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  1. Well, Angle's abs of steel broke Rhino's neck for awhile, so he owes him one.
  2. Jim Cornette hasn't been happy for anyone since '76.
  3. If this was a babyface turn for Seth Rollins, then this night will be as big for his career as it was for Owens. I'm sick to death of his terrible heel shtick, but he's an incredible babyface.
  4. If who hasn't signed a contract wasn't a factor, it would obviously be an Ibushi vs. Sabre final. Perkins stock has shot up with me in this tournament. I've always thought of him as a solid, but not spectacular, technician with no personality. He seems much, much more than that now.
  5. I'm legit surprised Victoria hasn't been brought back. She's fit in well right now. Also, is Jazz still active?
  6. There is no one worse than the guy Eric Bischoff has co-hosting his show with him. They've only done 3 episodes, and he has spent half the time putting over the show as "changing everything".
  7. Bret Hart also hates Bobby Roode's entrance music.
  8. I know, I mean I should have followed that up right away. I didn't. That's how I dropped the ball. By the way, I got two more recorded with my Mom: The Unfinished Swan and and entire playthrough of Gone Home (which is gonna be a bitch to edit).
  9. Bischoff's podcast: Eric is fine. But his co-host is the absolute worst I've heard. And I probably am gonna drop the show because of him.
  10. I know. I've dropped the ball. Especially after the videos with my Mom went so well.
  11. With his health issues? You know there's no Indy promoter that would boo......damnit, I almost finished that without laughing!
  12. It's such a bummer. I was thinking the other day how much I wish he was in the CWC.
  13. If only Low-Ki and Michelle McCool were still around...
  14. It was a work, but I'm sure it wasn't scripted heavily. I doubt Talkin Smack ever is. And wouldn't you know it? A money-making segment happened without a script. Weird that can happen.
  15. Part of Miz's gimmick is he doesn't wanna get hit in the face. All of Bryan's comments are consistent with the reasons he is a heel.
  16. Bryan's points all lead to Miz vs. Samoa Joe..... And if it doesn't happen now, I'm gonna cry forever.
  17. To be fair, he did say during the draft that he didn't want Miz, he wanted the IC Belt.
  18. Scott Charboneau and Johnny Vinyl get tactical, and defend Metal Gear Survive in this edition of "Gamers Gotta Whine"! Do all the YouTube BS: Like, Subscribe, Comment, Share, Send us your eldest child "Like" us on Facebook: http://Facebook.com/CoopingTowardHatred Follow Co-oping Toward Hatred on Twitter: http://twitter.com/CoopingHatred
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