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  1. It would be hard to see what's happening in the ring through all the cigarette smoke.
  2. They're just trying to reach that cross-section of fans that are both marks and Bronies. Bronies love fedoras.
  3. Who the fuck are the Dream Warriors? And who the fuck wears a bolo tie and a skinny tie at the same time?
  4. This was the Horsemen line-up when I first started watching WCW, so they've always been my favorite version.
  5. How would Philly wrestling fans have reacted to, say, a tag team with a flamboyantly gay gimmick in ECW? Considering the way women were treated in ECW, I shudder to think at how Heyman would have booked a gay character.
  6. Still probably the smartest member of the Hardy posse.
  7. Last Saturday, Kahagas wrestled on Booker T's Reality Of Wrestling card. This was the second time I'd seen him wrestle here in Houston, with the first being this past April at the Paul Boesch tribute show. Both times I thought he was pretty awful. He wasn't working with name guys (Saturday may have been his opponent's first pro match, in fact, since most of the guys on the ROW cards are Booker's students), so I don't know if he's better with skilled opponents, or just a shit wrestler. Has anyone else seen much of his work?
  8. Funk sold the Double Cross Ranch a few years ago.
  9. If Magnum T.A. doesn't have his car accident in 86, what terrible occupation-themed gimmick do you think Vince would have given him when he inevitably signed for a brief run in the late-80s/early-90s? Or would they have just gone all the way with the Magnum P.I. gimmick and given him Hawaiian shirts and a British manservant?
  10. Or they could finally just end the fucking storyline.
  11. Yeah, I bought a t-shirt from him at the Boesch tribute show back in April. He's not as tall as I thought he would be, but he's a lot beefier than I expected.
  12. The Home Depot one is pretty great, especially when you consider nothing interesting actually happened, it's just the way he tells the story that's so entertaining.
  13. For me that's not even the best Angle vs. HBK match. I prefer their Raw match a few weeks later.
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