movie - accordingly
  6. Training Camps are beginning with most teams having veterans report by the end of the week. The Hall of Fame game is a week from Thursday (Aug 3)
  7. Roode/Strong is an absolute masterpiece. I'm trying to come up with a reason why it's not on the same level of Sasha/Bayley or Sami/Neville or Revival/DIY. The only thing I can think of is because it was on the weekly show and not at a Takeover. That's the only reason, and that's not much of one. A+.
  8. Cheap Plug Return of the Movie Club
  9. Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim are both leaving Hawaii Five-O They are both immediately leaving so the fate of their characters will be learned in the first episode of Season 8?!?!?!?!
  10. RIPPA

    MLB - JULY 2017

    Random things - Yanks are calling up Todd Frazier - Marlins will supposedly be sold by the end of the month - Red Sox released Allen Craig - David Price and Dennis Eckersley got into some sort of argument - Benches cleared between the Dodgers and Padres which somehow lead to Dave Roberts shoving Andy Green
  11. Based on Twitter - it looks like Johnny Saint's 6 months are up and he is headed back to the UK
  12. As a companion to that photo of the NXT season that wasn't they WWE posted this yesterday
  13. Our first theme in this new version of the Movie Club is - RED, WHITE OR BLUE Us Xenophobic Americans will honor this country by loving it or getting out. Or whatever the fuck it is the kids say these days. Watch something that has either Red, White or Blue in the title please Of course... I probably should have figured out what I was going to watch BEFORE picking the theme...
  14. To piggyback off of something @piranesi brought up - is Norman Lloyd the oldest person to appear/work in a film/tv show?
  15. Maybe I should just renamed this @Curt McGirt yells at cloud thread
  16. RIPPA

    MLB 2017 - JUNE

    Mr. Met fired for giving a fan the middle finger Yup - when it goes South for the Mets it goes South
  17. Time to over-analyze the new opening
  18. I knew there was a thread I forgot to start. As Mark mentioned
  19. RIPPA

    MLB 2017 - MAY

    Through some miracle - I actually had Anthony Rendon in my starting lineup yesterday
  20. Deadline says that a 6 episode Roseanne return is in the works with Rosanne Barr, John Goodman and Sara Gilbert already signed on and negotiations with Laurie Metcalf and Jonathan Galecki are in negotiations. Apparently ABC and Netflix are in a bidding war for it I can't imagine if ABC gets it - CBS being thrilled about Galecki doing it
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